I keep thinking about a modern Animorphs AU and I’m so in love with it
It honestly has so much fun potential and I could go on forever about it, but here are just a few headcanons I have:


  • He just doesn’t Get social media
  • Marco’s always telling him to update his profiles more, but he never does
  • Only really goes on facebook and the occasional forum or chatroom
  • Most of his posts are Marco tagging him in things
  • Him and Tom would play video games a lot together, and Jake still tries to get him to play more
  • Jake usually just resorts to going to Marco’s house
  • Probably has a very dad-like phone case for his smartphone
  • Marco and Rachel make fun of him for it
  • Likes really outdated memes (Marco groans in the distance)
  • Someone please help this child


  • Gets in trouble for wearing crop tops at school
  • Has an aesthetic blog on tumblr
  • Lives on Instagram and pintrest
  • Her room looks like something straight off of pintrest
  • Watches so many beauty vloggers on youtube
  • Secretly wants to start her own beauty channel, but knows that she can’t being an animorph
  • Sends Cassie beauty and fashion hacks and tutorials all the time with the hope that she’ll get into it
  • It doesn’t, but she still does it


  • Spends a majority of his life online
  • Stays up until 3am on school nights going through reddit
  • The pirate KING
  • Has folders filled with illegally downloaded music and movies and anime
  • As a hawk, one of the animorphs brings him a tablet to use in the forest
  • He shows Ax anime
  • This was a bad idea
  • Everyone thinks he’s really tech savvy but mostly he’s just really good at googling things


  • He owns so many video games and different consoles oh my god
  • He always invites Jake over to play
  • Spends his nights trolling online
  • This boy is the absolute meme king (But let’s face it, that’s not even a headcanon. We all know this.)
  • He always sends Jake memes and funny posts he finds
  • Just take this moment to imagine Marco sending Jake cursed images or out of context gifs and saying “this is you”
  • Posts selfies c o n s t a n t l y
  • Literally all of his selfies have all these filters and he does all the stereotypical douche poses
  • Probably posts at least one selfie a day and brags when it gets liked
  • Jake always likes out of pity
  • Tries to grow his hair out for a man bun because the ladies will love it
  • Rachel tells him this is not the case. He ignores her


  • She’s had the same smartphone for the longest time
  • Honestly the only reason she has a smartphone is because Rachel finally convinced her to join modern life
  • The screen is incredibly cracked because she keeps dropping it while working with the animals
  • Like Jake, she doesn’t really get social media, either
  • She follows so many animal pages on facebook though
  • She just doesn’t get internet humor
  • Sometimes she thinks she gets it, but she never does
  • Rachel and Marco die a little bit on the inside every time Cassie brings up something she found online because it’s always old and outdated jokes and memes
  • Jake always laughs though
  • Accidentally liked an old picture of Jake once
  • She texted Rachel frantically asking her what to do
  • Rachel was dying
  • Honestly Jake probably didn’t even notice. He was just happy Cassie liked one of his pictures


  • Marco showed him a meme once. He had no idea what the point of it was, but now he won’t stop trying to reference memes. Marco regrets his decision. Tobias tries to help him understand memes more. It’s a lost cause. Ax now brings up memes at the worst possible times.
  • Remember how I said Tobias showed him anime. Ax loves anime.
  • He ends up getting into quite a few of them and sits in the forest draining the battery of their electronics
  • He doesn’t even need subtitles because of his translator chip
  • Tobias gets frustrated because every time a new episode of the anime they’re watching comes out, Ax watches it before him and is really bad with spoilers
  • Scoffs at touch screens (“You need to use a screen to touch? A hologram would be much easier.”)
  • Marco insists on setting up a facebook profile for Ax’s human morph because he thinks not having a facebook in modern day might make controllers suspect him
  • Now imagine Marco helping Ax take selfies for his new profile
  • Words cannot even begin to describe that shipwreck
  • The other animorphs cannot stop laughing at how ridiculous his pictures are
Season 11 - what’s to come?

Will the Rainking destroy our hopes like Paper Hearts
Or may we actually see some Sunshine Days?
Do we desperately have to cling to Die Hand Die Verletzt although it does not feed us well
Or will there be a Miracle Man (or woman) appearing to save us from misery?

We built ourselves a Home here in this bat-crap crazy Quagmire that is Tumblr
Living in the Shadows nurturing on memories and fanfiction
But in 2015 the fandom was Born Again like Lazarus from the ashes
An old Fire renewed, Hungry for Season 10 after years that felt like a Millenium
In just One Breath we all seemed to be in Dreamland
Chasing away old Demons about The Truth we had thought was not for us to know
Never Again having to feel incomplete and left floating in Space
A whispered promise of Revelations about William, darkened by an apparent love Triangle
We watched, we laughed, we lost, still Irresistible
But as the light beam falls on her, Darkness falls on us
Credits roll…This Is Not Happening

Was Season 10 just a Detour to The End we desire to see, the Closure we need?
Please do not Squeeze the last breath of life out of The X Files
Show us some Signs And Wonders

anonymous asked:

Any tips for a first time fursuit maker? I don't want to sell, I just want to make my own. (:

Research, research, research, and research some more.

Quick links for places with tutorials:
Fursuit tutorials tumblr
Live Journal
Morudes Monsters Tutorials
Matrices Tutorials

These are not specific to realistic suits, but just helpful for making suits in general. And there are many other tutorials out there. Just google ‘fursuit tutorial’ and you’ll get these plus more. Also look on youtube to see things made right before your eyes.
If you search tutorial on the blog you will also find a few posted.

If you’ve never made something 3 dimensionally it might help to practice on making small sculptures before diving into a costume. This will help you with getting general shapes right.

Good luck on making a suit!
Don’t stress over it, keep a calm mind and if you make a mistake you can most likely fix it.

how to avoid the drama on tungle. com
  • don’t follow anybody
  • don’t go on anybody’s blog
  • don’t mention politics. not even once
  • if you mention the term “SJW” then you’re fuckigm n dead. don’t even do it. don’t
  • stay away from the memes. i know it’s tempting to reblog at least one meme but don’t do it. this meme….it could……..become…………..political
  • don’t ship anything
  • don’t even mention anything about fandoms
  • don’t post your opinion about anything
  • don’t set your icon to anything. if you’re gonna set it to something then just set it to a black screen or some shit
  • just put a fucking key smash as your url. who the fuck is gonna get mad at a keysmash
  • don’t open your inbox at all. not even for submissions
  • only allow messages from tumblrs you follow since you’re not gonna be following anybody
  • don’t put anything in the tags of your posts
  • don’t reblog anything
  • don’t post anything
  • don’t even make a tumblr account
  • stay off of tumblr
  • live your life