Fans : so sally, what do you post on tumblr

sally : *whisper* …. Trash


taken from amaki sally  SR
amaki sally  (天城サリー) is an anime seiyuu (voice actress) for idol group 22/7
watch her as she fan girling all of your oshi across idol fandom like Sugai Yuuka sama 菅井友香 (keyakizaka46 欅坂46), okada nana 岡田奈々 (akb48/stu48), and akimoto manatsu (nogizaka46 乃木坂46)

Etsy Store Closing Sale

Hey guys I’m gonna revamp my Etsy store, but I’ll no longer be making scarves. I’d like to sell off my inventory that I still have, though! I’ve reduced most of the prices by almost 50% to help. 

Also I created a coupon for Tumblr people! Just type in TUMBLRSALE in the coupon box at checkout and you’ll get an extra 15% off ^^ The coupon only lasts until October 14, though! 

Edit: It would help if I actually linked to my store, wouldn’t it?


Hey guys! I just officially opened my etsy shop hausmot. I sell hand-made crystal or stone pendants wrapped in hemp or thread that are great for meditation or just decoration.

Use the coupon code tumblrsale for free shipping - just for tumblr. It would mean the world to me that, if you like my stuff, take a look around my shop (or, if you’re a broke student like me, aesthetic appreciation is just as nice).