(I wanted to write something for Takukamu)

The storm raging around Nohr Castle that night was a particularly vicious one. It had started at around dinnertime, thunder and lightning roaring across the sky, while rain and hail pelted down on the land. Even though the Hoshidan family had only arrived the day before and a party planned, everyone had retired early, the weather having put a damper on the whole thing.

Corrin however, had not yet gone to sleep. Despite having been officially ‘tucked in’ (as she called it) by Joker and Felicia a couple of hours ago, she’d been sitting in bed, reading a romantic adventure novel she’d found among Camilla’s old books. Her sister had left a rather goodish pile behind her when she’d moved to Hoshido, and Corrin was determined to get through them all. So far, she’d found them entertaining and highly… informative with regards to certain things.

But as the storm outside increased in intensity, she found herself wondering about her poor Hoshidan family.

‘I wonder if they’ve gotten any sleep at all,’ she mused, snuggling into her pillows as a particularly loud thunderclap made the window frames shake. ‘Sakura might be afraid, but she and Elise are having a sleepover and Elise got over lightning ages ago… I don’t think Hinoka or Ryouma are afraid of thunder, and neither is Taku-’

There was a loud knock on the door. Corrin sat up with a yelp, nearly dropping her book.

“Who is it?” She called, quickly tossing her book underneath her bedcovers. “J-Jakob?”

“Corrin?” came Takumi’s voice. “It’s me.”

“Takumi?” Corrin slipped out of bed and padded to the door, wondering if everything was alright. Takumi stood outside, a pale ghost in the darkness. Even in the dim light, his face was slick with sweat, and his hair and clothing were disheveled. He blinked at her and frowned.

“Corrin,” he said, “so you’re still awake.”

“Takumi,” she said, “what happened? Why are you here?”

He blinked again, rubbing his eyes. “I saw the light under your door,” he said, “I can’t find my way around this damned place.” The thunder crashed again and he flinched, wincing angrily.

“Uh, but why are you wandering around the castle this late?” Corrin asked, “did something happen?”

“I was looking for the others,” he replied. “Sakura, and everyone else.” He rubbed his arms irritably. “I can’t find any of their rooms. Why is this place so confusing?”

“But what happened? Why-”

“I just want to see them, alright?!”

“Takumi,” Corrin said slowly, “It’s late. Sakura is sleeping in Elise’s room. Ryouma and Hinoka are with their spouses. Azura is probably in her own room, but she’s probably fast asleep as well. You want to go barging into their rooms, waking them and their retainers and everybody else up, without a second thought?!”

Takumi glared at her. He opened his mouth to argue, paused, and closed it again with a sigh.

“I… you’re right; I’m being stupid,” he said, shoulders slumping. “I should just go to bed.” He shook his head again and turned away. The sight of him looking so defeated made Corrin’s heart clench. She reached out and grabbed his arm.
“No, wait. That’s not what I said!” she exclaimed. “Look, whatever it is, tell me. I- we’re not family, but we’re friends, right?”

Takumi looked at her hand on his arm, then at her face, indecision on his features. Corrin tugged at him. “Come on,” she said. “We can’t stand here all night.”
Takumi chewed his lip, finally inclining his head.  “Alright,” he said, “but… whatever I tell you, stays between the two of us, okay?”

“Of course.”Closing the door behind them, Corrin steered him over to her bed. She sat down, patting the space next to her. Slowly, Takumi settled beside her.
“This is… a little unusual, you know,” he pointed out. Corrin waved a hand dismissively.
“Its fine,” she said, “I used to have Jakob over all the time when I was younger.” She crossed her legs and gave him an expectant look. “So, what’s bothering you?”

The troubled look returned to Takumi’s face again. He rubbed his forehead and said: “its all Leo’s fault.”

“Leo?” Corrin raised her eyebrows. “How does Leo come into this?”

“I’m telling you, aren’t I?” He said testily. “Leo gave me this book. About- about the world being overrun by giant man eating monsters. And all the humans left are-“

"Oh, wait, yeah, I’ve read that one,” Corrin said, realization dawning on her face, “oh yeah, I can understand why you freaked out, when I read it I-”

“Corrin, let me talk, will you?“

"Right right,” Corrin said hastily, “so you had a nightmare about giant man eating monsters chasing you?”

