Silence PT.2

Warnings: mentions of blood, ANGST kinda (i’ve lost my perception of angst really)

Request/Summary: After their little sister becomes traumatic mute, Sam finds a journal which may uncover what happened to her.

Characters: Sam and Dean Winchester, Sister!Reader

Word Count: 1,294

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Age: 12-16

Silence PT.1 

*Sam and Dean’s POV*

It’s been two days since they grabbed your journal, yet they couldn’t get themselves to open it. They wanted to help you, they wanted to know what had happened the night you stopped talking, but they knew it was wrong, and they knew you’d be mad. They were relieved when they noticed you hadn’t asked them anything about the journal, but time was ticking before you did.

Three days, four days, passed and you didn’t seem to wonder where your journal was. You did misplace things all the time, maybe you had replaced it, yeah maybe you did that they thought. As the days passed  the brothers were being eaten by the thoughts of what was in the journal. They had managed to move them aside by doing other stuff such as research for hunts, or fixing things, or whatever they managed to think of doing. It was a good system, it worked for the most part and made them get things done, until it didn’t. Once everything was done, the thoughts creeped back from the back of their minds and invaded every part of their brains. The fifth day passed before their eyes, and they couldn’t resist. They knew you’d be pissed if, or rather when you find out. But it’d be worth it, right?

They waited until they knew you were asleep, and proceeded to lock themselves in Dean’s room.

“Dean, what if she finds out?” Sam asked his older brother skeptically of what they were about to do.

“Then she finds out, this is the only thing between us and finding out what happened to our sister.” He answered back, but deep inside he didn’t know if they should do it too.

“Fine.” He sighed out reluctantly, and watched as Dean moved to his nightstand and grabbed the journal. When he first found it he gave it to Dean, he had to say he was surprised he hadn’t already gone throughout the entire damn thing already,

“Okay, here it is. Shall we?” He said gesturing for them to sit on the bed. They both moved towards it and sat down. They looked at each other before finally open the journal, it felt like years of waiting for this exact moment. It was like the forbidden fruit and they had just bit into it. The first page was made up of only three few words. “How could I?” Dean read out slowly from the worn out page.

“What does that even mean?” Sam asked confusedly at his brother, as if he was to know.

“Guess we’ll have to keep on reading to find out.” He said, returning to the book. He flipped the page to find the second. This time it was a drawing, it pictured a bloody knife in a dark room and a few unrecognizable figures in the back. They both frowned upon seeing this, and decided to continue to search through the pages. Dean flipped the page and found another drawing, this time of a werewolf with large teeth and bright red eyes.

“Okay maybe it’s about the hunt. We did hunt werewolves.” Sam said looking at Dean, slowly they were uncovering the truth about their sister. They flipped each page, in all finding something different but all pointing that it was just about the hunt.

After around half an hour of looking through the journal they were about to give up. Everything they had seen was a colossal mess of bloody drawing and sketches and the occasional small and vague phrase, such as “they were people.” or “they had lives too.”

“This makes no sense. All this is just saying that it was something in the hunt. She hunts all the time, why’d this one affect her so much.” Dean said sighing in frustration at finding nothing.

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The Adventures of Fawn Diaz and Peter Parker–Chapter 25

The next day, Peter was more chirpy than usual. It was probably because of what happened the night before. Need I remind you?

Fawn kissed him. Only, he was Spider-Man. Not Peter. So she had no idea it was him.

Peter was still happy though. When he sauntered into the kitchen, May was suspicious. He was usually exhausted and begging for coffee. But he was standing upright, a smile on his face. Granted, he still had his pajamas on, but he was still happy.

“Did you have a good night’s sleep? Or did something happen?” May smiled.

“Just a good night’s sleep,” Peter sat down and sighed happily.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone so happy about getting a good night’s sleep,” May giggled.

“It’s been awhile since I got a good 9 hours,” Peter lied. The truth was that he was actually dying of sleep deprivation.

“Huh. Well, I’m happy for you. I’d like to see you like this everyday so, please get to bed on time tonight…and the rest of the nights,” May said as she left the kitchen, setting down a mug of coffee for Peter on the table in front of him.

