To all eyes staring wide
At the computer screen glare

To reblog, I do hope you decide
Else I shall grovel in this pit of despair
Forsooth! Else I shall grovel and dig out my way ne'er

The hour is late, when this rhyming is done
The hour of the night blogger, blind to sight of sun
When the sane man is sleeping, but the tumblrian awakes
To repost or update, or eat midnight cakes

The diet is ending! The sleep is exiled far!
To where homework and textbooks and parents are!
So in sleep-deprived delight, here in our late hour night
To flee the teeth of dull boredom’s bight!
We go see, we go far, to escape our plight!

To post something that is witty
And though this rhyme is shitty
It would truly be a pity, if you did not man-up and reblog

Because cats are our god
Be them feral or declawed
And there is a 6'4’’ moose
Who is out on the loose
And a madman in a box
And ticking down clocks
And letters that come by raven or by owl
And Sherlock in a Sheet and Chris Evans in a towel
And Winter is coming though it is quite late
So there still might be time to change ye fate
With Tardis and Time-turnerers to do the work
So wipe of that grin and get off that smirk
We have dragons to find, that just might be tangled
And down in the arena the Careers are getting mangled
Sherlock took a dive, from the roof to the street
Where very quickly he was introduced to the concrete
So he dead he might be, if the game he is playing
There goes the Winchesters again, and Ramsay is flaying

But the hour is late and I must get on my way
My rhyming is tired so that’s all I’ve got to say
Goodnight, sweet Tumblr, sleep well my friends
Soon the alarm clocks go off and we all meet again 

Fandom Discourse

I’m going to say one thing about all of this, and then I’m never speaking of it again unless directly asked. And maybe this will damage opinions of me or lose me followers, but at this point it doesn’t matter. How many followers I have—how many followers any of us has—does not matter in the slightest. It won’t gain you anything at the end of your life. What matters is how you treat other people.

This goes for every single person in this fandom and in others. The general viciousness with which Tumblrians tend to treat each other in general is frankly horrific. We have such a capacity for love and acceptance and we parade it around as much as we can. We claim to be better than the unenlightened people we work with or go to school with. But for whatever reason, be it because we are safe behind our screens and keyboards or otherwise, we have an incredible capacity for cruelness, carelessness, and thoughtlessness. More than most people I’ve ever come into contact with.

I have tragically seen this escalate this year in particular. And what’s even worse is that not only are the fandoms at each other’s throats, the authors are setting poor examples for their fans. You know this more so if you are on Twitter but there have already been too many episodes of social media fights between figures that hold a lot of influence over a lot of people. And these influential people aren’t setting the best examples.

But here’s the deal. It’s good to make jokes and have fun and make memes. That’s what fandom is for. It’s to find solidarity and enjoyment in a subject with like-minded people. What is not okay is making those jokes and making those memes at the expense of other people—especially when those people are part of demographics heavily struggling and being discriminated against. What is especially not okay is people seriously hurt by such posts calling the posts out and asking for a redaction or apology in the very least, and the fandom hardly gives them the time of day. We turn around and hurt even more to try and defend ourselves, and while that’s understandable, while that’s a natural human reaction, it’s also wrong.

Hate breeds hate. Anger breeds anger. Impulsive reactions hurt people, and the longer we ignore this fact, the more people get hurt. The more we hurt ourselves and allow ourselves to become embittered and cynical and jaded.

If you hurt someone, apologize. Own up to your actions. But most importantly, change your behavior. That’s where true regret and humility comes in. When your behavior is changed. Always think before you speak. Think about how someone is always watching, and what you say affects others whether you know it or not. You can never un hurt someone. Once it’s off your lips, you cannot take those words back no matter how hard you try.

If you see a post that very clearly hurts other people, my goodness, at the very least, do not reblog it. Do not give it more attention than it has already received. And if you did—just apologize! Apologize, delete it, and don’t reblog anything like that again.

Be respectful. Honestly, that’s what it comes down to. Treat each other like the beautiful human beings each of you are. And we shouldn’t have any problems.

Dear tumblrians!
I just wanted to tell you that you are incredibly amazing.. so incredibly amazing that words cannot express this amazingness enough :-P
In the last days I had some hard times and often felt like shit which was mainly due to bad experiences with cishet guys and dating them.
I just wanted to thank you all for your support.. You sent me cute messages and smiles, you cheered me up and gave me hope again! Thank you, thank you, thank you 😘
Though I am not able to respond to every single message in time I just want to let you know that I read them all and that every single of your words is highly appreciated and casts a smile on my face in all these dark hours that I face.
Thank you!
Stay safe and stay awesome
xoxo Emma 😘

anonymous asked:

If a movie was about to be made about the marauders what would be your expectations ? Like, what should be included and which actors should get the roles ?

i’d be scared as hell to tell you the truth unless they’d hire a buch of us tumblrians to make sure they get the movie right. anyway i’d want a good balance between angst and humor like it would have to be very full of genuine moments. also i used to picture aaron taylor johnson as james but i’d like a mix of him and dev patel now lmao, then i used to picture ben barnes but ezra miller would be an AMAZING sirius and andrew garfield as remus and jamie bell for peter



+ some who has kindly mind tumblrian request, I attach script. I’m relly relly not good at Enaglish, so it’s not ur… if you want, translater progremme help you little bit.

