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since I'm a new follower, call me Shoo/Shoe, tuneofages from the oracle games (though I haven't played them shhh) search it on ZeldaWiki, the line that explains what it does. gaming, photography, drawing+coding (hobbies), follow bc i saw an ask from you on someone i follow and you seemed interesting, your url, your posts, theme, you source!+i like part personal blogs! uh idk im shy and i cant sleep if my feet are too hot, what are your hobbies (not in about) or something interesting about you?

hello shoo! uwu

hmmm for hobbies i draw sometimes but i’m not really good at it i used to take art class when i was younger but all i drew was still life because i can’t draw people D:

i’ve played piano since i was 6-7 but i don’t anymore — i mean i can still play — but i can’t read notes anymore so i just watch zelda piano tutorials on the computer =m=

also i used to ride horses a lot when i was small but not anymore ~

interesting facts? well i can’t roll my tongue or cross my eyes and everyone else in my family can… uh i’m clumsy? not in a cute way that all the books seem to be romanticizing but clumsy as in every day i open my locker or any door i hit myself in the face

tuneofages said: i always start with ZSS! Throwing her armour around on online brawl is hilarious. As soon as people see ZSS, the first thing they do when it starts is jump. I also avoid the smash ball so i don’t turn into suit samus. btw this ask was me :)

Haha, I’ve noticed that! I’m guilty as charged when it comes to throwing her suit pieces at other people, even though it’s totally ridiculous x) I also do the same thing with Wario’s motorbike, oops!

I also avoid the smash when I’m playing as Zero Suit Samus, because it’s easier to move around and grab people without her suit. She’s so agile without it, even though she has more power with it. And because I’m avoiding it, it’s easier to defeat others because they’re distracted by the smash ball. It’s a win-win :)

But as for her character in general, I really like her. I have a few of the Metroid games (they’re my brother’s favorite, he sorta got me to play them lol) and I think she’s great!

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monty moved to my house today from your village

Aww that’s cool! He’s sweet most of the time and not a weirdo I hope he doesn’t bother you XD;

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Daisy is the most adorable thing ever, I love her so much

Yesss Daisy is such an adorable sweetie I have her in my City Folk village and she was my favorite neighbor there!

tuneofages replied to your post: oh my word I’m using this horrendous old pc…

that is one old controller. i play ww with this controller digitalsushi.co.za/imag… plus i can use it for any program it’s great!

oh my word…this nasty controller has been around for like 10 years in the back of a drawer filled with random cables lol

That’s awesome!

yeah apparently they sell universal usb converters online so I paid like 10 bucks plus shipping to get one. it’ll be here on wednesday and tbh I have OoT to play so I’m not dying to have a proper controller for my computer. 

tuneofages said: waiiit how are you already at jabu-jabu!? i thought you just started yesterday ! at night!

I DID! I just got thru Dodongo’s Cavern yesterday~ I’m about to become an adult since I don’t feel like selling masks atm. >u< (I am very quick with this game b/c I have the whole thing memorized U HAVE NO IDEA)

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Omg did you start dmmd B)

I’m downloading it right now and plan on playing soon heheheh I will let u know how I like it!!! ;)

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:( we’ll miss you. enjoy de-stressing! i should make that skype so i can add you…

you should make a skype so we can talk more often, yeah!! I haven’t been on today because I just haven’t felt up to talking atm >__<

tuneofages said: your ‘about’ me is very informative. everyone should read it if they want to know more about you

willyoucometowakemeup said: I need to make a blogroll…*sigh*

hahaha thank u shoo, i hope everyone will learn lots about me from that page. :’)

and jasmine, making a blogroll is super easy i never knew it like wow. you just need to find whatever theme you like and bam easy as heck. i chose a blue one to match my theme~

tuneofages said: $100?!… can…not…compute…. x.x. haha if you really want it then why not? have you already played ss though?

thatonezeldanerd said: why the hell not?

shadowlink- said: YES

Ok I bought it it’s coming in 4-14 business days I’m gonna cry when I get it

tbh the one reason I really wanted it was b/c of the gold triforce wiimote I’M SO HAPPY BUT I CANT SPEND ANY MORE MONEY AFTER I BUY THE ORACLE GAMES


tuneofages said: i found it really fun too. and when you’re playing it for the first time, it’s not as creepy as if you played it as a child

Yeah, it’s really fun!!! I found it really creepy when I was a kid, along with the Shadow Temple (THE SHADOW TEMPLE STILL SCARES ME I’M NOT LOOKING FORWARD TO IT). But now I love the well, it’s creepy enough to be fun and not scary.

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shoe/shoo, 18, "Tune of Ages unlocks the full power of the Harp. It allows Link to freely travel between the past and present ages"(ZeldaWiki), photography, coding, drawing, science (bio), you r cool, lovely edits,drawings! uhm i don't talk about myself often//trying to fix that and i may reveal more about myself but then i get afraid followers would totally go ughhh and what hobbies/interests do you have or something interesting about yourself??


but you should definitely open up more if you feel comfortable doing that! you’re a big sweetheart and i’d really like to get to know you more~ (◠‿◠✿)

HMMM most of my hobbies revolve around drawing and messing around with coding/photoshop, but i also enjoy singing!! i’m not the best but i don’t care, i love to sing. (◕‿◕✿)

skyviewtemple said: WHAT


i’m messaging some people on facebook that i’ve cut ties with / messed up friendship with to apologize and it’s just REALLY HARD my heart rate keeps speeding up making it hard for me to breathe but I NEED TO DO THIS even if i get a hateful response or no response at all i just DONT EVEN CARE i just need to apologize but i can’t breathe this isn’t fair

i need to calm down