“I - yeah,” Takumi said. “I was outside the Imperial City, and these monsters appeared. They chased me, all the way inside the city walls. I had to hide in a ditch of some sort, and even then I could feel them, wandering about, looking for me.”

“That’s pretty bad,” Corrin said.
“That’s… not even half of it,” Takumi said, with a bitter laugh. For a moment he fell silent, running his hands through his hair before interlocking his fingers together. When he spoke again, his voice was oddly monotonous: “There was a party. I-It was a fairly colorless affair- standard in a dream, I guess. I remember you. You were talking to me, and some other guests. The others were there, although I couldn’t really see them.

“Then… there was a sort of stairway. It led up to nothing, only thin air. You and I climbed it. The next thing I remember is that it collapsed. We came down, and everyone was gone. I-We looked for them… the castle seemed to have changed, there were all these little corridors instead of the wide hallways there usually are. There was a small white door. I opened it, and… everyone was dead.”

Corrin’s eyes widened. “Dead?” She asked. “Who, y-”

“Everyone,” Takumi said, “Sakura, Ryouma, Hinoka, Azura… everyone. Even Oboro and Hinata. They were all piled up in the room, one over the other.” He covered his face with his hands. “The odd thing is, I can still see Sakura there.She was right in front, just lying there all waxy pale-”

“Stop.” Corrin said, “don’t repeat it. Don’t think about it.”

Takumi looked at her, and gave a rueful smile. “Its okay,” he said, “I’ve seen stuff like that before in my dreams. Someone dead, someone dying, someone out to kill me. Someone watching. It scares me, but… once some time passes, the fear goes away.” He shook his head. “I’d have slept this one off; only I saw this one twice, so it was a little more disorienting.”

Corrin frowned. “What do you mean?” She asked, “you’ve seen this before?”

“No, I saw it twice this night,” he said. “You lead me out of there, you see; we ran, down the alleys and into a little room. Then you told me that we had to go back to look for survivors. We returned, and everyone was alive again; the palace was full of people. This time I raced to the little room, but it was still too late- the minute I opened the door, everyone was dead again, and the whole palace fell silent. You told me that there was someone killing people, and we had to get out. I grabbed Sakura’s face, but I wasn’t able to get her out.” He shrugged. “That was when I woke up, and right after that I ran.”

“Takumi…” gently, Corrin pulled him into a hug. He flinched in surprise before hugging her back.

“I’m sorry,” she said, “that was awful.”

“You’re getting too emotional over this,” he remarked, sounding slightly amused. Corrin shook her head, tightening her grip.

“No,” she said, “even for a nightmare, no one should have to go through that.”
He laughed. “Well, at least I had a dragon with me,” he said, as they pulled apart from each other.  “Whoever the killer was, would have had quite some time trying to get past you, huh?”

Corrin smiled. “That’s true enough,” she said. “I don’t- I won’t ever stop protecting you okay? If anything happens., you can always count on me.”
“Are you implying that I can’t protect myself?”

“Well… you’re the one who came to me.”

“Hey!” Takumi lightly punched her on the arm, and Corrin burst out laughing as well. He seemed back to his normal self, and it relieved her to see that. She stuck out her tongue at his disapproving expression, and said: “So, you’re feeling better, then?”

“Yeah.” Takumi stood up, straightening his clothing . “I suppose I’d better get back to bed,” he said reluctantly.  “I wish I didn’t have to; no offense, but this castle is creepy at night . Now I see why Leo’s so into the dark arts; this place practically reeks of it.”

“Its not that bad,” Corrin said shrugging. “You get used to it eventually. Although, if you want, you can sleep here.”

“W-What?!” Takumi stared at her, eyes widening. “I can’t- that would be inappropriate!”

“It’ll be fine,” she said. “I told you, I used to have-”

“Yes, but you were kids!” He exclaimed. “We’re adults; we aren’t-” He looked away, flushing.

