Midnight melody

This is what I hate about 2AMs. When you are pulling all nighters due to some work or something that you want to spend time doing, or maybe doing complex maths that engages you in it so well that you are oblivious of the world. And without you witnessing it, it slowly and steadily turns still and impassive. you realize it when you cease from your busyness, for whatever reason, maybe to make yourself a tea or maybe just to search your flip flops, and then you realize that the night is dead and the world is suddenly apathetic. Everyone around you is unconscious. The city lights are shut and your room illuminates the peaceful darkness. Your room looks like that one lost kid who never knows how and when to do things. Who is always late and hence results in ugly non-uniformity. and suddenly everything turns so dreary. the rambunctious world suddenly turns so quiescent. And a mild whiff of dismal just settles down there and you feel mayhem for you are left forlorn.
Everything becomes dull, doleful and depressing.  its like everything that appears in front of your eyes, suddenly now has a story to tell. everything suddenly becomes lamentable.
so you stride across the room to the window and peep outside the window. And what do you see.

the world is sleeping. and you are the moonlighter. the earth starts looking more charming than it has been ever before and the cosmos seems to enjoy the peace and the stars gleam like gold. As far as you can see, people are sleeping. there are no brawls, no restlessness, no rumpus, no one being bullied, no one is getting late, no one singing terribly and no never-ending traffic. The city is sleeping. Calmly audacious. And the time seems to have ceased.

Mom Quotes -

My Mums favorite saying was “ I’ll give you sorry across your back side” Lol, and yes it was a butt whooping :)

What is yours or you Mothers favorite saying? Comment below

1. Because i said so. that’s why.
2. I don’t know is not an answer
3. Eat your vegetables
4. Beds are for sleeping in not jumping on
5. No one said life is fair
6. Your hands are not broken
7. Your face is going to freeze like that
8. Wait until your father gets home
9. I don’t care who started it
10. What part of no don’t you understand