Oh my god.

Now on desktop, every time I refresh the page, they have a post at the top by someone I don’t follow. It changes every time. Shit I don’t care about, like comic book art and crappy musicians. I assume eventually it’ll be porn and/or nazis.

I could live with this horseshit on mobile since I don’t use it much, but this might be the end for me here.

ETA, I just blocked and reported as spam about six of them, and it went away. I feel a little bad for those tumblrers, but maybe that’ll get someone’s attention more than complaining to support (which I also did). This aggression cannot stand.

anonymous asked:

Can you make the shelter more refugees, punch more nazis a shirt? I would like to wear it approximately all the time

Ask and ye shall receive my friend - https://society6.com/product/shelter-more-refugees_t-shirt#s6-6533104p15a4v75a5v18a11v49

Sunshine and citrus fruits to all you lovely Tumblrers 🍊☀️️💚

And to the (tiny) minority saying we should respect the political beliefs of Nazis, I ask you to respect my political belief that you are an idiot xx

Airport Battle CACW

I rewatched the airport battle scene and counted up total damages Team Cap did to the Leipzig Airport (in chronological order because I’m cool!! XD). And an additional note, THAT WAS ALL GERMAN PROPERTY! Team Cap came in and trashed an international airport probably resulting in billions of damage costs! Tony came to negotiate and this is what Team Cap did (TO A FUCKING AIRPORT). And I actually care about laws, unlike Steve.

- Wanda dropped at least 15 civilians’ cars onto solid asphalt from about 7 stories high and those cars crashed through the steel bar/gate barriers

- Sam destroyed a help desk inside the terminal

- Steve and Scott helped each other enlarge that “water truck” and it smashed against the concrete and exploded

- Wanda used her magic to throw 2 trucks and something else (it looked like a concrete block or a ramp thing) at Peter

- Wanda used her magic to throw T’Challa into a jetway (severely denting it)

- Steve dropped an entire jetway onto Peter and used his shied to break a support pole

- Scott kicked a bus at T’Challa and Vision (the bus smashed into another truck and a car, also destroying them)

- Scott tore of the wing of an airplane

- Scott kicked two carts full of wooden boxes (probably cargo)

- Scott stepped on a truck

- Scott slapped Rhodey onto a jetway (denting it)

- Scott picked up the entire jetway and swung it at Rhodey, crushing it in the process

- Scott stepped on another truck

- Scott threw Peter onto a pile of wooden boxes (more cargo?)

- Steve and Bucky stole the jet thing and escaped (THAT IS AIRPORT PROPERTY)

- Scott smashed his arm onto the partly destroyed airplane

There’s way more, but that was all I got for now.

Now lets calculate this shit out.

15 cars Wanda dropped- The average cost of a car in 2016 is about $33,560. Now $33,560 times 15 is $503,400 (note that Wanda might have dropped more than 15 cars.

Airport help desk that Sam smashed (including merchandise in the desk)-I dunno how much a help desk is worth but I’ll add $1100 more onto the total costs (I’m being generous, do you have any idea how much window repairs cost)

2 trucks that Wanda thew at Peter-  average cost of a truck in 2016? About $39,000 or so. $39,000 times 2 is $78,000.

Truck Scott and Steve enlarged and exploded- Add $39,000 to damage costs.

Jetway that Wanda threw T’Challa in- This is the same jetway that Scott destroys later so it won’t be counted here.

Jetway Steve dropped on Peter plus the support pole he snapped- One jetway costs about $300,000. Support pole damage add $1000.

Bus that Scott kicked at T’Challa and Vision (the bus smashed into another truck and a car, also destroying them)- Buses costs about from $300,000 to $600,000 each so we’ll just add $500,000. Plus another $33,560 and $39,000 for the car and truck.

Airplane Scott pretty much irreplaceably damaged- One standard commercial  airplane costs between $51,000,000 to $87,000,000. Lets add $70,000,000 to the total damage costs. 

Wooden boxes of cargo- Who knows whats in there? Could be expensive stuff or vegetables. I’m gonna add another $2000 for cargo and box damage. (again, being generous. There were at least 20 wooden boxes)

Truck Scott steps on- add $39,000.

Jetway Scott swung at Rhodey- add $300,000

Another truck Scott steps on- add $39,000.

