Chúc mừng năm mới các tumblrer

Xin gửi lời chúc mừng một năm mới bình an và khoẻ mạnh bên ngoài và bên trong nhé.

Mong mọi người đều tìm dc thanh thản trong tâm hồn như mình đang cố gắng

need tooo follow more people with big bang tumblrs….. hmmmmmm…. not enough Big Bang on my dash (Grimmjow too)


On another side note… After working out at the gym then going to dinner and drinking a cup of coffee…. I was outside walking back to the dorm with my roommate. And I randomly started doing the awesome skip/walk thing GD and TOP do while performing Fantastic Baby live….. And then proceed to scream loudly WOW FANTASTIC BABY at whatever she tried to say to me. Then I dance-walked across the street singing Boom Shaka Laka, Boom Shaka Laka, Boom Shaka Laka!

Hmmmm yeah… Gym and coffee… bad combo. But a fun combo non the less.

Gas Company's Business Disclaimer Might Inspire Existential Dread*

Current NPR blogger (and former NPR Books tumblrer!) Camila Domonoske can find poetry in anything – even a Southern California Gas Co. press release about its leaking natural gas well. 

“As it updates the public about its progress,” Camila writes, “each press release carries some cautionary text — the business equivalent of noting that the future is a figure of speech. … And in its attempt to encompass every possible eventuality, the disclaimer verges on the philosophical.”

Dinermatsu Tweets

My friend Jude is out of order for the time being (he’s on a hiatus of sorts) so I’ve taken every single tweet for the Dinermatsu AU from the first to the latest and put it all into an imgur album for viewing.

Note that these are tweets and basic ideas/dialogue so it’s pretty messy! lol also note the random Japanese…. if you can’t figure out the word, just give me a shout and I’ll help you out since I know what it says. (some things just sound good when said in Japanese instead of English, that’s what Jude says ahaha!)

I’m hoping to make something out of this myself, maybe a VN or something I’m not sure yet, but here you go my Tumblrers, have a read!

Dinermatsu: http://imgur.com/a/7Kkzk

And a reminder that fanart+fics+etc are OK as long as you give Jude the credit for the story! <3 Enjoy what’s there so far my karamatsu girls /shot

#NewLeaf100Words Winner to be announced TOMORROW

Oh. My. Goodness.

We received SO MANY wonderful entries into our Short Story Contest! THANK YOU TO ALL YOU WONDERFUL TUMBLRers WHO PARTICIPATED! You are all superstars and we LOVE you. 

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I have been going through the submissions and I am happy to say that we will announce our winner TOMORROW at 3pm

This will be one of the hardest things I have ever done, but I want all the participants to know that you rock my world. I did not expect so many, and I am overwhelmed with joy and gratitude for all of you. Some of you even entered multiple stories, so yay!

I almost get tempted
to compliment a tumblrer,
but I have yet to do it,
rather than coming across flirty,
I’ll write a non-specific poem
or quote,
I just
refuse to
go and write a message on anon.

It’s nice to be nice, but introverted
poets come across socially

I even made a poem
out of this…

Weekly favorites III.

Hello! I absolutely love posting these weekly favorites, even though they are not quite periodic. It’s fun sharing with you what I have been reading, thinking and maybe listening this past week.

1. Among my first favorite belongs a TED talk about Improvement and putting people under big pressure. There was actually a really good point about school grades. Carol Dweck, amazing woman who leads this talk speaks about how we can motivate students more with giving them a grade called “not yet”. Can you imagine receiving your exam paper and instead of Fx you would see “Not yet” written by a teacher. I think that it is less depressing to see than a bad grade and a head full of anxiety.  I fully agree with the talk. Give it a watch, it will take only couple of minutes from your day and it will bring you more value than scrolling through your Facebook feed.

2. Even though this next fav is on the “second” spot it doesn’t mean it is less to me. Actually it is much more meaningful and powerful to me. It is a video and it is from Casey Neistat. It’s not only his usual daily vlog but it's an amazing video with exquisite message. Always be closing. Learn more by watching it here. It will make you wanna run wild and work hard and harder than yesterday. 

3. For a change, my third favorite this week will be a website called Artparasites.  It is an excellent website with various articles on topics for example love, pain, lust, empathy, melancholy, wanderlust etc. It is my favorite online “magazine” of all times! It is very artsy and really satisfying to read. Give it a look. And if I could recommend you any article from that website, it would be maybe and article about 15 Truths every young person need to understand.. Have a nice calming and inspiring read. You are going to love this website! :)

And guys, it is sad, but this is it for this week. I hope you are enjoying yourselfs while reading these weekly faves. If you do, please let me know by rebloging, liking or commenting. Any action that you do gives me tingles in my belly. See you next week my friends. :)


If you receive a message from ’@billymcbachman’ (or any other blog) regarding a game on their blog, saying:

“Hello, Can I ask for a tiny and fast favor. Today I setted up my tumblr page game on MY TUMBLR BLOG and I want to ask you to quickly check it. Just tell me if it is playable for you. Play it just above my last REBLOG. Thank you :)* :)”


Stay safe, spread the word, and do not fall victim to this. thank you for reading.

rebagel to save a tumblrer.

I’m too lazy to do a follow forever but here’s an extremely short version

Sooooooo I hit pretty much 200 followers and here’s some of my favorite tumblrers (is that even a word) and why I love them 

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In random order:

@missedbecominghistoric is literally the sweetest person I’ve ever met on here. They’ve got rad red hair and is fucking adorable. I looove them because they’re literally always up for a new au. Always. Plus they don’t mind when I write in all caps.

@thevoidishere was literally my second follow when I first started up and is the only person from back then who still talks to me now. She’s so adorable and witty and she’s such a cutie with a hella great smile. 

@poetprouvxire/ @poseidon-poseidoff is a relatively new follow for me (at least for interacting) and I love them because they’ve got such a poetic writing style. They’re wonderful and I feel like we could do a million threads and I’d never get bored.

@jacksonxwhittemorexmiller, to be honest, we don’t talk a whole lot. But he’s a really great guy to just chat with, and he is really fun to just see on my dash even if we don’t roleplay

@the-glenn-with-the-n is one of those precious people you don’t talk to but just really enjoy seeing their stuff on your dash. And if that’s actually you in your icon and not a young Adam DeVine, then that is pretty wicked awesome

@mrbulian I don’t talk at all with you, really, but you’re such a cutie I just can’t not mention you. Never listen to mean anons who criticize your appearance. They’re obviously lying.

@backhometolou is someone I’ve talked to once, but I adore seeing a fellow larry on my dash. I have to tell you I’ve screamed at some of your posts.

@ricordarelamortalita we don’t talk, but I love love your posts and you are really a great writer

@speakingoflarry we’ll be in larrie hell together.

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