tummy workout

Approx 30lbs difference

I’ve not been active on here lately, mostly because i work 12 hour shifts now and i would usually update and post on my dinner breaks but now i dont have time.

I have been doing really well diet wise. With working such long days i have to prepare two meals, one is usually a pasta mug/cous cous/savoury rice/jacket potato and the other is fruit and cereal. I snack on fruit all day at work too. Dont get me wrong i still eat treats but i dont see them as a biggy.

My last weigh in was last week and i was 67.5 kilos, so ive lost another couple of pounds which is nice as i havent been consciously trying to loose weight. As well as being on my feet and constantly moving at work i have been walking home regularly and hiking, and i try to aim for using the exercise bike once a week at the least.

I want to tone my stomach and get my lower abdomen tight, but ab workouts are hard!

Im going to try and get back into posting on here, its great to look back on.

Thanks for reading!