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—  “I am getting really pissed off with the way the media are reporting the tragedy in Tunisia. How about focus more on the fact the Hotel workers formed a human shield in front of many more brits and said "you want them go through us”. They put there lives on the line or the toll would be much higher. They tried to kill the gunman by throwing bricks at him. They held a vigil the next day that thousands attended. I have seen them cry, mourn and get angry at this selfish act. They risk losing everything. The media are stirring this up way beyond proportion. Yes its a tragedy. Yes I am shocked. But I am not afraid. The people here are the best I have ever met. I truley do love them. They now face huge job losses because of an act they completely condemn. Do not shy away from the country, it is beautiful. That attack could have happened anywhere including while you took a dump in a supermarket in the UK. We dont hide from terrorism, we say “you will not beat us”. Follow the examples set after the tube attacks and be defiant. I am. ‪#‎savetunisiantourism‬ ‪#‎dontletthemwin “‬

بالأمس إستيقظ “ ماثيو جيمس ” من غيبوته فهو احد المصابين في الحادث الإرهابي بتونس أذ أنه وقف امام حبيبته ليفاديها وليحميها من رصاص الغدر والارهاب…  رسالتك للحب وصلت للعالم كله واحترمناك جدا واحترمنا ثقافتك وبيئتك التي أتيت منها…  وتحيه لحبيبته التي ظلت بجواره…  ولكن رجال الدين سيظلوا يتسائلون كيف يمكن لحبيب أن يذهب مع خطيبته لرحله سياحيه ؟ ونقول لهم ان قصه حمايته وحبه لخطيبته علمتنا من القيم ما عجزتم انتم من ارساله لنا….