This week TimeCard Presents “The Tuna Bora” Character Challenge.Original Concept by Amazing Artist Tuna Bora ( http://tunabora.tumblr.com/ also on Instagram: @tunamunaluna ). 3D Creation by me, “AutoKite”. it was “Easy Cakewalk” for me, because her aesthetic are usually “Low-Poly friendly”… Love it! ( you can watch the making video here: goo.gl/a3ptnN )
Music Ft. The one and only most Beautiful Chinese RPG Game of all time: The Legend of Sword and Fairy !


Honored to get the opportunity to be a part of the ’Kids Explore Show’ which will be at Irorimura, Osaka, Japan! 

The show runs from 19th August - 24th and it opens on 22nd August, 6pm. 

All the other artists in the show are absolutely amazing so go check them out and give them a follow!

Monico Chavez
website: http://www.monicochavez.com/
instagram: @monicochavez
Leyton Parker
website: http://leytonparker.com/
instagram: @leytonparker
Tiffany Ford
website: http://toffany.tumblr.com/
instagram: @atoffany
Tuna Bora
website: http://tunabora.com/
instagram: @tunamunaluna
Ghayth Chegaar
website: http://www.ghaythchegaar.com/
Frank T. Lin
website: http://ftongl.com/home.html
instagram: ftongl
website: http://bagger43.com/
instagram: Bags43

Musicians Collection

This collection of portraits came from my personal need to celebrate songwriters and musicians who deserve particular praise for being more than just a part of a machine, but instead have distinct taste, sound, and personality. These musicians stand out to me as distinctly flavorful at a time when trends often create a bland sounds. They all have a unique image and sound that are individual to them that remind me to have that in my own work and life.  I focused to highlight the current music scene, considering how it compares to progressive movements in the history of music that excite and inspire me. The common thread being that their works are opinionated, and reflective the of thoughts and feelings of a generation that might have otherwise gone unstated.