Corrin made a face. “Look, if you feel like going back, then fine,” she said, “but if you want to stay here, with the cozy candle-light and a dragon at your side, you’re welcome to stay.”

“I have candles in my room!” He retorted, trying to look disapproving. Corrin giggled and he winced. “Okay, that sounded bad,” he said, “but still…”

“Do you want to go?” She asked him. “Its fine.”

Takumi hesitated. “…No,” he said. “I -its nice being with you. And this place does give me the creeps.” Slowly, he climbed back into the bed, while  Corrin slid over to give him room.

“You’re okay with this?” He asked her. “And don’t tell anyone I slept here; I-I’ll be really mad at you.”

“Its okay,” Corrin said, patting him on the arm. “This night doesn’t leave this room.”

“Hmm.” Takumi slid down into the sheets, yawing and closing his eyes.  Corrin fished her book out from underneath the covers and tried to find her place. There was a comfortable silence for a while before he asked: “Why are you awake so late?”

“Reading,” she answered.

“What’s it about?”

“Pirates. And a pretty lady who needs to be rescued from them.”

Takumi l scoffed. “Really? A bodice-ripper? You read those?”

“They’re very good!” Corrin defended. “That term is overrated.”

“Well, that’s what the plot is mostly about,” Takumi pointed out.

“And how would you know?”

“Well, I’ve tried reading them.” Takumi said, blushing a little, “H- don’t tell her I told you this- but Hinoka reads them too. When I ran out of my own books I tried her, but they’re boring. And a little embarrassing.”

“How are they boring?!”

“Well, the plot is more or less the same,” Takumi pointed out. “The heroine, the hero, they look into each others eyes and think darkly passionate thoughts about each other.” He stifled a yawn and stretched back.

“Well if you think that, then clearly you’ve been reading the wrong books,” Corrin said, “Its not always about… romantic stuff, the plot’s pretty good too!”

“I’m sure,” Takumi teased, yawning again. “I’m sure the plot is great.”

“Yes it is!” Corrin sat up. “Look! See, this one, its about a pirate; when he’s a new on the seas, he meets a young girl, who tells him that she’s rich and her father has engaged her to marry someone when she’s eighteen.  So the pirate guy promises her that on  her eighteenth birthday, he’ll come and save her, but when it actually comes she-” there was a snore. Corrin paused and looked at her companion. Takumi was fast asleep.

‘What… well, I guess he really was tired out,’ she mused. Gently, she leaned towards him a little. His features were relaxed, his breathing regular. ‘He actually looks pretty cute,’ she thought, reaching out to stroke his hair from his face. He murmured and turned away to face the other side. Corrin smiled. Even asleep, he was still Takumi. Shaking her head, she snuggled back down to finish her book.


(AN: I’m sorry if this is too OOC or sucks or something.)

Eksistensi (Semu)

“Pokoknya ya, Ji, gue mau follower instagram gue nambah abis internship bareng lo,” ujar Oknum N serius kepada saya akhir tahun lalu. Oknum N menjalani internship selama satu tahun bersama saya di Dompu.

“Setiap kali lo posting foto, jangan lupa mention instagram gue,” tambahnya.

Banyaknya follower atau teman di dunia maya seringkali dikaitkan dengan tingkat eksistensi seseorang di masa kini. Para pengguna pemula biasanya mengejar jumlah follower bagi account sosial media mereka. Makanya tidak heran istilah follow back itu banyak disebut oleh sebagian pengguna sosial media. Perbandingan jumlah following dengan follower di sosial media tertentu atau jumlah teman di sosial media lainnya mengindikasikan tingkat keterkenalan seseorang di dunia maya. Demi memenuhi ambisi ini pun, tidak jarang sebagian orang membeli follower untuk meningkatkan eksistensi mereka. Bisnis jual-beli follower muncul akibat tingginya demand untuk memiliki sebanyak mungkin follower. Meskipun yang dijual adalah follower semu untuk mencapai eksistensi palsu.

