SBTRKT - Wildfire

Welcome one and all to the wonderfully strange and magical world of SBTRKT. A very much deep underground man that has reared his face into the aboveground scene. Recently included NME’s “50 Best New Bands Of 2011” poll SBTRKT challenge everything that is popular about popular music and shake it up. This leaves them him with a mash of dubstep and noise to which to stamp his trademark brilliance onto. 

Other wise known as Aaron Jerome a former music producer from London, SBTRKT started life by remixing tracks by bands like Radiohead, Mark Ronson and Basement Jaxx. But in 2009 after growing frustration with a lack of progression he began to try his own thing. This had lead him to gather a someone cult following, with many people bringing copies of his famous masked face to his gigs.

If i had to compare this music to anyone I would recommend bands like Nedry, Worship and Radiohead (In rainbows version).

SBTRKT show imagination and a clear want to push music forward to find the elusive new sound to define a generation. Wether this will pave the way for the sound of music in the future i dont know. All i know is I like it and i hope you do to. 

The track above is called “Wildfire” and is off his self titled début album, which is available almost everywhere. 

If you like the sound of SBTRKT jump on his bandwagon here.

Unlucky Skin
  • Unlucky Skin
  • Shakey Graves

Shakey Graves - Unlucky Skin

 Alejandro Rose-Garcia, also known as Shakey Graves, has been making waves in Austin, Texas (a town this author likes to refer to as “the best damn place on earth”).  With a great, clear voice and smart use of harmonies, it’s evocative of old folk tunes from the South.  A lot of potential for this musician, and comparisons to a young Devendra Banhart are sure to abound.  Please enjoy tunes by this debonaire Texas Gentleman/Indie Western superhero.

Recorded, performed, and produced by Alejandro Rose-Garcia

The Burning Hotels - Beard

Burning Hotels are a new wave synth-pop duo from Forth Worth, Texas who are beginning to make waves with their eponymous album.  With a sound reminiscent of The Killers and Cut Copy, their first single “Beard” is funky, upbeat and quite catchy.  Best friends Chance Morgan and Matt Mooty played the last two editions of SXSW Music Festival, and their rise is sure to be meteoric. Keep an eye out for them - if they can keep producing music of such quality, surely they will become household names very soon.



Kowalski are relative veterans of the Northern Irish music scene these days, having been on the go since the mid 2000’s. ‘Outdoors’ is the latest single release from the Bangor and is much in line with their previous work.

For a pure indie-pop hit look no further than this. It is hard to describe 'Outdoors’ as anything other than totally enjoyable, it’s a simple and lovely song. It’s a song that just swings it’s way through whilst being accompanied by a Two Door Cinema esque guitar riff. In a way it is TDCC on helium, which is certainly a plus point in this case.

Kowalski may not have received as much recognition nationally as their fellow compatriots but with more efforts like this they’ll not be far behind.


Kowalski - Outdoors

Justice - Ohio (Analphabeth Remix)

French electronic duo Justice, consisting of Gaspard Auge and Xavier de Rosnay, have been working hard in the studio since the massive commercial success and world tour following their 2007 debut with Cross.  Influenced heavily by the prog-rock of Kraftwerk and Goblin, they’ve released an album in a similar vein with this year’s Audio, Video, Disco.  While many long time fans were quick to decry it, it shows that the guys are willing to do things that they find interesting and not what’s expected.  

In typical snarling fashion, they do what they want, when they want.

Review: The Adventures Of Tom The Lion

Well i went to Rough Trade in Brick Lane a few weekend's ago and my eyes were lead to the début album from Tom The Lion. It was taking pride of place in Rough Trade not just because it had one sexy-ass cigar case but because it was the album of the month.

Tom the Lion is a small south east London based artist and has quickly received allot of praise and attention for his work, and rightly so. I have been listening to this album all day today and have enjoyed every track with its original and unique lyrics and singing style. The style is the most natural sounding indie music, completely pure and unaltered when transferred to disk. Its clear that he is a rising star in the music world and with catchy choruses and an eye for design with the artwork, Tom The Lion offers something new when its comes to the standard singer songwriter. 

If I had to compare the artist to others i would describe him as a mix between The Maccabees singing style and delta spirits sound. If you are looking for something new and exciting this album will fill up the space on your CD rack. It wont fit properly but it will stand out in a very very good way. The track above is called “Ragdoll” Enjoy.

Find out more Here:http://tomthelion.co.uk/

PS. Thanks to http://www.ruthjohnstonphotography.com/ for the pictures :)

Don Trip ft. Cee-Lo Green - Letter to My Son

Back in 2009, a YouTube video called ‘Letter to my son’ was uploaded by an unknown Memphis native referring to himself as ‘Mr Don Trip’. A scrawny looking man, shirtless and rough with nothing but a microphone against a wall… his description was simple: ‘I use music as an outlet so I say whateva’ i feel like sayin’ no matter who or what it involve(s)’.

