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Tough as a Tardigrade

Without water, a human can only survive for about 100 hours. But there’s a creature so resilient that it can go without it for decades. This one millimeter animal can survive both the hottest and coldest environments on Earth, and can even withstand high levels of radiation. This is the tardigrade, and it’s one of the toughest creatures on Earth, even if it does look more like a chubby, eight-legged gummy bear. 

Most organisms need water to survive. Water allows metabolism to occur, which is the process that drives all the biochemical reactions that take place in cells. But creatures like the tardigrade, also known as the water bear, get around this restriction with a process called anhydrobiosis, from the Greek meaning life without water. And however extraordinary, tardigrades aren’t alone. Bacteria, single-celled organisms called archaea, plants, and even other animals can all survive drying up.

For many tardigrades, this requires that they go through something called a tun state. They curl up into a ball, pulling their head and eight legs inside their body and wait until water returns. It’s thought that as water becomes scarce and tardigrades enter their tun state, they start synthesize special molecules, which fill the tardigrade’s cells to replace lost water by forming a matrix. 

Components of the cells that are sensitive to dryness, like DNA, proteins, and membranes, get trapped in this matrix. It’s thought that this keeps these molecules locked in position to stop them from unfolding, breaking apart, or fusing together. Once the organism is rehydrated, the matrix dissolves, leaving behind undamaged, functional cells.

Beyond dryness, tardigrades can also tolerate other extreme stresses: being frozen, heated up past the boiling point of water, high levels of radiation, and even the vacuum of outer space. This has led to some erroneous speculation that tardigrades are extraterrestrial beings.

While that’s fun to think about, scientific evidence places their origin firmly on Earth where they’ve evolved over time. In fact, this earthly evolution has given rise to over 1100 known species of tardigrades and there are probably many others yet to be discovered. And because tardigrades are so hardy, they exist just about everywhere. They live on every continent, including Antarctica. And they’re in diverse biomes including deserts, ice sheets, the sea fresh water, rainforests, and the highest mountain peaks. But you can find tardigrades in the most ordinary places, too, like moss or lichen found in yards, parks, and forests. All you need to find them is a little patience and a microscope.

Scientists are now to trying to find out whether tardigrades use the tun state, their anti-drying technique, to survive other stresses. If we can understand how they, and other creatures, stabilize their sensitive biological molecules, perhaps we could apply this knowledge to help us stabilize vaccines, or to develop stress-tolerant crops that can cope with Earth’s changing climate. 

And by studying how tardigrades survive prolonged exposure to the vacuum of outer space, scientists can generate clues about the environmental limits of life and how to safeguard astronauts. In the process, tardigrades could even help us answer a critical question: could life survive on planets much less hospitable than our own?

From the TED-Ed Lesson Meet the tardigrade, the toughest animal on Earth - Thomas Boothby

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Hey Sweets! I decided to get spicy with this one! Be sure to comment with CAS videos you wanna see! The CC used is linked in the video description! 💎

Jamaican Slangs Thru Di Years [Rated G for everbody]

Wah gwaan? ••• Keeping it jiggy ••• Fashion ova style ••• All dem deh! ••• Blaze’ Blaze’ ••• Fix up dat! ••• Chakka Chakka ••• Everything criss ••• Big up yuhself ••• Passa Passa ••• Head gone ••• Up to di time •• Crawb up, crawb up ••• An all dese tings ••• Pull up! ••• Oh lawd ••• Y pree? ••• Bill ••• Level ••• Luuu ••• Ya guh luu mi don ••• Ahhhh ••• Yuh zi mi? ••• Nah mean? ••• Zeen! ••• Dweet! ••• Gully ••• Gaza ••• Oh! ••• Hot skull ••• Pawdie ••• Dawdie ••• Chargie ••• Good-good ••• Goodaz ••• A yah suh nice! ••• Yuh luddy ••• Dat shat! ••• Seet deh! ••• Shellingz ••• Shell dun ••• Slap weh! ••• Sort out ••• Out and bad ••• To di worl’ ••• Loud! ••• Tun up ••• Tun ova ••• Respect! ••• …to mi ting ••• Dat bad ••• Tan deh! ••• Maaaaddd ••• Mad ah road ••• Siiick! ••• A mi fi tell yuh! ••• Duh road •• 

Currently : Up! Up! Up! ••• Shampoo ••• Clean

Which term/ slang did i miss? (i laughed too hard at some of these lol)

anonymous asked:

Hello sweetie, I hope all is well! So I see request are open? If so, can we have some HC's of some characters of your choosing finding their s/o staring blankly into the mirror for a moment, before letting out a screech and smashing their mirror? When asked why they did it, they say, "I can't stand to look at this hideous thing that's my body and my face no more!" (So sorry if this is too much!)


I was going to do both Hanzo and Soldier 76 because they were the two that immediately came to mind when I was reading the prompt but writing Hanzo’s got pretty damn long, so I decided to keep it to the one.



  • He had walked into the bedroom to see you looking at yourself in the full body of the wardrobe door
  • He paused at the entryway to see if he was interrupting anything for speaking to you
  • Then you go and smash the mirror with your fist
  • You nearly scare the head off his shoulders
  • He briefly thinks you’ve seen a spirit of some sort in the mirror
  • Then he realizes that’s kind of a very unlikely thought and pushes it away
  • He’s at your side in moments, very confused and very worried for your hand that’s now bloodied and bruising and has small shards of glass stuck in the skin
  • He holds you and rocks you, trying to calm you down and clean up your wound the best he can in the current position
  • Eventually, he gets you to stop shaking and takes you over to the bed so he can probably take care of your hand
  • Makes sure to remove the broken mirror and clean up the mess, then shuts the wardrobe as well
  • With the first aid kit he brings water for you to sip on, then hums an awkward little tun while fixing you up in hopes of brightening your spirits a bit
  • After bandaging you up, he crawls into bed and gets the both of you all snuggled up before asking you what exactly had happened
  • When you tell him what you do, he’s absolutely astonished
  • He can’t believe that you would think so horribly about yourself; he thinks your the most gorgeous being in existence
  • He questions you about why you think so lowly about your physical form (and more importantly if anyone had caused you to think this way because, if so, whoever it is is going to wish they’ve never been born)
  • He listens to every word you have to say, all the while trailing his fingers over your skin or petting your hair or kissing your forehead
  • He tries to help you the best he can and be completely supportive the entire time
  • You think you need to lose weight? He helps you make an exercise and diet plan, then participates in it with you.
  • You want to gain some more pounds? He finds some healthy, hearty meals to try out.
  • You think your body’s just kinda fucked up, inside and out? He takes you to a professional who can tell you whether you’re completely healthy or whether there’s some legitimate work to be down for your body and health.
  • If there’s really nothing wrong but you still don’t feel okay with how you look, he may suggest trying therapy or maybe even trying out staying with Zenyatta for a while in order to help you with this dysphoria
  • All the while he’s 10000% supportive and caring a helpful throughout your entire struggle and tries to do his part to convince you that you are, in fact the most beautiful and perfect human being that he’s ever laid eyes on

Pum pum tun up. (at Madison Square Garden)

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