Bukan hanya dari jumlah teman atau follower, seseorang dikatakan eksis jika ia banyak melakukan posting di sosial media. Dengan jumlah follower yang banyak, biasanya postingan itu akan bergulir ibarat bola salju berkat bantuan follower-followernya untuk memposting ulang postingan tersebut (baca: reblog, repath, retweet, repin, regram, dan seterusnya). Hasilnya, eksistensinya akan bertambah dan semakin bertambah seiring menyebarnya postingan ke berbagai timeline milik para pengguna jejaring sosial.

Pada masa-masa awal kemunculan tumblr, terdapat fitur tumblrity, yaitu tingkat kepopuleran sebuah account tumblr, baik skala nasional maupun dunia. Tumblrity tersebut mengacu pada poin yang didapat dari seberapa banyak jumlah postingan asli yang dibuat oleh pengguna tumblr, jumlah likes, dan jumlah reblog postingan tersebut. Semakin banyak, semakin populer, peringkat tumblrity semakin meningkat. Fitur ini telah dihapus oleh tumblr sejak beberapa tahun yang lalu.

Beberapa waktu lalu di jejaring sosial Path beredar postingan rumus tingkat eksistensi seseorang di jejaring sosial tersebut. Rumusnya adalah: ∑M/(LP x 30), di mana ∑M adalah jumlah moment (jumlah postingan) dan LP adalah lama penggunaan dalam bulan. Interpretasi hasilnya sebagai berikut:

1-3: kudet

4-6: normal

7-10: eksis

11-15: over eksis

Dari rumus di atas, bisa terlihat bahwa tingkat eksistensi seseorang di sosial media bergantung dari seberapa banyak jumlah postingan yang dia hasilkan. Semakin banyak, semakin eksis.

Lalu sebenarnya apakah definisi eksistensi. Ratusan tahun lalu, Rene Descartes mengeluarkan kata-katanya yang terkenal: Cogito ergo sum (I think, therefore I am - sebagian menerjemahkannya dengan I think, therefore I exist). Di dalam kamus Oxford Advanced Learner’s, existence (eksistensi) memiliki arti the state or fact of being REAL or living. Lalu, adakah sesuatu itu disebut real jika terjadi di dunia maya? Apakah yang maya bisa kita sebut sebagai nyata dan yang nyata bisa kita anggap menjadi maya?

Kita ambil sebuah studi kasus. Oknum X rajin ngetweet, numblr, ngepath, posting di facebook/instagram, dan sebagainya dan seterusnya. Oknum X terasa ada hampir setiap saat. Jika kita mengecek timeline, beberapa menit yang lalu ia baru saja ngetweet atau posting. Esok hari ketika kita buka laman sosial media, kembali kita dapatkan Oknum X di sana. Minggu depan pun bisa dipastikan postingan Oknum X tidak pernah absen dari peredaran di dunia maya. Lain halnya dengan Oknum Y. Account sosial media Oknum Y tampak berdebu. Twit terakhirnya adalah bulan lalu. Postingan terakhir blognya adalah minggu lalu. Teman atau followernya di sosial media tidak sebanyak Oknum X. Lalu, bisakah kita mendefinisikan Oknum X lebih eksis dibandingkan Oknum Y? Benarkah jika Oknum X lebih eksis itu artinya Oknum X lebih real dibandingkan Oknum Y? Jawabannya, belum tentu. Hati-hati dalam menilai seseorang di dunia maya, karena bisa jadi yang ada tampak tiada dan yang tiada tampak ada. Oknum X dan Oknum Y dalam kasus ini bisa saya, kamu, teman kamu, atau kita semua.

