Staying at Abu camp was an extraordinary experience. The up close and personal time with elephants of the Abu herd I will always remember and hope to enjoy again. When walking along side of Cathy, the huge , 50 year old matriarch of the herd, I was stunned when she looked up to reveal such stunningly beautiful amber eyes. And what woman wouldn’t kill for those long lashes?

Discovered at Abu Camp, Maun, Botswana. See more at Trover

A mother hyena grooms her cub near their den. The cubs had been lounging around as the adults hunted. The adult female came back early and apparently felt this cub needed a little licking. The cub in response let out a whine that was ear splitting but belying the racket he made, his body language suggested that he really enjoyed it.

~Mombo Camp, Botswana

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A family reunion in the bush. We’d been following the male on the left as he strolled through the bush looking for his pride. Periodically, he would put his nose to the ground sniffing them out. When he and another male appeared, the pride bounded over anxious to say hello. Cuteness factor was way off the charts. Read more about this and my adventure at Chitabe camp in Botswana by clicking on the photo.

One of my favorite shots of Shireni - a beautiful and majestic elephant of the Abu Herd in Botswana.

For more on my visit to Abu Camp and my adventures up close and personal with the herd, click on Shireni’s photo.

Alone and so darn curious. The rest of her herd had moved to the right a good distance from the jeep, but this colt’s curiosity got the best of her. She stood there transfixed for at least a minute. Moment’s later, she was off like lightening to join the others.

~Vumbura Plains, Botswana

It’s a balmy March morning on the Okavango Delta and Vumbura Plains Camp. This female along with 6 other members of her pride were enjoying a lazy day out of the sun under a large clump of bushes.

For more information on my time at Vumbura Plains, please click on the photo.

At Vumbura Plains in Botswana I had an incredible sighting that sandwiched our little group between angry elephants and wild dogs. It was a bit frightening at the time, but incredibly thrilling as well. To read about it and the second camp of my 12-day trip, check out my piece on the Huffington Post below.


A beautiful male taking a bath..doesn’t get much better then this.

A leopard that had, just moments before, been lounging in a tree. He treated us to sexy moments as he gave himself a tongue bath before taking off on a hunt.