Once in a while, God allows us to walk through the valley so that we become reminded of our fragility, weakness and humanness.  But every so often He pulls us out and puts us where though we cannot see all the outlines clearly, we can feel His peace.  Healing doesn’t come when our pain goes away, it begins when despite it, we finally fully believe in His promise - that though His plans seem hard and His timing slow, it is for our best.  

     There is still some doubt, fear and sadness I am coming home to, but I also bring back hope.  That though things may not always go as I desire it to be, I know it is for my good.  I am more convinced of His Love and in dwelling there, I can look ahead on my path and see Light again.  And though pieces of my heart are left behind with the people in Angola, I have some of my best to come home to this year.  I am not alone.  

     I was never alone.