Saya tidak punya statistik waktu penggunaan sosial media sehari-hari untuk Indonesia, tetapi penduduk di US pada tahun 2013 rata-rata menghabiskan 3,2 jam sehari untuk bersosial media. Lalu saya mulai menghitung-hitung jumlah waktu saya bersosial media setiap harinya. Setiap hari saya pasti akan mengakses situs-situs berikut dengan waktu rata-rata: facebook (5 menit), twitter (5 menit), tumblr (30 menit), instagram (5 menit), path (1 jam), dan messenger (whatsapp, line) (durasi tergantung obrolan, tetapi rata-rata 1-2 jam). Jumlah perkiraan durasi yang saya habiskan di sosial media kira-kira sama dengan rata-rata penduduk US. Tapi kabarnya, jumlah waktu real mengakses sosial media oleh seseorang jauh melebihi perkiraannya. Jadi sangat mungkin estimasi saya meleset jauh dari apa yang sebenarnya ada. Catatan waktu saya tersebut, entah ini sebuah kebanggaan atau sebuah aib yang seharusnya disembunyikan. Tetapi teman-teman saya semua pun, dalam pengamatan saya, juga bersosial media dengan waktu yang relatif sama. Tetapi orang-orang di sekitar saya pun menghabiskan sebagian hidupnya di dunia maya. Jika ini aib, maka ini adalah aib bersama.

Tiga setengah jam per hari sama artinya dengan 1277 jam per tahun atau sama dengan 53 hari. Artinya, hampir dua bulan dalam setahun kita habiskan untuk bersosial media guna mencapai eksistensi semu. Kembali ke Oknum X dan Oknum Y, bisa jadi Oknum X menghabiskan hampir sebagian besar waktunya dengan menatap layar dan menggenggam ponsel. Sedangkan Oknum Y menghabiskan hari-harinya dengan menatap wajah orang sekitarnya dan melakukan kontak nyata dengan lingkungan sekitarnya. Maka, definisi eksistensi sejati adalah milik Oknum Y, bukan Oknum X. Tapi yang terlihat di mata banyak orang, Oknum X lebih terasa ada. Sekali lagi, dunia maya tampak menipu, tampak palsu, tampak maya.

Bagaimana teknologi dan dunia maya mengubah cara pandang kita akan eksistensi dipaparkan dengan baik oleh Oknum F. Oknum F mengatakan ia melihat seorang ibu dan anak di restoran sedang makan malam bersama. Sang ibu mengajak ngobrol si anak, tetapi berkali-kali diacuhkan karena si anak terlalu fokus dengan layar ponselnya. Si ibu yang datang dari golongan pra-internet menganggap bahwa eksistensi terletak pada anak di hadapannya. Sedangkan si anak, yang tumbuh dan besar dengan internet, menganggap eksistensi adalah apa yang ada di balik layar ponselnya.

Belum lama ini saya bertanya pada Oknum K. “K, lo ada Path ga sih?”

“Enggak. Gue ga main Path. Kebanyakan akun bikin gue lupa interaksi sama sekitar entar,” jawab Oknum K.

Jawaban Oknum K menampar saya tepat di wajah. Saya pun jadi bingung sendiri, apa poin penting saya menanyakan hal itu kepada Oknum K. Kalau selama ini saya masih bisa berinteraksi dengan Oknum K lewat sms, telepon, whatsapp, tumblr, dan e-mail, apakah penting jika saya  berinteraksi juga dengannya via Path? Apakah satu jenis media komunikasi tidak cukup untuk berhubungan dengan orang lain di era sosial media saat ini? Terlalu banyak pertanyaan mengganjal di benak saya. Saya pun menjadi khawatir, jangan-jangan selama ini saya sudah lupa untuk berinteraksi dengan sekitar.    

Kembali ke pernyataan Rene Descartes, cogito ego sum. Satu-satunya hal yang nyata di dunia ini adalah keberadaan seseorang itu sendiri yang ditunjukkan dengan seseorang tersebut dapat berpikir. Keberadaan kita tidak tergantung pada sosial media. Dengan atau tanpa sosial media, kita akan selalu ada. Sosial media seharusnya menjadi sesuatu yang memperkuat keberadaan kita di dunia, bukan menjadi sesuatu yang justru menihilkan keberadaan kita dari dunia.                                                                   

Supaya tetap eksis di dua dunia:

1. Nikmati setiap momen yang ada. Dalam sebuah survey, 24% orang mengatakan menyesal telah melewatkan momen berharga bersama orang lain karena terlalu sibuk membagikannya di sosial media. Selalu ingat, tidak ada #latepost atau #throwback di dunia nyata.

