Starting my First Day of College on Campus Today! 😀 and to get myself ready and mentally prepared, 😜 I bought a delicious Superfood Smoothie & Tuna rice paper rolls from this amazing wholefood cafe on the corner of my college! 😍 I will be going here a lot I can already tell! Xx
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22 impressive talents you can learn online
  1. How to communicate tactically.
  2. Understand what clothes tag symbols mean.
  3. Learn to read Russian in 15 minutes.
  4. How to tag stuff in secret.
  5. Transfer a photo onto a slab of wood.
  6. How to smoke a can of tuna with toilet paper.
  7. Learn how to pair wines properly.
  8. Learn to whistle using your fingers.
  9. Some awesome water tricks.
  10. How to make a survival stove from an aluminium can.
  11. How to quickly put on a swim cap.
  12. Learn Elvish.
  13. How a steak should feel at each temperature.
  14. Fastest way to peel a mango.
  15. Finding your way with an analog watch.
  16. How to open a stuck jar with duct tape.
  17. How to make cocktails.
  18. Multiply numbers close to each other in your head.
  19. How to obtain the most juice from a lime.
  20. How to tilt a can at a 45 degree angle.
  21. How to scramble an egg in a shell.
  22. How to use a t-shirt to become a ninja.