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anonymous asked:

What do you think would have happened if Edmund had entered the wardrobe first, not Lucy?

So, then wouldn’t he have met Mr. Tumnus first? 

  • Well, I’m guessing since he talked to the White Witch, he had no sense of stranger danger either 
  • He’d probably end up going with Mr. Tumnus anyway for tea
  • The conversation would’ve been dull 
  • Edmund would sulky, and Mr Tumnus would try to fill in the void
  • But after a little while…and some tea…Edmund starts relaxing a bit and asking Tumnus questions
  • He finds the stories of his father and of the war before the winter very fascinating 
  • He could’ve probably related a bit more 
  • Just as he’s getting acquainted and comfortable with this faun who actually seemed to listen to him, he let his guard down and cue Mr. Tumnus putting him to sleep 
  • When he wakes up and finds Tumnus crying, he’d feel really out of place
  • Hearing that Tumnus planned to betray him, Edmund snaps
  • Suddenly grows very cold again and doesn’t want anything to do with Tumnus 
  • He doesn’t even comfort the faun and just bolts
  • He can’t really find his way through the woods since his sense of direction is very poor and also there are no clean roads
  • I imagine Tumnus catches up to him eventually and helps him back, which Edmund is very reluctant to follow 
  • When he returns home, he says nothing of the magical land 
  • He knows Peter won’t believe him, Susan would call him stupid, and Lucy…well, he didn’t really want her to know his secret 
  • So, all in all, he would never tell them 
  • But then Aslan gets them back again with the whole Macready thing 
  • Assuming Lucy hadn’t visited as well, they would be completely lost in the woods until some talking animal (probably Mr. Beaver) comes to their rescue 
  • The idea seems insane–them kings and queens? 
  • Edmund would’ve stuck with his siblings the entire time since he hadn’t met the Witch 
  • They would’ve gone home, and if Edmund were to finally come clean about the whole Mr. Tumnus thing, Peter and Susan would’ve assumed the place was dangerous 
  • They would’ve gone back…Narnia would continue being in a perpetual winter

All in all, it would’ve been very sad and hopeless in the end:( I think there’s a reason Lucy, with her kind and forgiving heart, was sent into the wardrobe first.