2. Meskipun seseorang adalah teman kita di sosial media, bukan berarti dia teman sesungguhnya. Sebuah studi di Hong Kong menunjukkan bahwa pertemanan di dunia nyata memiliki nilai-nilai yang tidak bisa didapatkan dari pertemanan di dunia maya, seperti interdependensi, pemahaman, komitmen, dan kedalaman makna. Teman kamu di sosial media mungkin akan memberikan emoticon frown untuk postingan kabar dirawatnya kamu di rumah sakit, tetapi teman kamu di dunia nyata akan datang menjengukmu.

3. Interaksi sosial adalah sebuah skill yang perlu dilatih. Dan penggunaan sosial media yang terlalu sering dapat menumpulkannya. Sebanyak 39% pengguna sosial media memilih untuk bersosialisasi secara online daripada tatap muka, sebanyak 20% memilih mengobrol via chat daripada berbicara tatap muka, dan sebanyak 33% lebih percaya diri untuk berkenalan dengan orang baru secara online daripada tatap muka. Seseorang yang social-medially awesome sangat mungkin menjadi socially awkward.

4. Matikan mobile data di ponsel saat sedang berkumpul atau bekerja atau bertatap muka dengan orang yang kita kenal. Tidak ada yang benar-benar darurat di sosial media sehingga harus kita lihat setiap saat. Jika sesuatu itu darurat, tentunya kita akan dihubungi via sms atau telepon. Sudah 5 bulan ini saya tidak berlangganan internet di handphone. Internet hanya diakses saat saya berada di rumah saat ponsel terkoneksi dengan wifi. Dan kehidupan saya berjalan seperti biasanya. Spend offline time with friends instead of hiding behind a screen all the time.

people often ask me what books do u read. and for the most part i dont read Theory cuz i cant unnastand it (autism boyz stand up). i read writers who personally and intimately involve themselves in their philosophies like bell hooks audre lorde huey newton et al. i pick up on the Theory™ much better that way. and more than that i make friends, find homes away from homes, involve myself in the everyday tings that people are doing/wanting to do around me. that’s why my onions can be unorthodox to most tumblrities i think. but that’s not bad every1 learns at their own pace. but yeah talk to the cashier, the guys at the bus stop, the people who make your deli sandwiches. cool things might happen. one of the smartest people i kno is this disabled black man who rides the city bus from time to time and he gave me natural haircare tips and got me involved with an org that offers free vegan meals to people who need it and stuff. and im going to be helping to conduct interviews of black women and girls around my area to see what they are up to and elevating their projects/stories as apart of this research thing on southern black women im assisting with my very nice prof. it’s strange im not used to attention but i think it is inevitable. cant close up on myself now huh. i really want some yakisoba noodles


“…started following satriamaulana”

Baris notifikasi itu masuk berbondong-bondong di layar. Wartanya serupa, perihal para pemilik akun Tumblr yang baru selesai mem-follow halaman katasatria. Enggak tau komando apa yang tiba-tiba bikin rombongan followers mampir serentak ke beranda blog saya ibarat denger bel masuk kelas.

Kalau diinget, kejadian itu pertama kali muncul hampir dua taun lalu. Saya tanya sama rumput yang bergoyang. Rumputnya malah goyang dumang. Dangdutan, Mput? Beres diselidik, sebabnya dateng dari satu tulisan kuntawiaji​​ yang berisi daftar rekomendasi untuk akun Tumblr layak follow. Nyelip diantaranya satriamaulana.

“Alhamdulillah. Random nih Pak Dokter, jadi enak. Thanks anyway, Nus” bisik saya saat itu nun jauh di lubuk hati.

Ternyata, kami berdua saling pantau beranda satu sama lain. Kalau kemudian ada banyak akun yang mem-follow saya karena satu anjuran, pastilah penganjur nya seseorang yang punya karisma tersendiri. Itulah Yunus di blantika Tumblr muda-mudi dalam negeri. Saya sebut Tumblriti, gabungan Tumblr & selebiriti. 

Di dua kali kesempatan ketemu, saya ngeliat Yunus sebagai sosok rendah hati walaupun punya followers setara dengan empat kecamatan di ibukota. Enggak sombong, kalem aja gitu.

