Day 2 #planksaroundtheworld is Plank Pose. This my all time favorite pose for building strength in the shoulders, core, wrists and more. It’s the perfect prep for handstands, arm balances and jumping through. You can do it with so many slight variations to focus on different aspects of strength building. Tune in to @kinoyoga Periscope tomorrow morning for a little plank insight. Check my YouTube channel for lots of plank tutorials. Check @beachyogagirl @blogilates for their options. Video by @ifilmyoga (at www.yogachallenge.com)


now that tonight’s episode has aired, i can post a couple of the drawings of chloe i’ve done over the last few months! she’s probably my favorite character to work with (my work area is 40% food, 60% chloe drawings)

i hope everyone enjoyed tonight’s episode, tune in tomorrow night for even more WE BARE BEARS..!

((just a psa, i did not work on tonight’s episode!))
I Will Find You In the Darkness (1/2)

The only reason this exists is because black-throatedblue made an offhand comment in one of our season 4b post-episode conversations that she wanted the Hood-Mills vacation to regroup after everything went down. She is the most delightful little muse. Thanks to ninzied for the beta and the many people who read this in its infancy.

Rated C for Camping and TM for the Teach Me prompt.

Note: This story is canon divergent after “Mother”. Maybe even a smidgen before that.

The camping trip was Archie’s idea, and for once Henry’s mom agreed with his suggestion without hesitation or reservation. She clomps down the stairs in sturdy jeans, hiking boots, and even a purple and black plaid flannel shirt he’s pretty sure is Emma’s tied off at her waist, revealing a plain white shirt tucked into her waistband. It’s the most casual he’s ever seen her, and when he ribs her for it as they load the car with the camping gear, she cuffs him lightly on the chin and kisses his forehead, reminding him to not forget the toilet paper because she is not going to traipse around in the woods with a chafed derrière. Robin walks past them with Roland piggybacked, and he murmurs something into her ear Henry can’t hear that makes her blush and kick at his ankle, which he dodges, and when Henry looks at Roland with his eyebrows raised the boy frowns and shrugs his shoulders.


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Here’s a quick video of how the Battle Arms Development rifle hands rapid fire. Carbon fiber surprisingly only got warm to the touch after 100 rounds. Some breaks in between mags and groupings.

Overall handles better than my FNH Scar 16s and weighs half of that.

Stay tuned tomorrow for more pictures and video!