‘Letter to my son’ is a raw memoir of Don Trip’s personal agony and an ode to all the supposedly dead-beat fathers. It is the heartfelt confession of the struggle he endures to succeed as a father between ‘hustling ‘to maintain an income in today’s economic climate and the baby-mama-drama.

Fast forward 2 years, finally, his work has paid off.  With the help of seasoned ‘Gnarls Barkley’ singer Cee Lo Green ‘Letter to my son’ has finally hit the mainstream airwaves. Considering the release amidst the usual Hip Hop tracks that hardly depict anything else but: fame, money, alcohol, sex and YOLO, it is entirely too easy for this song to stand out.

And so “Don Trip” has just begun!

Cassius - The Sound Of Violence  (Aeroplane Remix)

I think Aeroplane has been one of my favourite artists in the past year or so. I mean, this guy never gets anything wrong, especially when it comes to remixes. This time, the Belgian rising star has reworked Cassius' The Sound Of Violence tube and it’s hard not to fall in love with it!

This might be the ultimate Nu-Disco track! The Funky Town-esque bleeps are just like disco arrows aimed at your eardrums. Perfect for killing that Monday blues!

-Pierre-Henri Camboly

The Head and The Heart- Lost In My Mind

From the first few seconds of this song, you know it’s going to be a good one.  With scratchy yet pure vocals, The Head and the Heart definitely carve a space out for themselves in the indie folk-pop world of music.

This sextet got their start in Seattle after meeting at several open mic nights at Conor Byrne’s pub.  It was in this city that they self-released their debut eponymous album in June 2009, selling over 10,000 copies.  More recently they signed to Sub Pop records and remastered and re-released that debut album in April 2011.

This band delivers in flawless vocal harmonies, violin melodies, fun percussion, and original lyrics.  They are also a superb band to see live- pulsating with energy that is easily conveyed to the audience.  They’re on tour now, so get your tickets while you still can at:


Listen on, my good people!  Much love,


The Black Keys - Little Black Submarines

WOW! This is simply the best track i have heard in the past year, 2011 definitely ended with a BANG!

This is the astonishing sound of The Black Keys with a track called “ Little Black Submarines” taken from their latest album “El Camino” released  on December 1st 2011. It may start slowly but give it a chance you wont regret it.

The Black keys are made up of Dan Auerbach, and Patrick Carney from Arkron, Ohio, USA. They have been making music for the past ten years and up until last year did not make a dent in the UK music scene. But with their previous album “Brothers” rampaging into the UK top 3 last year TBK have gone from strength to strength, and this latest track proves that they will be around for some time to come. 

If you like listening to bands that make music from crackling amps, distorted guitars and heavy drumbeats they most definitely are the band for you. If i had to compare them to someone i would say the white stripes are close. But all in all TBK bring back noise and power to a music industry filled with synths and keyboards.  

Music made from drums and guitars is most definitely not dead.

To listen to even more awesomeness go here

or visit there website for up to date news here

Release - Pearl Jam

Grunge panorama wouldn’t be what it is without the presence of Pearl Jam. Imagine Seattle, twenty years ago. The city was a nest of musicians of this genre: Soundgarden, Nirvana, Mother Love Bone (which after would turn into Pearl Jam), Alice in Chains, Mudhoney, etc… Pearl Jam’s talent emerged as Eddie Vedder’s voice does in this track.

“Release” talks about the loss of Eddie’s father and contains a big deal of melancholy, rage and impotence … Not only because of his death, but for the lack of a relationship, because Eddie never met him. Being more precise, Eddie met him a couple of times, but without knowing he was his father. Maybe this hurts even more.

Once you have clicked the “play”, prepare yourself to be teleported to Eddie’s head and feelings. Because only a band like Pearl Jam can do that. They are not just good, they are simply the best.

Judge yourself and enjoy the tune.

James Blake - Love What Happened Here

Love What Happened Here marks James Blake’s return following his critically acclaimed eponymous album from earlier this year.  The three track EP features hallmark Blake sounds, including a pulsating rhythm, spliced in vocals and some quirky effects that wouldn’t be amiss in the soundtrack for a B-movie from another galaxy.

While it’s a departure from Blake’s sound on the album, that made use of space and silence so cleverly, it’s still a welcome listen from a prolific artist.

My fellow music lovers, like most of us know the Maccabees have been very lazy and have taken forever to get anything new out in the last couple of years. But their latest offering is definately worth the wait.

“Pelican” is the first track released from their up and coming album “Given To The Wild”. The track itself is packed with everything we love about The Maccabees, a catchy happy style of indie music, with soft singing by Orlando Weeks it will get you bursting with excitement for the 9th January when the album comes-a-knocking. 

For those of you who don’t know The Maccabees here’s a bit about them, they were formed in Brighton after meeting at university there, and have not looked back since. They live in London and since having continued success with their previous two albums “Colour It In”, and “Wall Of Arms” they have never needed to consider a ‘real job’, and we are all very greatful.

