tummy smile


Made me smile 🙂

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do you remember the night you came home from work crying harder than the clouds were? i took your blushed cheeks into my hands then kissed every tear away before your raincoat left your body.

i guided you to our couch after your broken voice insisted being held would make the night slow down. you sat patiently as i undressed you with a shiver running through your body every so often. taking hold of both ankles gently, i shifted you onto your back & proceeded to place you into your favorite pink butterfly onesie. before zipping up the pajamas, i trailed kisses up your tummy for a smile. the sides of your mouth reluctantly upturned as rouge tears entered the valleys of your lips.

my hand clutched a warm bottle just in time for your fingers to latch onto my wrist. while easing the silicone into your mouth, i picked up your favorite stuffed animal in attempts to diminish your sour day. hiding behind his soft fur, i gave him a comedic voice that sent you soaring into a positive head space. muffled giggles filled the room as milk started dripping down your chin: you couldn’t keep the bottle in your mouth any longer due to laughter. after letting out a few chuckles myself, i cleaned you up with a damp washcloth then put a pacifier back between your teeth.

with whatever upset you now running far behind, the night slowly faded; your glassy irises never left mine until your eyelids stole them away. deep sleep entered your brain just as fast as your tears once fell… do you remember the night i fell in love with that little world of yours?
—  (via @whispymilk)

my biggest soft spot would have to be my love. i can love with everything i have and i can love with my soul. sometimes that is too much for people and sometimes it’s just not quite enough. finding the balance would be one of the hardest things I have had to do in my 20 years. but in these 20 years i’ve learned how to love the person who means a lot in this day to day life. i have learned to love her flaws, her demons, her sins. i have learned to love her quirks, her tummy, her smile. i have learned to love the person she is and i have learned that loving her is just what keeps her going. loving her makes her not tired of loving everyone else with everything she has. when she loves herself, she can do anything.

Long distance kinda sucks

At the end of each day, just before you go to bed, take about 30 seconds to look out your window at the stars-remember your place in this world, dont let yourself get lost in it. Remember that somewhere out there in this world, somebody loves you, and there is atleast one person thats out there dying to meet someone like you. Yes, you; with your frizzy hair, or big nose, glasses, not-so flat tummy…. With your awkward smile, embarrassing laugh, and that sense of humor that you think no one could love. You are a wonderful person and you have the potential to go so far in life. Dont let the way others judge you, affect the way you judge yourself. Dont let your mistakes and past define you, dont let anything hold you down. You’re an amazing person just the way you are; there is no need to change for anyone but for yourself
—  unknown