i love tumblr!lock…  sherlock as a cool aesthetic blogger with like 100k followers and he reblogs science aesthetic stuff and the occasional fake deep quote and he posts gorgeous selfies of course which end up getting thousands of notes- his theme is so minimalist (it’s white, not black, he’s no DFP) but he has a personal sideblog which no one knows about where he just reblogs memes and cute animal vines but it’s also where he writes up his deductions and  of course his theme there is like kawaii pink/purple 

then there’s john who has a default theme and he mainly reblogs 5 year old memes but he also reblogs a lot of social justice stuff & he’s always sharing those fundraiser posts to help people raise money for surgery/treatment and despite the fact that he has like 20 followers he’s constantly self promoing www.johnwatsonblog.co.uk because he’s absolute trash and he uses every tag under the sun on every post #blogger #armydoctor #soldier #bloggerthoughts #amidoingthisright 

and john finding sherlock’s selfie on his dash one day and just being like “!!!” because this is the most beautiful man he’s ever seen and 7 hours of blog stalking and one +follow later john finally gets the courage to drop him an ask but doesn’t expect sherlock to reply. but of course sherlock does reply within 0.2 seconds and they♥ hit ♥ it ♥ off ♥ right ♥ away ♥

sherlock starts talking about john on his main blog, tagging him in things, he’ll reblog siken poetry and in the tags just write ‘john’ and sherlock’s followers start following john out of curiosity but it turns out john is actually the king of shitposting and becomes a popular blog in his own right. sherlock gradually becomes much more relaxed and because john likes him for who he is and he starts blogging about what he wants and doesn’t really need his sideblog anymore- yeah he’s still a Cool Blog but so what if there’s a meme or two on his blog, and yeah you’re damn right that’s nicki minaj on his playlist, and have you seen this dog vine 

sherlock: John, we’re out of biscuits.  

john: Sherlock, I’m sitting right next to you.

sherlock: I fail to see how that is pertinent to this conversation.

sherlock: Except that you continue to sit there.

sherlock: I know you’re reading this, I can see it on your screen.

john: Sherlock, I refuse to go to the store for you until you ask me out loud.  Like a normal person.

sherlock: That is really quite childish, John.

sherlock: Regrettably, the face you’re making is even more childish. 

sherlock:  I had really thought you were above such things, John.



sherlock: I will not be dissuaded by your– 

sherlock: asd fhvas;f  kdfjs;fdkl asdfd sd;jf sdfjl


sherlock: We’ll send Mrs. Hudson to the store.  

sherlock would take a really beautiful looking photograph of a london street or something and it’d get like 3 notes and john would take a picture on his phone of a dog licking its ass and caption it something stupid like ‘what a nice thing to see on a monday morning’ and it’d get like 2,000 notes in under an hour and sherlock would sulk for 2 weeks