tummies are so good. it doesn’t matter what kind of tum you got, it’s a good one. got a round tum? good tum. got a flat tum? good tum. got a squishy tum? good tum. got a tum with rolls? good tum. got a tum with stretch marks? good tum. got a hairy tum? good tum. got a tummy? good tummy. tummies are so good. all tums

We’re sitting on the couch and I hear your belly growl.
You look at me and tell me you’re really hungry.
We order a pizza and you happy bounce up and down on the couch.
I tell you to sit in my lap and I slowly hand feed you the whole pizza.
You lean back into me with your round gut poking out of your shirt, I unbutton your pants for you spilling out your stuffed tummy into your lap and pull up your shirt. I squish and rub your belly as it slowly gets tight and round from the pizza.
I tell you how good of a boy/girl you are for eating that whole pizza for me. Gently kissing your neck.

anonymous asked:

I don't get how Mads is so lean everywhere but his belly is super chubby, it's not like he doesn't exercise constantly. It's like he put on so much weight for Pusher 2 and never lost it, he was skinny before that.

MY FRIEND this question has haunted me for three years. Before I knew Mads Mikkelsen‘s chubby tum, I knew peace. Now there is only confusion, Adidas jackets, and inconvenient arousal.

Like look at this shit, look at this former professional dancer and twice-knight who, against all odds, has a soft squishy belly. It’s like Odin designed a man specifically to haunt my dreams and never let me rest.

Look at this wiry and muscular, yet still chubby, asshole, just eating his cereal as though it’s NOT supposed to keep me up all night. THE NERVE.

Look at him with his jammied-up potbelly explaining how he’s inserted himself into all of our brains and how it’s all over: he’s won.

Look how even THE GREAT LAWRENCE FISHBURNE can’t resist fondling that love handle.

That’s right, take a deep breath, take a bow. I give up. You win. Take your tum and go straight back to Denmark where you belong.

I want a platonic feedee/Feeder buddy.
I don’t want to fuck you, or have you fuck me after one of us stuffs ourself.
I want you to take care of my swollen, gurgly belly.
Or if long distance,
Let me send you cute pictures and videos of my belly,
Admire it, say it’s cute.

Not everything has to be sexual.

hey you

your tummy is awesome.

lil flat tummy? lovely! very smooth!!

pugby tum? beautiful and soft, excellent pillow, love the squishhhh

big soft tummo? wonderful! best cuddles!

tummy with stretch marks? stunning! tiger stripes!

c-section scar tum? damn why is it called a c-section bc i would give you an a+

other scars on your tum? wow, look at those battle scars, you fantastic warrior you

inny belly button? lemme pokkke my lil finger in,,

outy belly button? what a lovely majestic knobble

tummer that is v full or gassy or sick? must be looked after, needs strokes and kisses

all tummies are wonderful and good, make sure to give yours love.