I find myself in that crazy place where none of my interests interest me. I feel the need to design, to create, to put something out there online that people will enjoy. I am waiting for inspiration to strike and yet I feel that I am not very good at most things. 

I tried to take one of those gorgeous makeup photos that are flooding the internet but it didn’t seem to look as good as the ones I’ve seen. 

I wanted to sculpt something and realized I hadn’t the material or the talent. 

I want to RP with someone online and create a story that can be published. (my dream is to one day have a movie made from an RP of which I am one of the main characters).

I want to write. I want to draw. I want to create works of art through makeup, through clothing, through pictures. I’m reaching for inspiration…

So many ideas and yet I feel like a wet cloth. I am physically lethargic but my mind sings. My mind plays beautiful symphonies whilst my ideas dance. The above video is how I imagine what is going on inside my head. 

(This is a free license video from Videezy)

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whos your tumblur crush?

Tumblr crush? 7w7 I had many even majors are girls some are boys I admire them all but hard to mention them all.

Edit: (because I’m having a hard time on my phone)










so many to mention but I love.my followers also I love them all. boy or a girl xD still mah crush not mean in a crush way of love. I love them and I admire them all.

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You're ugly I hate everything about you! You're idiotic, dull, and shit you should leave Tumblur forever we don't like you we despise you! so get the fuck out!

Mun: …….. that hurts….. *looks misable*


So, story updates will pick up again fairly soon since I’m almost done uploading everything to Ao3. However, I am going to change up how I do it.

All story updates will be on Ao3, then linked here. You don’t need to be a member of Ao3 to view the story. I know this is an inconvenience, but the quality of the images as well as always being able to read it chronologically, on mobile or not, has won me over, and I hope it will be worth it for you too. I spend a long time getting their facial expressions and body language to match the dialogue just to have the images end up so small and blurred on Tumblr. Tumblur? Ha. Anyway. Tumblr is really not made for long series stories. 

It also allows for me to tag adult content when it appears in story in a way that you’ll see before you click it, so you can plan reading it or not while not having the images separated entirely from the story post on a different blog. I don’t want to surprise people with adult images, especially since you can’t block the tags on the app, but I also never really liked separating the images from the context of the story.

I will still be posting random pics from gameplay, outtake pictures from story or portrait taking, townie shenanigans, build stuff, etc as well here. You’ll just have to click through a link to get to story. I will probably also being going a little longer between story updates, since it works better to have the entire episode done before I put it in on Ao3.

Side note: Episodes on A03 are what I’ve been calling chapters here, and chapters there are what I’ve been calling parts here. I had to go with that out of necessity with their system, so it might be slightly confusing initially.

Link to entire series is here!

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Dont be sad you are the best at this you dont need people who keep giving you these bad messages just ignore them their probally either jelous or just mad because they dont like you but dont worry about those kids of people they are not nice so the shouldnt be saying those things just make you feel sad and upset so dont let those jurks hurt you you are great we all love you and you are the best at dubbing and making videos I love your videos and channel on youtube and tumblur okay !!!! ; .)

D'awww thanks buddy, you really are a fantastic person. Thanks so much for your words, they mean a lot to me!


im taking a long break from tumblur i see i am unneeded in anything on here… plz understand its because of me being hurt and feeling like a nossents to you all…. i am sorry for that 

with a heavy heart -mun