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What’s Behind the Mask?

When The Vagabond first joins the Crew, he wears the black skull mask 24/7 making it impossible to know what’s underneath.

After everyone gets go know him they notice he either doesn’t listen or is actually deaf. Geoff thinks he’s deaf while Gavin thinks the mask just makes it hard to hear. Arguments on the subject happen often between the Crew when Ryan isn’t around.

It isn’t until Jeremy joins the Crew when the truth comes out. At first he walked into Ryan’s room and started asking him things in sign language. A moment of silence passed between the two until Ryan started laughing under his mask. With steady hands he peeled off said mask to reveal his face. He then proceeded to remove the earbuds from his ears, music still blaring.

“I’m not deaf I just wanna listen to my tunes.”

The Crew riots when they find out.

Captain's Chair - Yondu x Reader

Pairing: Yondu x Female Identifying Reader story. Kinda fluffy. Little smutty. Slightly NSFW, but just slightly.

Length: ~1,000 words

Summary: I have a thing for how Yondu sits in his captain’s chair at the end of GOTG1 when he opens the orb. I like it…a lot. This is about reader seeing him sitting in his chair from afar at a Ravager crew celebration.

It did not end up like I thought it would, but when do these things ever?

(I’m on mobile and I don’t now how to add a “read more” on mobile…I’ll add it shortly, sorry.)

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Hey there Clue Crew! I'm looking for more Nancy Drew Blogs to follow

So please like/reblog is you post about or love the Nancy Drew games.

This is for @zehroni who requested literally anything with Silver/Muldoon. It’s a missing scene from my fic Be My End from the past (you don’t have to read it to understand this, this is a stand-alone) There’s a bit of hinted silverflint.

Tagging people that expressed interest: @samhound @ellelan @favouritealias @lumensdexter @silversexual (I hope you like it)

Muldoon gives Silver a birthday present. (2,522 words, Explicit, hurt/comfort, angst, bittersweet)

Someone Else

There’s a hush over the crew often in the morning when the light is new and crawling its way across the water’s edge. Silver found this is his favorite time of day before the raucous voices set in and before his erratic heart dared to search out their captain. He could gaze up above at the billowing sails as if the Walrus is floating on nothing but air, the clouds above are their land markers. He found he’s given to whimsical thought most in the morning when things haven’t settled.

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Nancy Drew Dating Simulator

Hey Clue Crew!

So I was thinking about making a ND dating sim with characters from the games, and I wanted to know which characters people would like to see try to win Nancy’s heart! So! I made a survey so people can vote for the characters from each game that they would like to see. I only included recurring characters (Bess, Joe, Frank) in one of their games, however there is an “Other” option in case you want to vote for phone characters or others you don’t see listed. There is also a “None” option if you don’t like any of the characters in a particular game. I will not include children (Jane, Lukas), a deceased character, or someone Nancy is related to. If you have any questions, feel free to message me. Thanks!

NOTE: I’m not setting a deadline, but once submissions slow down I may make another survey to narrow down the number of characters so stay tuned!

anonymous asked:

Im that anon that requested for headcanon :D sorry i took so long. Can i get a headcanon of each of the strawhats drinking habits? Like how do each if then act if they get drunk? How much can each if them drink before getting drunk? What is the most embarrassing thing they did while drunk? Do they prefer wine or beer or any other alcoholic beverage? I Was always curious on this one because theres a couple of drinking scenes in op

thanks for this request! it was an interesting one. this ended up being really, really long so im putting it under a read more (probably due to all the pics of evidence i put in from a bunch of different arcs. ive been working on this since 7:30am and its 5:15pm now lol. dont worry though, i took a meal break!)

anyways, i tried to stick to canon/what could be plausibly canon as much as possible for each character (including the embarrassing bits). the heacanons go through jinbei!