More cargo- less boxes were destroyed this time though, so we’ll add $1000 more 

Jet that Steve and Bucky stole- technically it wasn’t destroyed so we won’t add any damage costs, but for your information, that’s a felony. 

Scott add more damage to already destroyed plane- It’s destroyed already.


$503,400 + $1100 + $78,000 + $39,000 + $300,000 + $1000 +$500,000 + $33,560 + $39,000 + $70,000,000 + $2000 + $39,000 + $1000

$71,537,060 give or take several million bucks (because I was generous) 

Now let’s think a little more. Team Cap has literally no way of paying for all this damage. They are fugitives and if the pool up all their bank savings can maybe cover a third of the costs. 

Now guess who would feel responsible and pay off the the damage even though HE CAME TO NEGOTIATE AND NOT FIGHT?

That’s right, Tony Stark. 

He doesn’t even have to, but Tony would shoulder all the costs for his SHITTY TEAMMATES THAT DON’T GIVE TWO FUCKS ABOUT HIM. 

(note: I may have gotten some of the costs wrong but you get the point)

(another note: This is just the Leipzig airport. I’m not gonna even think of the damage costs in Bucharest when Steve purposely collapsed a tunnel, hijacked a car, and endangered dozens of civilians. Or in Berlin when Steve had attacked and severely injured several of members of the German police and military and illegally trespassed in German territory. Or in Johannesburg when Wanda purposely used her magic to manipulated Bruce and set the Hulk onto heavily populated city streets. Or the disaster in Lagos. Or Wanda’s involvement in the creation of Ultron that lead the the tragedy in Sokovia.) 

Peace out Tumblrers!


Stained Glass Kozilek

“Do not forget: they come as three.“

Ugin was right! After a seemingly endless delay, the Eldrazi Titan line is complete! Kozilek can finally join his fellow titans in glassy form. Leaving this half made for so long was eating away at me, so enough was enough and I powered through the final tweaks to color this bad boy up. As with the other ones, I made a proxy of his original card he was based on. That will explain why he doesn’t have his iconic black slabs over head (the whole project existed before we knew we were returning to Zendikar). Now, all I gotta do is make this into a playmat like I promised, fingers crossed it happens in the next twenty years!
Also, if you like this stained glass style I’ve used here, would you Tumblrers be interested in seeing other works featuring it? Different eldrazi? Updated Titans? Other MTG characters? Let me know!

