We’re sitting on the couch and I hear your belly growl.
You look at me and tell me you’re really hungry.
We order a pizza and you happy bounce up and down on the couch.
I tell you to sit in my lap and I slowly hand feed you the whole pizza.
You lean back into me with your round gut poking out of your shirt, I unbutton your pants for you spilling out your stuffed tummy into your lap and pull up your shirt. I squish and rub your belly as it slowly gets tight and round from the pizza.
I tell you how good of a boy/girl you are for eating that whole pizza for me. Gently kissing your neck.

I want a platonic feedee/Feeder buddy.
I don’t want to fuck you, or have you fuck me after one of us stuffs ourself.
I want you to take care of my swollen, gurgly belly.
Or if long distance,
Let me send you cute pictures and videos of my belly,
Admire it, say it’s cute.

Not everything has to be sexual.

Tummy Kisses

What’s not to love about them? They’re cute, romantic, and, for some people, they may tickle like crazy. Well, why don’t use them in a little game, hmm?

Lers, place your hands on your lee’s ribs, sides, or hips, and start slowly kissing their tummy. You can be a little creative so they don’t get used to it. Speed up, mix in a nibble, fake them out, whatever works for you. If your lee does so much as flinch or giggle, even if it’s just for a second, dig in and scribble your fingers all over the spots your hands are covering. For some lees, this game will be easy, but for others, this could be hell (or heaven).

Have fun~!

“I’m not letting you damn yourself!”

- Chapter 6: Family, The Awakening

art by @ichigomaniac