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Hi ladies! Just gotta thank you again for what you did for me all that time ago, getting me so many followers. It's still a short list (many more than just the 1 I had at that time) but I'm having so much fun interacting with them. Can't ty enough ❤

that’s great! I’m glad you’ve found people do talk to and we’re happy to have helped just a little. But I’m sure they followed you because you’re awesome and we didn’t have much to do with it. 

hey everyone! go give this tumbie a follow! 

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aniallate-1d’s follow forever

So I was asked to do this and have been meaning to anyway. These are in no particular order. I just started from the beginning of my ‘following’ list from when I first started this blog. Here you go!

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#tbt: Get Ur Freak On by Missy Elliott

It’s equal parts ridiculous and comical that there are people who think Missy Elliott is an up-and-coming artist, thanks to Katy Perry to boot. So, in honor of “Hip-Hop’s First Lady of Innovation,” we’re throwing back to one of Missy’s early beats.

Innovative is one way of putting it. Missy has always had a taste for the bizarre, eccentric, and unconventional, so it comes as no surprise that “Get Ur Freak On” is replete with Bhangra elements, funky imagery and 3D rendering, and outlandish outfits. The main beat comes from the tumbi, a traditional Indian string instrument. And Missy seamlessly flows her lyrics to this traditional tune that would otherwise be out of place in modern Western music.

So remember kids, Missy has been around a long time, spitting new and catchy verses and engaging with culture and sounds. Her career has been a tour-de-force of hip-hop artistry and poetic exuberance — long before Katy Perry found her niche in the kitschy theatrics of dancing sharks and beach balls.

🌟Picture of the day🌟
How could anyone not love this picture? Today’s picture of the day has a classic punjabi vibe, with the tractor, tumbi and colorfulness that can resonate with all those from the Land of Five Rivers, Punjab. 👏😀.
Beautiful picture from @sniper6one #ShawnWedsIsh2014

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