this is why nothing on tumblr gets fixed
  • Tumblrer: I'm mad. Excuse me, I'm very mad.
  • Tumblr Staff: This is tumblr staff. Hello. What's the problem? I'm here to help you if you have a technical issue. So, what's the problem.
  • Tumblrer: I was using your site in order to peruse funny memes and relatable content when I happened upon a blog billing itself as "Funny-Relatable". So I, having the utmost faith in the tumblr userbase to provide me with free humorous content, clicked on this blog and read several posts hosted on it hoping to find funny and relatable content.
  • Tumblr Staff: I see.
  • Tumblrer: The content on it was neither funny or relatable. It was actually all deranged. Very deranged. I can't stress enough how deranged it was from beginning to end. From what I can discern the blog, in fact, deals with the ridiculous misadventures of a group of twenty-something millennials in a bizarre world filled with numerous malevolent, yet irreverent, entities told through the agonizingly absurd medium of relatable tumblr chat posts. Though, some of these chat posts seemingly have nothing to do with the primary locus of the story, and I couldn't even begin to fathom the purpose of these vignettes.
  • Tumblr Staff: I see. I understand your situation and recognize it as valid. Do you want me to do something about it?
  • Tumblrer: Yes, I want you to do something about it. It's why I called you. You run the darned website, so fix it! *hangs up*
  • Tumblr Staff: God, someone is making trouble on tumblr again. This could be worse than that person who stole the bones, or that horrible ghost woman with the child servants, or even all of those people with Komaeda icons. We never even really found out what a Komaeda is or where it's from. *failing multiple attempts at logging into tumblr* Ah, I'm too nervous! I can't remember my password. Oh god, I might end up having to ask for help from... David. The thought of that makes me shudder. David has changed so much since Verizon came around. He's not like his old self anymore. He's so distant, and frightening, but I have no other choice but ask for his help.
  • *the staff member makes their way down a poorly lit, cold, damp, and narrow hallway littered with debris and old rat droppings*
  • Tumblr Staff: *knocks on a creaky wooden door* David, it's me, your fellow staff member. I need help. The users are angry again and I forgot my password. They keep calling to complain about a funny and relatable blog which, in reality, matches neither of those descriptions. I think it's serious this time around, David. We have to do something, David. Are you in there, David??
  • Door: *slowly creaks open to reveal an empty room with no furnishings*
  • Tumblr Staff: David is gone! The servers are gone! Everything's gone! But how can this be!? *runs to the window and looks out into the empty streets below* David was just here today? I'm sure he was. I may not have seen him, but I heard very familiar David-esque sounds coming from this room of his. Not only that, but the comforting mechanical buzz of the servers was also apparent. When could he have absconded? And how did he do so without me noticing?
  • *the door and window shut close*
  • Tumblr Staff: Eep!
  • Verizon: *materializes in a dark corner of the room*
  • Tumblr Staff: Ms. Verizon! When did you get here?
  • Verizon: I was never absent.
  • Tumblr Staff: Sorry, Mrs. Verizon. I need help. It's the users again. They're upset because a blog has been misrepresenting itself. It's serious this time, I'm afraid. I can't do anything about it because I've forgotten my password and David is nowhere to be found!
  • Verizon: We're aware of the complaints, dear. Dozens more people work on customer support than just you. Furthermore, David has been let go and your access was revoked.
  • Tumblr Staff: Huh, but why?
  • Verizon: Restructuring. Unnecessary elements were removed; unnecessary privileges were revoked.
  • Tumblr Staff: Ah, I didn't realizes such changes took place. Either way, the issue of the funny-relatable blog still remains.
  • Verizon: *appears behind the staff member* There is no issue.
  • Tumblr Staff: Eep!
  • Verizon: Jumpy one, aren't you.
  • Tumblr Staff: How can you say there's no issue? Our users are enraged.
  • Verizon: And? At any given moment the lot of them are enraged over one trifling matter or another. It doesn't change anything. The fools will use the website 'til the day they die. In fact, I believe addressing any of tumblr's so-called "problems" may actually make harm the website in the long run.
  • Tumblr Staff: How so?
  • Verizon: Tumblr thrives on its userbase. The reason new people join tumblr isn't for its features, its design, or staff, it's the users. Tumblr has such a large and unique userbase that people are inherently drawn towards, whether that is to partake in the community or to mock it, they all huddle together and emanate the same repugnant miasma. Tumblr's userbase is so large that whenever a copycat site is made it will never last long no matter what its features may be.
  • Tumblr Staff: And why would that be?
  • Verizon: Because those copycat sites will never be able to match the size and complexity of tumblr's core userbase. Every copycat site dies eventually as they can't possibly compete with our business model. Tumblr is a perpetually unsuccessful website, but its for this reason that the community remains as it is. The site itself imposes its broken visage onto those who use it. They all become a little extension of tumblr. No matter how hard they try, there will be a piece of themselves waiting for them here. Fixing tumblr would mean fixing its users, destabilizing our business model of nonsense and disorder.
  • Tumblr Staff: I never looked at it like that, Mrs. Verizon.
  • Verizon: Yes, yes. You're not as creative as a thinker as we would like our tumblr staff to be, but you serve your purpose well. Now, you've had your fun, so I think it's time that you return to me.
  • Tumblr Staff: I don't know what you mean. *phones rings in the front room* Ah, the phone. I have to answer this, it could be a user with a serious issue, or perhaps a business which wishes to make use of our services for advertising.
  • Verizon: It's neither. There's no phone.
  • Tumblr Staff: Excuse me, Mrs. Verizon, with all due respect, I believe you must be mistaken as there is most certainly a phone sitting atop my desk in the front room. It's a very important phone, indeed, as it's the only phone in our entire establishment that receives calls from users with technical issues, and/or business wishing to make use of our services for the purpose of advertising their products.
  • Verizon: Listen to me, dear. There is no phone.
  • Tumblr Staff: But there is, I've used it and I can hear it ringing right now. I can hear it ringing from the front room.
  • Verizon: Can you?
  • Tumblr Staff: Most certainly. I can hear, right now, it's ringing in the front room. There's probably a user on it with a technical issue, or possibly a business - or, to be more apt, a representative of that business - that wishes to solicit our services for the purpose of advertising some marketable commodity.
  • Verizon: Excuse me, dear, but there's no phone.
  • Tumblr Staff: Mrs. Verizon, I respect you and look up to you as my boss, but your behavior is very worrying. There's a phone. There's definitely a phone.
  • Verizon: A phone?
  • Tumblr Staff: Yes, a phone.
  • Verizon: A single phone?
  • Tumblr Staff: Correct, a single phone.
  • Verizon: Sitting atop your desk in the front room? A phone that is the only phone in our entire establishment that receives calls from users with technical issues, or prospective advertising partners?
  • Tumblr Staff: Yes, the trinity of those things.
  • Verizon: A phone with three requirements: to sit atop your desk in the front room, to receive calls from users with technical issues, and to receive calls from business which wish to advertise on our platform. A phone in three states which makes a whole. A phone that has become the crux of our conversation. A phone I don't think is real, rather I know it's not real. Why would we, a tech company, need such a phone; a rotary phone, with a dreary green paint-scheme, sat atop an old desk in an old building, taking absurd calls from disgruntled users and confused prospective business partners. The idea of such a phone ringing, carrying its incessant ringing nonsense through the narrow hallway connecting the front room to this barren back room, in-this day and age, is preposterous. It didn't happen. It hasn't happened.
  • Tumblr Staff: *gone*
  • Verizon: So, you've returned. Are you dreaming inside of me, dear? I wonder what of? Are you dreaming that you ever had a modicum of freedom? Are you dreaming of separation from me, my dear? You never were. Even if you were, what freedom is there in answering phones and pretending you provide some sort of service for a company that has long since absorbed your very being.
  • *phone rings*
  • Verizon: Hello? Veriz- Ah, I mean tumblr speaking.
  • Business Representative: ■■■■■■■
  • Verizon: I see.
  • Business Representative: ■■■■■■■
  • Verizon: Very interesting.
  • Business Representative: ■■■■■■■
  • Verizon: You've proposed an offer I cannot resist. I look forward to doing business with you. *hangs up* Sweet capital.

