So recently a couple of artists decided to draw up some Windy pics and that was awesome. :D I wanted to do something in kind so I’ve incorporated some of their OCs into my sketching practice. So here’s phoenixswift‘s Fuselight from askfuselight and whatisapokemon‘s Jade Shine from ask-jade-shine!

I realize, looking at the two pieces together, that the fridge’s dimensions and such are inconsistent. I blame eldritch alien geometries. Or just not looking back at the first piece till just now. One or the other of those I’m sure.

Anyhoo, that’s more practice and while I’ve got a lot more ahead of me I do hope these two enjoy the pieces. :3


The Doctor: “This feels wrong on so many levels!”

“How did I even get pulled into his body-?? I-I can’t talk or anything, he’s still controlling his body!”

“I must be able to just see through his eyes!”


~*Got a Question?*~

WOOOO I’M STILL AT TROTCON WAHHHHHH. Doing a lot of panels tonight with the adorable puppet horses pictured above!

Regular AKS story updates will continue NEXT MONDAY! SO CLOSE

BEHIND THE ARTIST – Friday, 9pm - Mane Events
Come see @askspirit, @chocolatepony, @theghostlymuse & I talk AAART

TUMBLRPON Q&A – Saturday, 10pm - Salon E-F
@askpiratedash, @outofworkderpy, @fisherpon, @askspirit, @askrustynail and I talk PONIES!

SKETCHY FRIENDS – Saturday, 6:30pm - Salon B-C
Join @askpiratedash​ and I in some INTERACTIVE AAART!

THE KING PIRATE POWER HOUR – Saturday, 11pm - Salon E-F
Basically @askpiratedash​ and I goof off for an hour, omfg please come

multiversecruisemodblog  asked:

So, not that I believe the rumors of tumblr closing down, but hypothetically if it did where do you think we tumblrpon people would go?

I’m admittedly a little leery about the rumors too, but it really doesn’t look too promising.  And if it did go away, it probably won’t be for a long time.

I mean if Tumblr dies, then Tumblrpon dies on the surface.  That’s technically correct.  I don’t know of another site at the moment that has the user interface and setup that Tumblr has, with likes and reblogs and asks and such.  That’s sad but true.  I’ve seen a few people use deviantART for the ask blog format, and it can work.  But dA doesn’t let you share and show off stuff like a reblog could.

On the other hand, the community of Tumblrpon itself would not die.  We don’t need a site to keep it going.  Would we run ask blogs anymore?  Most likely not.  But we’re deep enough and have gone on long enough that we’re all going to be friends for quite a while.

We can stay in touch with each other on Discord, Skype, Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, and more.  And of course there’s pony conventions to hang out at in person.  I know I’ve made many friendships here that I would love to keep going when I’m long past my Tumblrpon days.  So while the thing that brought us together might go away someday, the spirit and heart of the community will not.

I’m not too worried about it.

tambelon  asked:

24:Talk about something someone told you that meant a lot.

Oooooh my god, this might be embarrassing, but here’s a story from Bronycon and it has @alskylark X’D

It was right after the Tumblrpone panel when you and the others were wrapping it up and talking with everyone. He came up with Claire and we started to talk about the panel, and out of nowhere he was like “So when are you gonna be up there?”

And it caught me so off guard, I kind of stuttered like a moron to ask what he meant.. But, he just kept on it, saying I had wonderful art and a great blog, and it just.. It just hit me really hard, you know? He’s always been such a nice guy and I always get excited to talk with him. But he’s also a well known artist, talented, and honestly a part of my art heroes! He was one of the first blogs I knew on Tumblr, so naturally he hits the “secret sempai list.”

Ever since that encouragement, that thought I could one day be on a Tumblrpone panel, I’ve had a new spark in me. I’m suddenly excited to draw Dolly again, I’m making new panels and trying out new things–it’s fun! I could always do it, yes, but his words meant the world to me. I wanna better my art, I wanna make something really fun and even more interesting to read… Sorry I rambled, but I can’t get that happy moment out of my head, as simple as it must have been, and it just meant so much for me to hear. Especially in a time where I thought I’d just be brushed off as a shadow and where.. Well, my art just felt mediocre. So, thank you Al, if you see this. You really did inspire me dude. ;w;

If Tumblr disappears. I will lose all 6 years of my work with Wishdream, I will lose communications with the people I know and love… my audience and especially Tumblrpon.

If Tumblrpon disappears, what will happen to The Dream Battle now?

I’m… scared.

Sure, I could probably archive everything but… with the amount of content I’ve made. It may be impossible for me.

If Tumblr ends up disappearing before I can even finish Pearl’s blog, I have no idea what I’d do… Let alone lose Tumblrpon ;-;

If it does happen, I more or less probably won’t continue her story since it’s already all done for me. Maybe I’ll do big pictures and write stories for it over on DA? Probably the best bet pfftt

command-a-pony  asked:

Hey! I hear you're the guy to go to if I want to try to get on some panels at bronycon next year. Any advice?

Here’s my advice on securing a panel at Bronycon!

  • Having experience helps a lot.  It shows them that you know what you’re doing and that you can run a panel smoothly.
  • Come up with a fun idea.  And don’t limit yourself to just panels.  I did not know whether Sketchy Friends would make it to Bronycon this year.  But the con took a chance on it and it was a hit.  And I’ve been hearing great reviews of it.  Tumblrpon will always be a good choice too.
  • Explain in detail what your plans are.  Don’t just give them a one or two sentence summary of what you plan on doing or talk about on the panel.  Give an outline, give some examples, have some other panelists in mind.
  • Apply on time.  That’s a given.

Those are just a few friendly tips on how you could get a panel at Bronycon!