You know when your really, really tired but your brain wont shut up and your on tumblr because you can’t sleep. And then the next morning you wake up and are like when did this happen, or like wow why did I reblog that?

I think that must be the definition of Tumblr.

7 am, no sleep in sight.

A few weeks ago I requested Tumblrians for advice on the VIVE/Tilt Brush.

Update (!!): technology acquired and his name is APOLLO the sun god, patron of music, truth, prophecy, healing, light, plague, poetry and then some. Twin brother to the chaste huntress and goddess of the moon, Artemis. Son of Zeus and Leto. Protector of innovation and the arts.

Link to my initial practice as it’s too big to dump on tumblr (very wobbly and naive imagery as I’m a thumbsucker at this).

Thank you everyone for your advice!

anonymous asked:

Yet another pseudo educated tumblrian spouting unfounded bulllshit.

Oh for fuck sakes! Let me let you in on a little secret. I’m not pseudo educated,I’m a fucking anthropologist (well I will be when I graduate in September) So yeah, all my comments are based on scientific and historical fact. I will have a degree hanging on my wall proving I’m right and you will be a gray faced nobody who like to send hate mail on the internet. But good try, I’ve already been accepted into my Master program at a well know school because of my paper on the white washing of human origins and history but go ahead and think I’m pseudo educated. Also even if I wasn’t in school for it google can back me up. Google is a great educational resource for all who hunger for knowledge so don’t shit on people who do that calling them pseudo educated. You don’t need a fucking degree to be knowledgeable!  

-Mod Mariah 

Alright followers and fellow Tumblrians

I have gotten into Guilty Gear and BlazBlue. I do not have the games but I am getting into both series.

So if you guys have anything you’d like to talk to me about these franchises, let me know. Although I have only seen cutscenes from -SIGN- and -REVALATOR- from GG and I am currently watching the Central Fiction cutscenes from BB.

The story is SUPER COMPLICATED (especially in BB, not so much in GG especially for me but still hard to follow sometimes) so it’d be nice to get the word from some GG and BB veterans out there who may have studied the lore more than I do and I’d be able to learn a lot more from them than spending hours on the wikis.

Still, Blazblue and Guilty Gear, both are awesome.

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Could I get a ship?? I'm 5'2, have some pretty sparkly blue eyes, and super short dark dark brown hair. I usually wear clothes that are like 2 sizes too big for me, and I really enjoy reading and writing!! I draw too much for my own good too omg. I always try to listen to anyone who needs it, I'm known for always being able to get people to laugh, and im preeetty famous for never being able to sleep B^)

Gee why does everyone make me think of Ponyboy? Guess cuz most of us “Tumblrians” read and write. Anywaysssss

I ship you with Darrel Curtis, my baby daddy. I know it might sound weird but the dude read Carpetbaggers so he’s definitely read some decent literature. He likes your alluring blue eyes and very cocoa-colored brown hair. He will give you his clothes because you like wearing bigger sizes. He thinks it’s cute that you’re a li’l shorty. He likes it when you draw for him, or draw in general. He’s one that you’ll need to listen to his rants about Pony and his other problems. Your sense of humor has him laughing so hard he’s crying. He won’t pull an all nighter with you but Sodapop will.(He’s practically your best friend.) 

Happy Valentine’s Day to all my fellow…Tumblrians??? Anyways I thought I’d show of my most recent edit and also the gift I made for my Valentine. Welcome to the first edition of my Anime magazine covers series. If you have any requests let me know. I can’t take full credit for this though. The credit for the article on the side goes to my wonderful writer, bless you. I also cannot take credit for the gif, but to the creator of it, you are very talented. Thanks and let me know if you have any requests for an anime magazine covers.

Hey, so I just wanted to give a huge thank you to my followers (all five of you) and also to the unknown tumblrians who have roblogged, liked and tagged my art, i read through all the tags because I love hearing peoples thoughts and opinions on my work, you’ve all been so lovely and wonderful. And it honestly does inspire me to draw more and try new things, so keep being amazing you beautiful people, and thank you so much for all the support!!! 

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Do you have a 10 things i hate about you au?


10 Things I Hate (love) About You by catsteww (1/1 | 31,153 | PG-13)

When Kate Argent hires Stiles to date Derek and get paid for it, Stiles obviously agrees and sets out to win his heart. Except Stiles wasn’t expecting Derek to actually have layers underneath his tough exterior, and he certainly wasn’t expecting to develop pesky little feelings for him. And everything gets a little messed up along the way.

Lightly based on the movie.

I Want You To Want Me by sweetbutterbliss (7/7 | 15,940 | NC-17)

Derek scrubs his hands across his face before crossing his arms over his chest and furrowing his eyebrows at the two idiots standing in front of him. Well, Scott is an idiot. Stiles is…luminescent, and all jerky movement, with big, golden brown eyes. And he always has a plan. Derek is fucked and, it turns out, unable to say no to him.

The Male Mystique by BrightsideIsMyMiddleName (7/? | 24,264 | R)

10 things I hate about you AU - Isaac is new in town, Scott can’t date, Stiles is crazy, and Derek… Is complicated. Jackson is still an idiot, though.

I burn, I pine, I perish by destielfuckyeah (1/1 | 6,972 | PG-13)

Lydia just wants to date Jackson Whittemore, but her father forbids her from dating at all, unless, of course, her new brother Stiles could also get a date. Lucky for her, Derek Hale is single and always in the need for extra cash.

(Loosely based on 10 Things I Hate About You)

amber’s ficlet tho 

also there was a gifset made forever ago that will be written on her gravestone “i made that sterek gifset once”