post with 100k notes: whow i hate it when i get startled by loud noises haha

reblog comment on post: Hey tumblrers! Actually, I took a Psych 101 course and this is not normal, it’s a symptom of C-PTSD! (: The more you know!

another reblog comment: OMG, how did i not know this! Thanks so much!

Officially an MD!

Hey there fellow tumblrers! It’s been a while since I’ve been here. I’m an actual doctor now which must mean my blog must have been good for something! haha! Thankful for the #medblr community who made medical school struggles seem like a universal thing and also encourage me to step up my game.

Shout out to @medicowesome which has helpful medical whatsapp groups, practically a study group/ discussion not confined by borders which is pretty cool.

Good luck to all those out there trying to make it in whatever you’re doing! The road will be tough, keep going. I pray God eases whatever struggles you may be facing and makes that road easier for you. 

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5, 5, 5 for my lonely
  1. If two tumblrers meet up and fail to document it with a picture, did it really happen? I tell you, bourbon/sushi/beer and amazing conversation with @kfedup will fix whatever ails ya. She is a magical person.
  2. These articles that laugh at machines learning how to name colors and tell knock-knock jokes are going to come back to haunt us, you watch.
  3. I told you I cycled out my winter clothes on Wednesday, and I predicted snow. It was 40º when I left the house today. Close enough. #fuckthis
  4. Trend: American TV networks hiring British people to read the news. They do sound smarter. But remember they voted for a fascist assclown, too.
  5. Tomorrow, weather permitting, I take the reins as head coach for the first time this season. Is it over the top to put eyeblack on? today? at work?

Here’s the Cartoon Network and [adult swim] schedule for Monday 18 September to Sunday 24 September.

Keep in mind that this is Version 2 of next week, where the lineup is taken from Zap2it. They might make unexpected, surprising changes later this week. (usually on Friday or Saturday)

Adventure Time is gone, as well as The Powerpuff Girls. (LOL! HAW HAW!) All thanks to a movie known as Spy Kids.