He smiled and started drinking it and thought about what he was going to do, other than his homework. He thought about calling Ned over, but he already told Ned what happened last night, when it happened, and he was sure Ned didn’t want to hear it again, because that was all Peter could talk about.

Then he thought about Harry, and how he wanted Peter to come visit the “New and improved Oscorp”.

Maybe I should go. It won’t hurt.” Peter thought.

After Peter finished his homework, he told May he was going out and he would be back in time for bed. He decided to Spider-Man his way instead of taking 3 different trains.

He swung towards the Oscorp tower near Mr. Stark’s own building. He took his suit off and put on his clothes in an alley, stuffing the suit in a backpack he brought along. He came out discreetly and went into the Oscorp building. Harry was waiting in the lobby for him, considering Peter had texted him and said he was coming.

“Pete! Hey man, glad you could make it!” Harry greeted him with a bro-hug. Peter returned the gesture.

“Me too. You gonna show me around?” Peter smiled.

“Sure thing, dude. Let’s go,” Harry waved Peter towards him and they started their trek through the science building.

“I have to be back by 10 pm.”

“Relax, Parker, it’s not like I’m gonna keep you here so we can experiment on you. It’s just a tour.”

“And lastly, here is the lab where my dad has been working on some…black goop…” Harry sighed, not really knowing what he was showing Peter.

“Cool. Do you know what it is?” Peter walked towards the large glass container where the ‘black goop’ was held.

“Uh, no. Sorry, Pete.” Harry scratched his neck embarrassingly.

As Peter got closer, he found that there was nothing in the container.

“Harry there’s nothing in here,” Pete turned to Harry and pointed towards the container.

“It’s dark in here, and it’s black. You probably can’t see it. And you’re not wearing your glasses, man. Of course you can’t see it. Now, come on. It’s almost 10.” Harry started leaving.

“But Harry–!” Peter started. The door closed, and Peter was alone. He sighed and turned back to the container, and there it was.

The ‘black goop’. Right on the glass, making a spider shape. Startled, Peter tripped and fell backwards on his bum. The goop moved around the glass, as if it were alive. Peter was incredibly confused.

“What…are you?” He breathed out as he stood up. He approached the container once again, putting his hand on the glass and the goop formed into the shape of his hand.

“Interesting. You’re alive. What did Mr. Osborn make?” Peter asked. He read a tag on the glass: “VENOM SYMBIOTE

Suddenly, the symbiote made itself into a sharp pointy object and cracked the glass. Peter stepped back before he could he get scratched by the glass. However, the symbiote followed him and attached itself onto his hand.

“Hey! Get off!” Peter shook his hand vigorously, attempting to get the venom symbiote off. It didn’t budge. It hastily inched up his arm and stopped at the base of his neck. Then, Peter felt…different. He closed his eyes and saw blackness, what he always saw when he closed his eyes.

Peter…” a voice hissed in his head.

“HOLY SHIT!” his internal self, Mind Peter, shouted in surprise.

Do not be afraid…I will only help you. Give you power…give you…confidence….

“Considering your title is ‘Venom’, I think I’ll pass.”

You don’t want power? The power to defeat your enemies? Do you not want to have confidence? The confidence to talk to girls? To…Liz?

Peter was intrigued. But the fact that this, thing, this symbiote, knew his wishes and desires, alarmed him. But the offer sounded promising, so why not?

“….I guess. But just until I score a date with Liz. And then, you have to go.”

If you say so.” and the Venom took over Peter. His previously bright blue sweater turned a dark navy, and his blue jeans turned black. Peter’s hair was matted down and his soft brown eyes turned darker (if that was even possible).

Peter opened his eyes and he immediately felt the effects of the Venom take-over. He felt much stronger, confident.

He looked at his hands and opened and closed them. He turned them over, then balled them into fists.

“Wow,” he said.

“Pete! Dude where are you?” Harry’s voice sounded out.

“Shit.” Peter cursed under his breath. The Venom retracted itself from Peter and slipped into his backpack. Peter felt like his normal self again, everything returned to its natural color and style.

