Many are the times things never go right in our lives and we feel that we have been discouraged and broken. We often turn to blaming and self pity and all together do really stupid things without thinking and ironically those stupid decisions will turn on us and we will regret all that we did after things get better. Yes, I know, am going all dr. phil on you guys today. Its all true though.
I talked to a priest just the other day when I was feeling really out of it and he told me to read ‘sometimes you win; sometimes you learn’ by John C. Maxwell. Funny how we always have solutions deep within us but we go for all the wrong decisions, we are just human right?
A friend of mine wrote something that really was inspiring and real, she said “I’m a young talented ambitious lady oh n beautiful too and every time i think about my future i get excited. ok composure, breath. i work hard every day n every time in my own small way i lack self motivation sometimes something  goes wrong n i get discouraged. Hey, wait don’t give me that look yet. I’m only human,  but tell you what, i keep going no matter what! You don’t understand me sometimes ,it’s okay. I get it. me too lol. I’m a dreamer..like  Joseph in the bible..they should have probly named me josephina lol but i dream big..i want to do great things..i will..every day that goes by I’m a day closer to getting where i wanna be n who i wanna be..but I’m grateful God gives me the strength n this mind to be creative n do my thing! I have a purpose in life n im going to achieve it! ” if that’s not real enough I don’t know what is.
Everyone has those moments you are at the lowest you can think then things get better… its like spring after the fall and winter, things do get better… light at the end of the tunnel… calm and sunshine after the storm. All this phrases we have heard over and over again, but they are true. Its in nature’s hand to give you a whirl shake before it sets you on a better place.
So as much as things look so shitty something good will come up, you will be surprised how fast you will forget the pain and suffering when happiness comes knocking.
Goodnight ladies and gentlemen..

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                                                                                                           SALLY KAY TUSH NJOGU