Welp! It's official! I'm starting a Tumblr Community Smashbook!

Bam! The first of it’s kind! We’re doing the 365 days one. Which. It’s nearing the end of February, and this technically should have been started at the new year but GUESS WHO DOESN’T CARE.

 Each tumblr who receives the TumComSmashbook in the mail will get two pages. 

^ Uno. Dos. What you see there is one tumb user. ^

I counted how many tumblr users would get to sign up for one book. I got 38. But who knows if I counted right. I’m too lazy to really count again. HEHEHEH. I could just be one number off.

To be eligible, you must be an active tumblr-er ((because when it’s your turn for the smashbook, the previous holder will try to contact you and IF YOU DONT ANSWER HOW CAN WE SEND IT TO YOU????)) and you must BE AWARE THAT THIS A CHAIN YA CAN’T JUST BE LAZY AND TAKE FOUR MONTHS TO SEND IT TO THE NEXT PERSON. And you can’t mind getting mail from a stranger. I will make official rules and a tumblr just for the project!

And there will be more to come. I’ll probably start more than one volume at once, too.

Track the TumComSmashbook tag for more information! Thanks! Signal boost, too. You never know what friends of yours might want to participate! You do NOT have to be an artist for Volume 1! :)