“The security cameras!” Peter whispered. He didn’t have time. He would have to come back later and erase the film.

Peter ran to the lab door and opened it quickly. He closed it behind him and turned around, finding Harry standing with his hands in his pockets and a suspicious look on his face.

“It’s 10:20. You said–”

“I know what I said. Sorry, I was just curious, you know me.” Peter said. “Hey do you know if there are any–I don’t know–security cameras? In that lab?”

Harry raised an eyebrow, “No, why? Did you steal something, man?”

“No, no. I was just wondering how the scientists look at the data they collect through video, but I guess they don’t do that here.” Peter said, lying through his teeth.

“Oh. Well, no. No security cameras. You should get going. May won’t be happy,” Harry said.

“Yeah…I should. Thanks for the tour Harry. You’re the man,” Peter bro-hugged Harry suddenly and rushed towards the elevator. He got in and when the doors closed, he sighed.

When he got outside, he went back to the alley to change. As he unzipped the bag, the venom latched itself on Peter again. It took the shape of his suit, except it was entirely black. Even the spider symbol was a bit different too.

Forget the other suit…this one suits you better.

“Sorry, but I’m wearing my suit home.” Peter said as he reached for the red and blue suit Mr. Stark gave him. He pulled it out and the Venom crawled off Peter and onto the suit, changing its colors to black and silver.

“Seriously? You better not ruin this, I can’t get it dry cleaned.” Peter said as he changed into the suit in the biting cold weather. When he put it on, his body warmed up.

Whatever you want, Peter.

“Now that’s what I like to hear.”

And with that, Peter swung home…a changed man.

A/n oh dear, this isn’t good. We all know Venom’s intentions. Let’s hope that Peter is okay and doesn’t fall prey to Venom. I hope you guys liked this! Stay tuned.

-Lina 🦋

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I've seen several people ask about making playlists. Did you ever receive them because I'm not finding any sort of music/tunes tag. Bouncing off that, do YOU have any songs or playlists that get you in the Reverse! mood

No, no one’s ever sent me anything of that kind (alas haha)

I don’t listen to as much music as I should/want to, but here’s a playlist with what I could think of off the top of my head (sorry in advance for putting half the Heathers soundtrack in it, it just hits me so hard lmao). Anyway, some of them will have obvious thematic links–for instance, “My Body is a Cage” by Peter Gabriel–or will have kind of oblique connections–“Tous les Memes” by Stromae always makes me think of Zenyatta because it’s a song about how ‘men’ are terrible, but the song is clearly about men as in males, rather than men as in mankind–but most of them may only give a ‘reverse’ vibe to me. Even so, I hope you enjoy!

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  1. breezeblocks / alt-j
  2. finger back / vampire weekend
  3. saturn / sleeping at last
  4. viva la gloria (little girl) / green day
  5. inhaler / foals
  6. fake happy / paramore
  7. sad but true / metallica
  8. genghis khan / miike snow
  9. the song remains the same / led zeppelin
  10. cherry / moose blood

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i got tagged by @gloria-gloom to put my music player on shuffle and write ten songs that first come up, thank u darling!💙 

1. girl singing in the wreckage/black box recorder
2. seconds/pulp
3. falling man/blonde redhead
4. heather/saint etienne
5. glory box/portishead
6. contact in red square/blondie
7. english summer rain (single version)/placebo
8. la tristesse durera (scream to a sigh)/manic street preachers
9. dancing for money/talking heads
10. the everlasting/manic street preachers

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Jammin' Tunes

I was tagged a few days ago by @squid-from-mirkwood and @cirice-bc to list 10 songs I’m currently ~vibin’~ to. Sorry for being so late!

1. Jenny - Studio Killers
2. Valiant Visions Dawn - Magna Carta Cartel
3. The Pit - Priest
4. Ode to the Bouncer - Studio Killers
5. Sway - Magna Carta Cartel
6. The Cross - Priest
7. Darkest Day - The Great Discord
8. Melancholia - Tribulation
9. Jet Black New Year - Thursday
10. After I Confessed - DREAMCAR

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