watching the new Samurai Jack trailer be like

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You know when your really, really tired but your brain wont shut up and your on tumblr because you can’t sleep. And then the next morning you wake up and are like when did this happen, or like wow why did I reblog that?

I think that must be the definition of Tumblr.

7 am, no sleep in sight.

To all eyes staring wide
At the computer screen glare

To reblog, I do hope you decide
Else I shall grovel in this pit of despair
Forsooth! Else I shall grovel and dig out my way ne'er

The hour is late, when this rhyming is done
The hour of the night blogger, blind to sight of sun
When the sane man is sleeping, but the tumblrian awakes
To repost or update, or eat midnight cakes

The diet is ending! The sleep is exiled far!
To where homework and textbooks and parents are!
So in sleep-deprived delight, here in our late hour night
To flee the teeth of dull boredom’s bight!
We go see, we go far, to escape our plight!

To post something that is witty
And though this rhyme is shitty
It would truly be a pity, if you did not man-up and reblog

Because cats are our god
Be them feral or declawed
And there is a 6'4’’ moose
Who is out on the loose
And a madman in a box
And ticking down clocks
And letters that come by raven or by owl
And Sherlock in a Sheet and Chris Evans in a towel
And Winter is coming though it is quite late
So there still might be time to change ye fate
With Tardis and Time-turnerers to do the work
So wipe of that grin and get off that smirk
We have dragons to find, that just might be tangled
And down in the arena the Careers are getting mangled
Sherlock took a dive, from the roof to the street
Where very quickly he was introduced to the concrete
So he dead he might be, if the game he is playing
There goes the Winchesters again, and Ramsay is flaying

But the hour is late and I must get on my way
My rhyming is tired so that’s all I’ve got to say
Goodnight, sweet Tumblr, sleep well my friends
Soon the alarm clocks go off and we all meet again 

anonymous asked:

If a movie was about to be made about the marauders what would be your expectations ? Like, what should be included and which actors should get the roles ?

i’d be scared as hell to tell you the truth unless they’d hire a buch of us tumblrians to make sure they get the movie right. anyway i’d want a good balance between angst and humor like it would have to be very full of genuine moments. also i used to picture aaron taylor johnson as james but i’d like a mix of him and dev patel now lmao, then i used to picture ben barnes but ezra miller would be an AMAZING sirius and andrew garfield as remus and jamie bell for peter

Food, food, ALL food!


My parents lived in Paris in the early 60s. My father was stationed there while he was in the Army. They loved Paris and brought home the love of certain foods. One of them was the dreaded boudin noir. Blood sausage. My parents used to cook it once in a while when I was a kid. The smell of it was so vile; it stunk up the whole house. Even if I didn’t know it had blood in it, I couldn’t get past the smell to even try it.

- Ivy B., Adult Reference Department.



+ some who has kindly mind tumblrian request, I attach script. I’m relly relly not good at Enaglish, so it’s not ur… if you want, translater progremme help you little bit.

나는 가끔 무서운 상상을 해

내가 너를 기억해버리는 거야

정말 그렇게 되면 어쩌지?/나는 어떻게 되는걸까

너를 몰랐으면 좋겠어

앞으로도 영원히

Art is Fun!!! (Art dump) (+requests still open(I’m bored))

I did a couple doodles for Tumblr users (Tumblrians?) and got one request. So I have 3 drawings that I’ve scanned here, and then once I finish this, I’m gonna be dumping the two 3 Lapfox doodles I did, since I scanned those as well. Enough of that though, let’s get on with the drawings!

Fist I’ve got a request for @lelouch2156 of their character they sent me. It took me a little while but it’s here now, so sweet! It’s just sad I did such a bad job with the shading of the character. That’s my fault. 

Then, up next, I got two drawings for other tumblrians, first off being @idoodle2draw-marquer , off their character Luna. I had fun with drawing this, not gonna lie. Plus, it actually came out pretty good.

Finally is a drawing for my good friend @dragonovas , whom I wanted to draw for a long time ago, but I hated what I drew and scrapped it. So I’m doing this instead, about 10 months later I think XD

So, that’s all the drawing I have to show for now, I’m off to shamelessly repost

Edit: Oh, Hey, I forgot to mention as well, I’m still happy to take yet more requests. Just pm me your ref, and I’ll see what I can do.