Why does everyone care about gaining more followers that’s not what tumblr is about. Tumblr is to gain personality not to be worried about who has more friends. Tumblr is about re-blogging pictures and not caring if your followers will like it or not. Tumblr is a hobby not a job. If you wanna get tumblr famous, do gifs, or become a model, oh maybe pick up a camera and take amazing shots of the world (not just selfies) that’s tumblr. You can’t get famous sitting on your bed watching adventure time, and expect “ hey you guys my blog has 1,000,000 followers yay I’m in the clique already” just what I’m saying is don’t get over whelmed with followers. Tumblr is like a canvas and your putting art on it. That’s ALL TUMBLR is so stop saying I wanna get tumblr famous!!!