SZA - Teen Spirit (Chopped + Screwed by Sir CRKS) (by ModernLifeMagTV)

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Picture by Tundae 

Tundae (toon-day) Mena is a name to look out for. With his own group Public Transportation comprised of himself, under the moniker Anubis Black, & his long time friend, singer Suave Thought, as well as a number of artists recording under TOAN’s very own sister company, The Oxford Brickbox Studio where Mena produced this track, I Tried, showcasing vocalist The Love Bomb. There is a great deal of work being put in over at The Brickbox, including photography, which Mena is also well known for. Check out more music, videography & a ton of other amazing things coming from The Brickboxhere & here on TOAN’s site! 


Tidak ada jaminan bagi orang yang menunda pekerjaan akan dapat membayarnya di waktu berikutnya.

Ustadz Deden Alhafidzh

Jangan tunda target hafalan atau muroja'ahmu hari ini. Menghafal dan menjaga Al-Qur'an itu bisa diibaratkan dengan berjihad. Salah satunya berjihad melawan rasa malas dan memperturutkan hawa nafsu.