Bike like a New Yorker

A clever image campaign by BikeNYC in collaboration with Transportation Alternatives. Concise quotes in striking typography presented as street labels. Billboards and print ads in several publications support the growing bike movement in New York City.

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Steve Simpson Illustration

A selection of illustrations by multiple award-winning designer and illustrator Steve Simpson from Dublin, Ireland. Steve Simpson works as a freelance illustrator for major advertising agencies and design studios for the last 20 years. His mostly funny illustrated characters have been published on a wide variety of printed materials such as: postage stamps, billboards, snack packaging or chilli bottles. He also works as an illustrator for childrens books. Enjoy this little compilation of his creative work.

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New York based artist John Clang has created a series of images titled Be Here Now, capturing projected families and their international members in countries around the world. The tradition of taking family portraits is fading due to the difficulties of gathering the modern ‘spread’ family. With a simple Skype call and a beamer Clang creates modern images following and honoring the tradition.

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Straight and Minimalist Graphic Design

Graphic design studio Alonglongtime created the campaign identity for Solidarity Collective Collaboration. The work includes the creation of a logo, pictograms, a custom typeface and promotional posters. I really like the minimalism in this work. It shows that it doesn’t need much to create a unique and eye catching visual identity. The only use of simple, graphic shapes makes it special. A well example to emphasize the old slogan: “less is more”.

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Mom Quotes -

My Mums favorite saying was “ I’ll give you sorry across your back side” Lol, and yes it was a butt whooping :)

What is yours or you Mothers favorite saying? Comment below

1. Because i said so. that’s why.
2. I don’t know is not an answer
3. Eat your vegetables
4. Beds are for sleeping in not jumping on
5. No one said life is fair
6. Your hands are not broken
7. Your face is going to freeze like that
8. Wait until your father gets home
9. I don’t care who started it
10. What part of no don’t you understand

Tumblrize is EOL

Hi there,

Well after three years of free satisfaction and 20k users later, the road to maintain a good Wordpress plugin just got bumpier.

Users started asking questions and sending support requests. Tumblr had changed its API from v1 to v2, bringing a more secure way for their developer community and users to post stuff on their platform.

Naturally, Tumblr also started deprecating their v1 API thus making tumblrize useless for most of the install base.

I started this plugin right after Tumblr’s rise. I couldn’t make a choice between them and Wordpress. So I started working on something. Without any need for recognition, my plugin became the first to be able to cross-post to Tumblr. I was very proud to see it grow back then, and being referenced by Tumblr as example app for their API.
I had fun spending hours designing its poor logo on Fireworks.

Then I had something else to focus on. I switched jobs, switched again, and Meitar came to the rescue as for long needed updates. He helped a lot cleaning the code and adding new features.

Long-story short: neither do I (because of time and skills) nor Meitar (because of time) have time to update it. I wrote to a guy who pulled it from the Wordpress plugins repository.

I wish I could have answered all the questions or pushed a “thank you but it’s broken” message to those who were using it.

Thanks to Meitar for helping out and Mark@Tumblr for promoting it.

Tumblrize, out.

Iggy Pop and Daisy Lowe Fashion Shoot

The godfather of Punk Rock Iggy Pop meets “fashion queen” Daisy Lowe. The two icons pose together in black and white portraits for the Fall Winter Campaign 2012/2013 of ELEVEN PARIS, a young fashion label from France. Photographer Mathieu César had the pleasure to do this fashion shoot.

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Patternbank are loving Katie Scott’s surreal anatomy and scientific illustrations. A recent Brighton University illustration graduate, Katie uses scanned watercolor swatches to create these amazing studies. We love the subtle blue and green hues that gel the illustrations together in a truly natural way. See more of her work on her portfolio site katie-scott.com

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