One more day left until Valentines day! This countdown is almost complete!

For today, it is Sylvia and her Umbrella Drink. There are so many episodes that she gets one and she just doesn’t have the chance to actually drink it. Luckily for her, in the last pair of episodes she actually DID get the chance, so hurrah! 

Stay tuned for tomorrow with the Last Valentines Shitpost! It is by far my favourite ship this week, and I’m gonna bet ya’ll will love it too! 


SHORT RAVEN | Anything Less #1

Pairing: Faramir/Reader
Based on this imagine from greenleaf-writings

A/N: This is part 1 of the seventeen part series of Anything Less. Stay tuned tomorrow for more:) 

The short raven had arrived three days ago, a simple message tied to its leg. Nothing more than a few sentences, but enough for your father to spill his wine and leave the dining hall in a fury. 

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Nephrology consult service today:

My fellow is post-call, told us to call the other team’s fellow with questions.

The other team’s fellow is stuck at the DMV.

Me and the other residents have put How I Met Your Mother on in the background and we’re trying to pretend to learn as we brace ourselves for lord knows how many consults to hit us once the fellow returns.

Which, in all honesty, could be never.

Also, the fourth year med student pointed out that one of my co-interns is hitting on me. I…had no idea.