Kamu tau, alasan untuk kejadian kedua berasal dari rilisan prawitamutia​​ dengan judul 3 Tumblr blogs you should follow”. Satu dari tiga anjuran Mutia ditautkan ke akun saya. Polanya berulang lagi: gerakan follow berjamaah, saya keheranan, saya kepo, berakhir di penemuan tulisan dukungan dari pemilik akun berkarisma. Karenanya, timbul lingkaran silaturahmi yang meluas via media sosial ini. Salam kenal, Mut.

Mutia enggak tau aja kalau akhir-akhir ini saya lagi rajin baca tulisannya yang dikemas jernih, ringkas, bernas dan bestari. Ajaibnya, Yunus dan Mutia lalu diperjumpakan oleh-Nya untuk lalu bersama. Insya Allah.

Singkat cerita nan jenaka, halaman Tumblr saya direkomendasikan oleh sepasang pengguna yang enggak pernah janjian untuk bikin rilisan serupa di waktu yang berbeda. Benang merah mereka cuma satu, kerendahan hati. Satu yang menjelaskan dua hal. 

Pertama, Yunus dan Mutia adalah orang baik yang seolah punya lebih dari sepasang tangan untuk mempermanis hati pembaca lewat aksara ataupun aksi nyata. Kalau kami diabetes, semua karena kalian berdua. Hahaha. Kedua, makin percaya kalau laki-laki baik tercipta untuk perempuan baik dan sebaliknya. Seketika, sebaris asa dipanjatkan ke hadirat-Nya melalui doa. Semoga ada jutaan hal apik tercipta lewat kebersamaan kalian ya, Nus, Mut. 

Sendiri jadi berdikari, berdua jadi melipatganda. Terima kasih untuk kalian berdua. Hatur nuhun.

Dalam bentuk ini, Tumblr kerasa menyenangkan sekali. Ia hadir untuk jadi selasar luas bagi banyak kreator berkenalan, bermain dan bercerita di atmosfer yang positif. Kreator dari cerita dalam untaian kata, galeri rupa sampai alunan nada. Mereka semua saling dukung dan saling rilis untuk hal-hal yang disuka.

Ah, indahnya. Mari kembali bercerita.

celebrities who apparently aren’t feminists (ironically according to a feminist-written article)

No one is perfect, no one’s views are perfect. Yet most of these girls here have their screws tight and sturdy. Feminism is not equality. There’s a reason it’s called FEMinism, and the whole “movement” isn’t called “HUMANism.”

“Feminism, a movement that began as an expression for equality of both genders, has been ridiculed so much, that people don’t want to be associated with the F word anymore.”

I don’t know if “ridiculed” is the right word, maybe the right word is “celebrated” and/or “glorified,” become the social norm. To the normal Tumblritis victim, every human has to label themselves “feminists,” and if not, most will argue…

I personally believe the word feminism should be transferred to a movement raising awareness about women in third world countries. Towards women being used as objects. Literally, objects. By this I don’t mean “catcalling.”

Sticks and stones may break her bones, but actual legal actions will be filed against you if you’re being a meanie.

3 followers from 250

i mean not that i actually have 250 people following me, between spam/abandoned blogs

but still numbers are cool and whatnot

if we still had tumblrity i can’t imagine how much higher it would be now compared to when i first started tumblr like two and a half years ago

Kapag ba hindi madame ang followers ko ay hindi ako tumblr famous? Pag wala bang milyones na notes ang mga posts ko ay hindi ako tumblr famous? E pano pag walang laman message box ko? Hindi pa rin ba talaga?

Suss. Walang ganyan. OhK?

Since nagrereminisce tayo ngayon dito sa tumblr

Naaalala niyo pa ba yung Tumblrity?
How about yung pagachieve na mafeature ng pinoytumblr para makita sa radar yung post mo?
Eh yung Lotus pa yung Logo ng tumblr?
Yung naging kulay itim yung color theme ng tumblr instead of blue?
Tapos naging purple rin.
Yung time na “gpoy” pa ang tawag sa “selfie” and wala pang specific day ang throwback?