This video for Pelican was released yesterday and i hope you enjoy it. I love this track “Pelican” and cant wait for the album.

If you want to find out more about The Maccabees go here

Foster The People - Houdini (RAC Remix)

RAC stands for Remix Artist Collective and consists of several producers remixing more or less famous tracks under the same name. The project started in 2007 in Portland, Oregon, and they already have literally hundreds of remixes. Apart from the classic songs, they also remix old video games themes and soundtracks (see the Nintendo vs Sega series), which I highly recommend to your delicate ears.

The remix they did for Foster The People's Houdini is just a preview of their talent as remixers.Run to their Soundcloud for one of the biggest remix collection out there!

Truly yours,


Gotye - Somebody That I Used To Know

Wouter De Backer (what a brilliant name, eh?), a Belgian-Australian multi-instrumentalist best known by the name Gotye, has been putting out this kind of record out for a few years.  2011's Making Mirrors is his third solo release, and both the songs he composes as well as the timbre of his voice can change dramatically from song to song within a record.  The unifying theme throughout it all is the creative arrangements he gives them, as well as the smart lyrics.  He’s been around for a bit, but is just now beginning to get recognition from the gatekeepers of hipsterdom (cough, cough, Pitchfork).

Grimes - Oblivion

As a proud Montrealer, I enjoy sharing many of the things that I believe make my city so great: the food, the coffee, the people, the stories, and, most notably, the impressive amount of terrific musical acts to come out of here in the last decade or so. I could probably go on and rant for days about the contributing factors and players, as well as why and how this all happened; but instead I like to remain focused on what’s happening now and what there is to come. Scenes evolve, and the moment we fall victim to glory-day type ‘remember when’ talk, whatever we have starts to slowly flee. Moving forward is a challenge I hope our city keeps embracing. And despite what can sometimes come across as a cold and jaded façade, our ears are open, provided that as an artist you have something honest to say and that it contains at least a little bit of substance.

 One of the latest artists to charm our town is actually from the other side of the country: Claire Boucher moved to Montreal from Vancouver a few years ago, at which point she started performing under her stage name, Grimes. In the next few years, her dreamy-electro-pop sound had not only become the talk of the town, but also earned her a spot at last year’s SXSW in Austin, Texas. As a direct result of her performance, she landed a deal with Arbutus Records.

 Her third record Visions was released on January 31st of this year and the first single, Oblivion, is a definite highlight. Grimes’ vocals give her a pixie-like status for the electronic generation. Once you’ve listened to the song, be sure to also check out the fantastic video. The Emily Kai Bock-directed clip features a whole lot of dancing from Grimes in some very uncommon settings, including sports stadiums, motocross events, and concession stands. Brilliant stuff!



Miike Snow - Paddling Out

Have you ever had a song that is so addictive you just cant get it out your head? Well if you haven’t you will very soon. Miike Snow is a Swedish dace pop group formed in 2007. Surprisingly not one person in the band is called Mike or has the surname Snow but this doesn’t matter. Christian Karlsson, Pontus Winnberg, and Andrew Wyatt have just produce the sound for the summer with their track “Paddling Out”.Whether you want cheering up, a good dance or just simply want to listen to some good music this track makes you smile and tap your feet (and in these depressing times we need a bit of happiness).

If you love bands like Delphic, Django Django or early Calvin Harris this track is for you. I was singing the chorus so loud in the car today i think anyone looking on might have thought I was a bit “special” but you just have to with this song. It will make people who haven’t walked stand up and jiggle themselves all over the place lets hope the album out later this year will be also good as this.

To find out more about Miike Snow go here and enjoy 

Sondre Lerche- Domino

Sondre Lerche is one of those artists that you just so happen to find by accident.  Maybe you saw him perform on Letterman one night.  Or perhaps you loved the movie Dan In Real Life and you noticed that he composed (and performed most of) the soundtrack.  Or you could have just found him in passing in a music store, like I did.  No matter how you found him though, you were always glad you did.

Hailing from Bergen, Norway, Sondre Lerche, speaks flawless (and very nearly accentless) English.  This is the language of choice when it comes to his music because as he put it in one interview, he finds Norwegian to sound very “scratchy”.  His first album, Faces Down, he wrote at the tender age of 17 and now over 10 years later, this eponymous album marks his 8th release!

One of the greatest things about Sondre is that even though this is his 8th record, he still sounds original.  With a lot of bands, over time they either become more mainstream or their songs start sounding the same, I don’t think many people would argue that fact.  But that is not so with this man.  He is just as unique as the teenage musician he started out as.  'Domino’ can attest to this fact.  While one of the more bizarre music videos that I have ever seen (directed by his lovely wife, Mona), it’s a great song.  His high, clear voice is perfectly him- so easy to distinguish from any other artist.

Watch him with all his boyish charisma and foppish hair here in an interview:


(His reaction to the children or Grammy question is my favorite!)

I hope you come to love him as much as I have for the past decade.

Much love,