Hoi! I drew this at school and thought you might like it! I’m calling it Tumblrtale! I know you already have a character like this, but I decided to make you Alphy! Hope you like it!


Awwwww she’s so cute!~

Hoi! I just drew this at school and though you might like it! I’m calling it Tumblrtale! Prism is a Temmie!


Hoi! I drew this picture in school and I thought you might like it! I’m calling it Tumblrtale! Right here I guess I drew you as Undyne! Hope you like it!
Adorable art submitted by @angelica55ink

Awww thx chu its su cute X3


Tumblrtale!!! (I’m an idiot,as you can see.)

Had nothing to do so:

Cam - Frisk

Deo - Flowey

Sigma - Temmie (and Greater Dog I guess…)

Cassy - Undyne ( I wanted to draw her Glow as Alphys, but ended up just drawing a head, don’t want to insult (?) anyone)

Omlette (Fetus) - Sans

I also wanted to draw Mama Neme as Mama Toriel, but had no idea how to make her look as Neme, besides her hair. Sugestions?

plz don’t kill me.

Here it is folks! My first draft for the TumblrTale art! This is only like, a rough thing (I still need to work on some features like adding glasses and put on some more characters) but I thought I’d share this now!

@ichigo-smoothie as Frisk (Friskigo)

@sunderious as Sans (Sansderious)

@thedoodlecompany as Papyrus (Danyrus)

@penguinbaster as Flowey (I have no clue…)

@this-is-the-starla-tag as Undyne (Stardyne)

@sunniapplepie as Alphys (Sunnphys? idk…)

@thebrokenshadowgem-sphalerite as Mettaton (MettaRhi)

@penguinpatrolerarmy as Asgore (Angstgore)

@pokemegz as Temmie! (hOi) 

and me as Toriel (Chloriel) 

Oh, and don’t worry @tsavoritegem, I’m making you right now! Just gotta figure out who the Muffet, Chara, and Monster Kid are. I have no clue how that whole hub-bub ended. But yeah! You’re coming soon so. yeah…

Oh, and if any of you guys have suggestions or things you want t change, just shoot me a message or ask. And we still need a Muffet, Chara, and Monster Kid! (although, I think @dorito-with-no-weakness said they wanted to be Muffet if I remember? idk, shoot me a message dude)