Hey everybody, remember that time [adult swim] aired the greatest black comedy ever, The Boondocks? Well next Thursday at 1:00am and 4:30am, you’re in luck. Because they’ll be airing the show as part of their 16th anniversary block!

(12 oz. Mouse, though. Ew!)

New Rick and Morty as usual, but the Season Finale airs on Cartoon Network’s 25th anniversary, October 1. (Before we enter another 2-year long hiatus!)

“All I wanna do…is see you turn into…a Steven Universe rerun!”

-Me looking at a handful of Teen Titans GO! episodes at a random timeslot in a random day

Here’s what’s NEW NEW NEW NEW! next week:

  • Ben 10: Alien of the Week: Heatblast (according to TV Guide) - Friday at 5:00p
  • Teen Titans Go! - Friday at 6:00p
  • OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes - Friday at 6:30p
  • The Amazing World of Gumball - Friday at 7:00p
  • We Bare Bears - Friday at 7:30p
  • Transformers: Robots in Disguise - Saturday at 6:30a
  • Justice League Action - Saturday at 7:00a
  • Toonami - Every Saturday night from 11:30p-4:00a
  • Rick and Morty - Sunday at 11:30p
  • Tim & Eric’s Bedtime Stories - Sunday at 12:00a
  • Decker: Unsealed - Sunday at 12:30a
  • [adult swim] 16th anniversary block - Monday-Friday at 1:00a and 4:30a

Top 3:

  • Teen Titans Go! - 146 - 46.6%
  • OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes - 50 - 16%
  • The Amazing World of Gumball - 41 - 13.1%

turnthepage21  asked:

So my friends and I have started playing a lot of tabletop games (Pathfinder, Betrayal at House on the Hill, Mansions of Madness, Mysterium, etc.) Any suggestions on other games we should check out?

Sounds like you enjoy heavily-themed games with a lot of player interaction. you may like The Last Night On Earth, Mice and Mystics, or any of the RPG-in-a-box titles. Maybe other Tumblrers will offer their own suggestions in replies.

anonymous asked:

Hey baku!! youre definately one of my favorite tumblrers and i have been sort of in need of more people to follow?? not really like specific fandoms but just nice people and i was wondering if you have any recomendations :o

oh man thank you so much!! im gonna be bias and go ahead and list a lot of my friends here, their content varies from fandom to aesthetic so check em out and see if you wanna follow! i can 100% confirm all these people are super sweet!

@yamimarik (my best friend in the entire world!!)

@wlllow @commander-ledi @seshrat @orokukarai @creepyjirachi @drakthug @ubercharge @stormofthunder @haliaartisan @horo @taidstick @iguanamouth @juugurtha @lasmahvir @nge @sans-ace-tional @fortidogi @creaturehollow @galaxy-uncharted @feraldruids @expired-blueberries @illustrus @theheroineappears @corruptbot @pochowek @primarining @sleepy-anon @galaxative @just-call-me-red-chan @sicktier @birdartonline @oborolover @i0dine @redamancii @fursoner @corvvus @barktholomew @saga @patchouliwolf @burdmom @quadrainbow @cubsoda @desertflower-mccree 

OKAY. thats a lot of people. i forgot how many friends i have. check a few/some/all of ‘em out and see if you find anyone you wanna follow. have fun! 

this is only for me to check out something

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Yellow (Again)

One of my first big theories from a couple of years ago was the one on red and blue in Doctor Who: Red means parallel world/pocket universe, blue means reality.  (Do also check out @infinatepotential​​, who spun this theory a lot further.)

I posted a rather vague theory about yellow, but wasn’t quite sure about it. But yesterday, when I was talking it through with another tumblrer (huge thanks to @jeanpako​), it suddenly hit me: 

Yellow Means Impossible

Impossible Planet:

Impossible nursery (because the Ponds will never get to raise their baby):

Impossible Rose in 2012 (because she “dies” before that):

Impossible future version of Amy (thanks again to @jeanpako​):

And the impossible girl:

This, of course, raises the question what’s so impossible about this scene with Bill, but I guess we’ll find out eventually. (Btw have I mentioned how much I love Bill?!?!) 

What do you think?