Skin To Bone (Bucky x Reader)

Skin To Bone

@perfectpokemonfan provided the inspiration and the song! <3

He went back to his captor after he had saved the blonde from the waters of the river. He needed answers that his mind wasn’t able to provide.

“Who am I?” he asked, more to himself than to them. ‘What am I?’ he wanted to ask.

None dared to speak, he was an unchained lion. He was free and they were under his control. Oh, how the tables have turned.

He growled like a hurt animal, but none stirred. The answers he needed weren’t spoken and his patience grew thinner much to the opposite of his despair.

He moved towards the one that always erased him, his handler. His metal hand around his neck, the grip tightening as the man didn’t touch the ground anymore.

No. He snapped. He wasn’t that anymore. He would never be that again. An assassin. He was not the Asset. He was not the Winter Solider. He was Bucky.


Just a name was all he got. He dropped the man who gasped for air like a fish out of the water. He scanned the room of the scared ‘scientists’ that had made him the monster he was. He wanted to run far away.

And so he did.

He ran and ran and ran until his feet hurt and until his lungs stung.

The world around him a blur, the night was spread and the stars shone brightly.

He didn’t know where he was nor he cared, he sought shelter to an empty warehouse.

He didn’t know how long he was sleeping when he opened his eyes and saw a silhouette. It was a girl. The girl from his dreams. The one that they couldn’t make him forget.

The blonde that he saved was accompanying her. Bucky? Yes, Bucky, smiled. He was safe now. He melted to her hug, her scent lulling him back to sleep.

He was now safe. He had Steve and (Y/N). And he wouldn’t ask anything more.

Undertale - Snowdin Town [VRC7]
  • Undertale - Snowdin Town [VRC7]
  • Lumena-tan

Heyya! It’s my first time working with the VRC7 chip, which I specifically chose for such a gentle and tranquil song such as this one since its FM synth capabilities are so flexible! This cover was specifically arranged for my pal @shunao~

This is the fourth cover in a series of Undertale chiptune/VRC6 arrangements. Please enjoy! Download available [HERE]

1. Ghost Fight
2. Spear of Justice
3. Can You Really Call This A Hotel

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yay you all did it u guys wowie have this line camera stickers on cocorini’s bgs (and ignore the lack of quotes I’m sorry it’s over 40 Celsius laffy taffy is dying)

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Bringing back a good one from a few years ago now. Always loved this one. Happy Friday Everyone. Have a great weekend~ #TGIF

part of an unfinished song using a VST emulation of the yamaha YM2612 soundchip found in the sega genesis, as well as the usual dialup samples and sounds generated from image-audio conversion


Jaymin Warren - Boy With A Sword [OFF SAMURAI SHIN OST]

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Jaymin Warren is a Canadian rapper from London, Ontario. He got his inspiration for his latest mixtape “Samurai Warrior” from the anime Samurai Champloo. He then decided to make a track for “Samurai Shin OST”. 

Jaymin Warren - Boy With A Sword [Prod. Spencer Jones as the beat maker and Nightingale Productions]

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