The Adventures of Turgon

Ulmo: *helps Turgon*
Turgon: *Discovers Tumladen* wow. This place would be perfect to build a memorial to Tirion.
Turgon: hmm …….
Turgon: *goes back to Nevrast* I’ll think of something later.
*Dagor Aglareb happens*
Ulmo: ……………
Ulmo: *sends some people to build the city up; SIGH*
Turgon: oh! I came up with a name - Gondolin. Cool, right?
Ulmo: bropls
Turgon: Hey! What’s up Ulmo, did you hear? I came up with a name for my secret city and it only took me 250 years!
Ulmo: Just go to Gondolin already.
Turgon: Yeah? But who will protect the entirety of Nevrast.
Ulmo: Me. Now go to Gondolin.
Turgon: Phew. Okay.
Ulmo: Go. Now. But remember, the Doom of Mandos is still hanging over your head, buddy.
Turgon: Got it!
Ulmo: OMG leave.

But Turgon remembered the city set upon a hill, Tirion the fair with its tower and tree, and he found not what he sought, but returned to Nevrast, and sat in peace in Vinyamar by the shores of the sea. And in the net year Ulmo himself appeared to him, and bade him go forth again alone into the Vale of Sirion; and Turgon went forth, and by the guidance of Ulmo he discovered the hidden vale of Tumladen in the Encircling Mountains, in the midst of which there was a hill of stone. Of this he spoke to none as yet, but returned once more to Nevrast, and there began in his secret counsels to devise the plan of a city after the manner of Tirion upon Túna, for which his heart yearned in exile.
—  J.R.R. Tolkien, The Silmarillion, p.115 (Of the Return of the Noldor).