Model Behaviour (Chapter 3) by @shippingtheswann

SUMMARY: Emma is an up and coming model living in LA with her best friend Ruby. Killian is a star baseball player for the LA Dodgers. Their families are close - and they grew up together. However, what happens after not seeing each other for 6 years - when they are forced back into a situation that requires them to reconnect and explore what was once there.


Today Samantha is back with another chapter of Model Behaviour!

Courtney Barnett takes over Music Dot Tumblr

Today, @courtney-barnett takes the reins to Tumblr’s official music blog. For the next 24 hours, you’ll get to see the Grammy experience through the lens of a Best New Artist nominee. 

From the West Hollywood apartment that she rented with band mates Bones Sloane and David Mudie, through the red carpet in downtown LA and Staples Center floor, the night will cap off with her own party, away from the hubbub of the regular post-Grammy galas. 

This Tumblr IRL alum has come a long way to get to this big moment. Join us in wishing her good luck! Take it away, @courtney-barnett.

Photo by @dannyclinch.