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As much as I ship RINN, Siren had me rooting for a new OTP. CHINN!! Love the relationship between Finn and Chop in this! Every interaction was funny any sweet lol I was waiting for Chop to be like "wheres my tuna sandwich??"

Anon, CHINN is BROtp (that’s a term right?) for sure! As much as I love Finchie, Chop is just a favourite to write. He’s so vulgar and cheeky and such a boy, even this grown up version. Thank you for loving them!

And yes, I can totally hear him demanding that sandwich. In fact, your lovely comment has inspired me! So readers, I give you Tuna Sandwich, a Siren ficlet. Word count: 893.

I still plan to write the smuffy (smut + fluffy) epilogue, so this is just a spur of the moment drabble that I wrote during my work break. It’s necessary to read the four other parts to fully understand this, so if you haven’t yet you can find it here. Hope you enjoy! xx

It’s noon when the phone rings. A day since the scene at the cafe. 24 hours of Finn being twisted up with her in his sheets.

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June 23 2017

Today I saw study buddy for the first time since the academic term ended! Ofc we facetime and text like, all the time, but nothing beats seeing him in person. I missed him so much and getting to hug him again was so fulfilling TT-TT 

Anyways this isn’t exactly studyblr but this blog is also kinda like a diary of my life so ya thats the update hehe