Tumblr tells me that my blog turned 1 year old today, so in honor of that, I’m going to talk a bit about stuff.

First off, I never really expected to do that much with this–it was mostly somewhere that I could post joke posts/screencaps of whatever anime I was watching, without the need to write a full review. But then my Overlord posts got popular, and then I started to post more about Fire Emblem, and started writing fanfiction, and… well, here we are now. Thank you for being here! I appreciate you all!

Okay, time to shout-out to the mutuals I talk to most frequently! Consider this a list of blog recommendations!

to @theleftnippleofchrom, I’m pretty sure you were my first mutual, and certainly the first person that I messaged on a regular basis. And your headcanon-inbox days were one of my first baby steps down the path to unrighteousness actually being a communicative blogger!

to @lithelotus, you ruined my life You managed to get me back into fic writing with just one wonderful fanart, and having creative projects to work on fills me with so much joy. In the last eight months, I’ve published almost 150,000 words of fic. That’s… a whole lot. Thank you.

to @chromsai, I have immensely enjoyed shouting about anime with you (especially when I hurl my terribly dark-humored edits in your direction and you actually find them funny). Our continuing Geass rewatch promises to be the stuff of legends.

to @dancerladyaqua: miraculously, you also find my Geass jokes amusing. Oh, and you’re also a fantastic fanfic writer with excellent taste in media. Doing writing sprints with you is always a pleasure, and I’m excited for our upcoming fanfic week… it’ll be great!

to @unassumingvenusaur: you are a heroic, legendary figure, beloved by all for bringing the rainbow to the world of Fire Emblem. Keep on fighting the good fight and filling the future generations with hope! (I promise that I will turn in my homework eventually.)

to @darkflierliesel, your boundless love for Scarlet fills me with joy, and I always have fun talking about shipping/fanfic things with you. It’s always nice to hear your thoughts on fandom developments.

to @dlartistanon: you keep on introducing me to great new anime and on the one hand that’s great but on the other hand where am I going to get more free time from, huh? And your art is always a joy to look at. …also, we both have great taste in shipping, so there’s that.

to @thegadgetfish, you always send me all of these great ideas, and I love that, but I also hate it, but I also love it… anyway, thank you as well for being a wonderful inspiration and all-around talented artist.

Last but not least… to my fellow members of the Azurrin Sin Bin. You know who you are.

It’s been one great year so far; I look forward to more!

i had this thing done in my drafts but i couldn’t post it because i hadn’t writen the text to go along with it lmao but here’s to my sixth year here on tumblr thank u for following this blog that’s been in a constant state of queue lol i’m not gonna pretend that the angel fandom isn’t dead on tumblr (though it has picked up a tiny bit but that might bc of their anni) but i’m glad u all stuck around for some tt content!! anyway shout out to some of my favs i met through here (or other sns)

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That’s right! I joined Tumblr exactly two years ago. July 21, 2014, two days after Benedict’s 38th birthday, right when SDCC was happening. (Talk about coming full circle!) Even though I technically became a fan of his after seeing Star Trek Into Darkness back in 2013, and I dabbled a little with Tumblr during that time, I didn’t officially create my own account and “join” the fandom until 2014.

Two years ago, if you had told me that I would someday travel to London to see him in a play, make a lot of awesome friends, and gain nearly 1000 followers, I would’ve wondered what you were smoking and where I could get some. And yet, all these things have happened, and more. 

In spite of a few sour grapes popping up every once in a while, I can honestly say I haven’t regretted it for a second. And all the love I saw here and on Twitter these past few days have only confirmed it. I am so proud to be a part of a community with such smart, funny, talented, wonderful people, who all admire such a smart, funny, talented, wonderful man. 

Tumblr…you’re a little nuts sometimes. But I still love ya. :)