tumblrs girl

Quisiera conocer el sabor de tus labios… ¿podría besarlos?
—  nothing-would-be-better
your girl’s got lips like a eulogy, speaking in somber morals but raising beauty from it all. eyes like burial grounds, babe, like afraid to look but afraid to look away. and don’t you know, she’s got hands like a celestial body. exploding stars and absolute glory, and you’re holding them. a trapdoor mind, open quietly and snap shut and never see it coming. your girl’s a being like a sunset. watch her, fierce and exploding and beautiful.
watch her, disappearing.
—  GIRL, COMPLETE pt ii (catherine w // sempiternalwriting)

“I’m still growing.”
Thank you for being patient with me while I took a little hiatus. I needed to focus on creating and re center myself with why I’m creating. I’ll have this up in the shop later this week. Thank you for your undying kindness and light. I love you all.