My Brief History with Feminism
  • Me: I'm not a feminist
  • TumblrFeminist: What, do you believe you should be treated the same as men?
  • Me: Yes...?
  • T-Feminist: Then you're a feminist!
  • Me: I don't think that's how that should work.
  • T-Feminist: God, why do you hate yourself?!
  • Me: *finds good feminists, as well as my own reasons for getting involved with feminism*
  • Me: Okay, I suppose I am a feminist, cool stuff.
  • T-Feminist: Great! Now lets talk about the wage gap and rape culture and patriarchy!
  • Me: Yeah, those still aren't things.
  • T-Feminist: Oh my god, you aren't a real feminist!
  • Me: I thought you wanted me to be a feminist?
  • T-Feminist: Yeah, I do.
  • Me: Well, now I am.
  • T-Feminist: But you're not doing it right!
  • Me: Well what should I do then?
  • T-Feminist: Simply subscribe to these beliefs and don't disagree with even a single of my opinions.
  • I must admit, tumblr is the place where I frequently question my choice to align myself with the feminist movement.

Fay Weldon was a pioneer in the feminist movement. She told a literature festival that the ‘downside’ of feminism was a new breed of women. “As for feminism,” Weldon said, “Life is much better, because you are not dependent on the goodwill of men. But the trouble is, the battle became too fierce, and the whole culture encouraged women to believe that men are stupid, useless creatures who are the enemy.”