gpoyw - the me and my internet friend edition.

Last weekend, Marianne was in Athens. I was as giddy as a school girl in anticipation of this adventure. When I finally got to the bar she was at it was a full on run and embrace. Then we spent the rest of the evening in a perpetual state of connectedness. We drank Dixieland Iced Teas and beers and shots a plenty. We laughed and laughed. Her friends chanted my last name because apparently before they came downtown all she had done was talk about me. And about how I was a pipsqueak! They all thought I was going to be Snooki-sized! I’m short but a normal short, not a weird short. Marianne dipped out around 1am, but it was fine because I probably needed to go home. I think the funniest part about it was when her friends kept asking how I knew her. My answer was always just “it’s a long story.” At one point she told one of them how we actually knew one another. I thought that friend was gonna fall down from laughter. Internet friends turned IRL friends, ftw.

Roomie and I went to the Gymdogs meet this afternoon. Operation: “Oh Shit You’re Graduating Do A Million Things You Can Only Do As A Student/In Athens” is fully underway. Roomie won a fifty dollar gift card to the bookstore for doing the chicken dance. We were both on the big screen. It was a little embarrassing.

Also, as we’re walking around the outside of the coliseum I full on walk into Maggie. Two tumblrs in real life in one weekend? Whaaaa? You could totally tell we recognized each other right away too. I hugged her, duh. I’m too predictable. And I still love hugs. Great to finally “meet” you, Maggie!