tune o matic


Fixing up a bud’s modded Jaguar (love the 3 way toggle and Gibson style tune-o-matic on there).  Started with the cosmetic things; replaced the original forward control plates with new ones - no holes for a cleaner look, and removed the sticker residue from the pick guard cuz it’s quick/easy and now she so much prettier.

Up next replacing the stock (Asian) bridge with a US made one and some electronics mods I need to talk to him about still to get the details.

When I’m sad, the Iceman always cheers me up at least a little. This is the Ibanez IC520, released a couple months ago if I remember right. Unlike the previous Iceman, the IC500 that I own myself, this Iceman pays tribute to the more classic 70’s Iceman guitars, with it’s independent volumes and tones and the stoptail/tune-o-matic style bridge, and 22 frets instead of the previously used 24, including a few more details.


1969 Gibson SG Standard.  Restored my Mike 1 of mmguitarbar.  If you want one of these affordable vintage restored beauties, drop him a line…I understand he’s working on the restoration of an even more stunning ‘65 SG Standard as we speak!


1966 Gibson Melody Maker, at Folkway Music, Waterloo, Canada.

The colour is Pelham Blue, but the lacquer had yellowed over the years, so now it lookes more green than blue.  Nice checking too.  Melody Makers are about the least expensive way to get yourself into a vintage Gibson.  Because this one had been modified for a Tune-O-Matic bridge, it is an even bigger bargain at only $1,195 (CAD)!

Hello, my name is DeeBeeUs™, and I am an SG-coholic.  It has been 8 months since I last bought an SG.  

This one is a 2012 Standard P-90 (it’s exactly the same as a regular Standard, but has P-90s instead of humbuckers) and I LOVE it.  

PS: strap by Jaykco.  Just to show you how weird I am, I have bought 4 other Jaykco straps in this style, so all of my cherry Gibsons have the same strap.  :D 


Another day, another “keeping myself busy” project!

I bought an ABR-1 bridge for my bullion gold SG.  I like the look of an ABR-1 better than the modern “Nashville”.  However, the posts that the Nashville sits on are thicker than those of the ABR-1, and of course the posts that come with the ABR-1 are too narrow to sit in the Nashville bushings!  But, I’m not too worried - on the four or five modern Gibsons I have converted to ABR-1s, only one of them would not fit.  The others either fit well right out of the package, or else were a bit tight, but were OK after I enlarged the holes with a small round file.

Also:  I bought a used Lollar neck pickup for the Esquire build I am doing.  Hmmm.  I guess that means it ain’t gonna be an esquire after all!  ;)

PS: your eyes are not deceiving you.  That is indeed a giant shopping bag beside the road in photo #7!