>…Yosuke puts down the News Bulletin and looks over the table at Junes.

 …So. Got anything to say to your defense?


>Chie seems very uncomfortable.

E-Environmental hazard, huh? In that same forest? A-And the source is the campgrounds! What a coincidence…!

*nod* You think it’s mercury poisoning?

Mercury Poisoning!? Oh, come on, you guys know EXACTLY what this is! The Lovecraftian Horror you conjured up has come back for vengeance! “Mercury poisoning” my ass!

Hey, one doesn’t exclude the other, right? I mean, I don’t exactly remember what we put in, so…


A-Ah, I mean… You know… The media are probably exeggerating! I mean, we know these people, right? They’ll make a story out of anything if given a chance. Heh Heh…  Maybe it isn’t half bad?

Though, the Samegawa River has been looking a little purple lately, now that I think about it…

…I won’t be shielding you from the police when half the town starts going sick with Minamata’s. I hope you know that.

~Yosuke Hanamura

~Chie Satonaka

~Yukiko Amagi

Dear tunaro,

Y'know, I’m startin’ to think that they were probably really just pervs.

At this point, I would honestly not be surprised if this assessment proved to be correct.

…Oh well! Can’t say I really had a reason to complain about that of all things. it’s nice bein’ able to fit into all the clothes the others get me. If I were some hulk, that wouldn’t work!

That is true! And if my model had been masculine, I would not have been able to share a room in the dorm with Yukari-san once Mitsuru-san and Akihiko-san graduated from school!

…You’d still have been able to stay with Junpei-kun, though, I’d reckon? 

If absolutely necessary, yes.

…If absolutely necessary.

Well, Ouch. I almost feel sorry for him.


~5G. A.S.S.W. Labrys

~7G. A.S.S.W. Aigis