나는 가끔 무서운 상상을 해

내가 너를 기억해버리는 거야

정말 그렇게 되면 어쩌지?/나는 어떻게 되는걸까

너를 몰랐으면 좋겠어

앞으로도 영원히

corvuscoronoides  asked:

Do you have a 10 things i hate about you au?


10 Things I Hate (love) About You by catsteww (1/1 | 31,153 | PG-13)

When Kate Argent hires Stiles to date Derek and get paid for it, Stiles obviously agrees and sets out to win his heart. Except Stiles wasn’t expecting Derek to actually have layers underneath his tough exterior, and he certainly wasn’t expecting to develop pesky little feelings for him. And everything gets a little messed up along the way.

Lightly based on the movie.

I Want You To Want Me by sweetbutterbliss (7/7 | 15,940 | NC-17)

Derek scrubs his hands across his face before crossing his arms over his chest and furrowing his eyebrows at the two idiots standing in front of him. Well, Scott is an idiot. Stiles is…luminescent, and all jerky movement, with big, golden brown eyes. And he always has a plan. Derek is fucked and, it turns out, unable to say no to him.

The Male Mystique by BrightsideIsMyMiddleName (7/? | 24,264 | R)

10 things I hate about you AU - Isaac is new in town, Scott can’t date, Stiles is crazy, and Derek… Is complicated. Jackson is still an idiot, though.

I burn, I pine, I perish by destielfuckyeah (1/1 | 6,972 | PG-13)

Lydia just wants to date Jackson Whittemore, but her father forbids her from dating at all, unless, of course, her new brother Stiles could also get a date. Lucky for her, Derek Hale is single and always in the need for extra cash.

(Loosely based on 10 Things I Hate About You)

amber’s ficlet tho 

also there was a gifset made forever ago that will be written on her gravestone “i made that sterek gifset once”

Jualan Tulisan

Saya sangat sensitif dengan yang bersifat transaksional. Saya pun paham sekali bahwa sesuatu jika sudah melibatkan uang–mau apapun bentuknya–tinggal tunggu saja tiupan terompet kematiannya. Oh, tumblrian, apatah jadinya jika dunia tumblr kita ini berisi jualan tulisan? Bukan lagi tulisan sepi yang membuat kita berdamai dengan perasaan.

Saya lebih suka tulisan sederhana yang tak bermetafor, tapi ditulis dari dalam hati, pengalaman sendiri, dan menggelitik untuk diselami. Banyak yang seperti ini tapi tak terpantau oleh radar likes dan reblog. Mereka adalah orang-orang rutin tak berisik, tapi juga berperasa. Ya, terlalu merasakan setiap tulisan atau kuotasi. Atau bahkan terlalu merasakan diri sendiri. Mereka menulis dengan senyap. Tak berharap untuk dibaca–apalagi di-reblog. Tak berniat untuk diikuti–apalagi mencari pengikut. Tak berambisi untuk populer–apalagi sampai jualan tulisan. Menjadi anonim yang membuat siapa saja yang tak sengaja menemukan laman tumblrnya ketagihan scrolling sampai mentok.

Saya bukan siapa-siapa. Cuma silent reader sebagian besar dari kalian yang mampir ke tumblr saya, saya pun mampir ke tumblr kalian. Terima kasih bagi siapapun yang tetap berada dalam garis–apa yang kita yakini sebagai rutinitas harian menjaga perasaan. Harika!

anonymous asked:

where did you find the DVD commentaries online??

Here’s a permalink to the audio commentaries and transcriptions that are available online. This is all down to some brilliant tumblrians who have put in the time to upload the audios and transcript a large part of the commentaries! 

The audio commentaries aren’t visual, however if you know the episode well then it’s easy to follow. I would also suggest, if you’d like to watch the episode along side, loading it (I used netflix) and watching the episode on mute at the same time. It works really well. 

I hope this helps! Happy listening!

A few weeks ago I requested Tumblrians for advice on the VIVE/Tilt Brush.

Update (!!): technology acquired and his name is APOLLO the sun god, patron of music, truth, prophecy, healing, light, plague, poetry and then some. Twin brother to the chaste huntress and goddess of the moon, Artemis. Son of Zeus and Leto. Protector of innovation and the arts.

Link to my initial practice as it’s too big to dump on tumblr (very wobbly and naive imagery as I’m a thumbsucker at this).

Thank you everyone for your advice!