i hope you all enjoy the read & if any of you feel differently/have some bit of contradictory evidence, feel free to send it in! im open to suggestions, i tried my best here but i know i probably missed some stuff

also before i start please note that all of them drink beer. all of them. theyre pirates, they kind of have to. pirates sing and pirates drink beer, thats just how it is in luffys mind, so thats the default drink for everyone at parties (i imagine thats how oda feels too)

Originally posted by 1997onepiece

though beer is the default drink, theyll drink anything. theyre not really that picky. like:

with that out of the way, ill talk personal preferences and experiences of each crew member now

also i will only be using manga evidence from here on out since thats what im familiar with/thats whats canon

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Radio Voyager

During a particularly boring part of space, Neelix decides to try and lift spirits by creating “Radio Voyager”. After speaking to Tom Paris, (a so-called aficionado of 20th century culture), he discovers the long lost art of radio presenting and quickly thinks it might help the crew of Voyager.

With some help from Torres, Neelix soon has a system in place where the crew can “tune in” to Radio Voyager at any time day or night. He puts out a request for presenters - selling it to the exhausted crew that they can play any music they choose and even present in their pyjamas if they so wished. Part of the joy of the radio is not seeing who is presenting, only hearing them.

There are many takers.

Paris is a popular presenter with his charm and easy wit. He plays mainly 20th Century pop and is responsible for turning Naomi Wildman into a huge Spice Girls fan.

Harry is a shy presenter but revels in playing classical pieces and waxing lyrical about their soothing tones.

B'Elanna’s presenting style is abrupt and to the point. She mainly plays heavy Klingon grunge and Maquis classics.

The Doctor runs a medical program interspersed with show tunes from the musicals. It’s a unique theme, especially when he plays, “One More Angel In Heaven” from Joseph right after a frank discussion on checking your stools frequently for irregularities.

Seven is talked into presenting her own stint by Neelix and the Doctor. However, she finds the whole process irrelevant and ends her show early leaving listeners to enjoy pure silence.

However it’s Commander Chakotay’s late night love song’s that proves to be the most popular. Due to his shift patterns, he finds himself presenting into the early hours. He chooses love songs as his theme and despite the late hour, his show is the most listened to.

His sultry voice wafts through the sound system of every cabin and sets the pulses racing of every red-blooded female, (and some males!) onboard.

Not a woman can be found during his show, (except for those unfortunate to be on shift), they are all in their cabins enjoying being caressed into sleep by the sexy tones of Commander Chakotay.

The Doctor is alarmed by the number of blood pressure related incidents that follow each one of Chakotay’s shows. He’s also never had to treat so many supposed “work-related” wrist strains.

Kathryn Janeway’s mood also sours during this time. The sound of Chakotay’s voice playing through her sound system is driving her to distraction. The saucy songs, the lustful timbre of his voice and the fact he’s talking all about love, to what feels like just her, whilst she wears only her silk nightie, has her coiled up like a spring.

On one particularly bad night, Chakotay talks of love making and across the ship the Doctor can almost hear the palpitating hearts from inside Sickbay. He rolls his eyes and sets about loading more hyposprays.

In her quarters, Kathryn Janeway leaps out of bed, unable to take anymore as Chakotay seemingly whispers sweet nothings into her ear between each track. Grabbing her uniform and hypospanner, she heads off to Jeffries Tube 14, section A and destroys the sound system with one frustrated swipe and a string of foul expletives.

Returning to her quarters, she groans with frustration, curses Starfleet and takes a long cold shower.

The following morning she orders an end to Radio Voyager, describing it as a drain on resources. In Sickbay, the Doctor gives a grateful sigh and stores his hyposprays away.

We’re All Friends Friends Love Each Other 


1. The City Is At War Cobra Starship
2. To Glory Two Steps From Hell
3. Monster Nightcore
4. Black Sheep Metric
5. The Kids Aren’t Alright Fall Out Boy
6. I’m So Sorry Imagine Dragons
7. Don’t Fear The Reaper [Blue Oyster Cult Cover] Pierce The Veil
8. Destabilise Enter Shikari
9. The Best I Ever Had The Swellers
10. crushcrushcrush Paramore