Dear Journal,

I woke up in the middle of the night. We were in the middle of a big tunderstorm. I hated those. They terrified me. I sat up in the bed that was still layed on the floor and turned to Sirius. Except he wasn’t there.

“S-Sirius?” I said, hoping he would come to my rescue.

But there was no responce. A big and loud tunder could be heard and I jumped.

“S-Sirius..Where are y-you?” I asked a little louder.

I then heard footsteps coming near our bedroom. It was Sirius. He came in running, knowing I was terrified. He sat down on the bed and I jumped in his arms.

“It’s okay. I’m here. You’re okay.” He whispered in my ear.

“I-I thought you w-were gone..” i said, with tears running down my cheeks.

“My baby.. I was just in the library closing the windows okay? I didn’t want your books to be all wet.” He said, trying to make me smile.

“I’m s-scared..” I said.

“I know baby.. I know.. Nothing can hurt you okay?” He said, running his hand on my back.

Another loud thunder could be heard and i jumped again.

“Shhhh… It’s okay…”

I stayed in his arms for a few more minutes. I felt safe with him. I felt good. I felt like anything was possible. His warm fingers on my cold skin. Him tracing the scars on my body. His soft lips on mine. Legs tangled in the sheets. I was safe. I was okay.

“I can’t fall asleep.” He said.

I looked at him. He was looking at the ceiling.

“I’m sorry..” I whispered.

“Baby it’s not your fault.. this is between mother nature and me! She can fight me! Do you think i’ll win?” He asked, smiling.

He just wanted to make me laugh. Which worked.

“I think you could. And you have a strong werewolf to help you! I could call him if you want?” I said, jockingly.

“Oh isn’t he hot! Merlin don’t call him, i’ll be a blushing mess if i see him!!” He laughed.

“But you’re so cute when you blush!” I giggled.

“Oh and you’re the one calling me cute! You are basically wearing one of my t-shirts with your baby-wolves printed underwear! No one can be cuter than that!” He said, smiling.

“Now that you’ve seen those embarassing underwear, I can wear them everyday!” I joked.

“Totally! And they make your butt look good so.” He smirked.

I gave him a small push on the arm and we laughed.

“If I make a bowl of buttery popcorn will you come watch a stupid muggle quiz show with me?” He smiled.

“On our brand new couch?”

“On our brand new couch!!” He laughed.

“I’m in!” I smiled.

So we ate popcorn, cuddled on our new couch, watching some muggle shows until the sun came up.

March 25th 1978

anonymous asked:

Tudom,hogy naponta kapsz 63838 ilydn kerdest.. de nekem most nagyon fontos lenne,hogyvalaszolj! Szoval baratnommel szeretnenk csinalni egy ilyen "Budapest bakancslistat", helyek ahova muszaj elmenni.. es azt szeretnem kerdezni hogy szerinted melyikek azok a helyek amik ebbe beletartoznak? Lehet ilyen "tomeg" hely is ( gellert hegy ilyenek) de en most valami olyasmire lennek kivancsi, ami egy kicsit kulonlegesebb de nagyon kiraly! Minden fele tema erdekel ( muzeum kavezo stb ) Koszonomelore!!❤

1.) Vegacitys ebed a Muzeum Kertben
2.) Ferencieken levo Madalban kave es suti
3.) Massolitban tanulos/dumalos delutan
4.) Brunch a Szimplyben/Zoskaban/A la Maisonban
5.) Fancy dinner date Vintage Garden/Sao/Mazel Tov/Pata Negra
6.) Kirandulas Normafa/Gellert-hegy/Tunder szikla
7.) Froccsozes a Duna parton, Pesti oldalon a Gresham Palota elott, Budai oldalon a Batthynal
8.) Aether/4Bro/Otkert csobogo
9.) Alter buliknak meg Fogas/Instant/Mika Tivadar
10.) Setasetaseta!!! Budapesten igazabol hatalmasakat setalni a legjobb es egyik helyrol a masikra menni, osszefutni emberekkel es csak hagyni, hogy a varos vezessen!

  • me, trying to make a character's texts look like they wrote them while extremely tired: 'waht the fukc'- no, that's too much, i can't do that
  • me, writing something while extremely tired: whhat the fuc k is going on i don'tunder tstand how to work a ketboard fuc me
der zeitvertreib

wir haben uns

ein neues spiel ausgedacht


wer kann

von der absurdesten sache erzählen

die menschen tun

der hat gewonnen


du sagst

es gibt menschen

die tanzen zu volksmusik


es gibt menschen die haben

ein arschgeweih


es gibt menschen die mögen

nuss-nougat-creme mit wurst


ich sage

es gibt menschen

die glauben wenn zwei menschen

sich lieben und versprechen

für immer füreinander da zu sein

dann kann das keine ehe sein


es gibt menschen die glauben

wenn der eine mensch sich schminkt

und ein kleid trägt

dann ist das normal

aber wenn ein anderer mensch das tut

dann ist das zum totlachen

oder zum totschlagen


und das absurdeste ist

du siehst aus

als wärst du dir sicher

das spiel gewonnen

zu haben