That’s right, folks! It’s another Tumblebats/Tumblrbats contest, this time with help from the cool dudes at Toddland!

So let’s lay down the rules!

  1. Reblog and like to enter! Feel free to reblog as much as you want, but just know that only one reblog is going to show up on our notes.
  2. We’ll pick a randomly selected winner on 7/20!
  3. No reblogging for contests only blogs
  4. Following us isn’t necessary, but we sure would appreciate it!

The prizes offered are as follows, one winner takes all!

  1. Some amazing Aquabats stickers by Jex!
  2. Some awesome Aquabats wristguards by Jex!
  3. Some custom stickers that I’ll draw, and Jexis will make! 
  4. An amazing plush by Jett!
  5. A $25 credit for Toddland merch!

Good luck, everybody!

EDIT: And congrats to our winner! The contest is closed now, thank you everyone for entering!

 Hey, Tumblrbats!

We (Jexis and BumblingB for now) set up this tumblr in reaction to the closing of the forums. We felt now would be a good time to draw the fans on here closer together as a group, and provide a good atmosphere for anyone who happens to join the fandom from here on out, especially considering the upcoming tour!

So, we whipped this up! We wanted to officially make a ‘faction’! Back in the day, there were factions among Cadets–Ninjabats, Spacebats, Piratebats, etc. So! Why not Tumblrbats as a group, with sub-factions? Become a Tumblrbat and make a new sub-faction with your friend group!

We’re going to make an 'official’ list of Tumblrbats, so you can be listed side-by-side with all your Tumblrbat homies, and homies in your sub-factions! Here’s what you have to do to get on the list: send us an ask! That’s it. That’s all you gotta do! You can even give us your Cadet name and a little tagline to list yourself by, like “Slacker Lass–hates Mondays!” or “Captain Cool!–the coolest of captains!”. Taglines and even Cadet names are optional too–we’ll just list your URL if that’s all you want.

We’d really like to use this to organize meetups and promo fun stuff! Line parties before concerts! Meetups at local cons! Reblogs of Aquacadet-related media! Contests! Interpretive dance duels! Extreme trapeze guitar solo competitions! And so on. It’d be a fun way to get to know your fellow fans, and encourage that good ol’ Cadet camaraderie that makes Aquacadets, Aquacadets!

We’ve even made a Facebook group too with all the same goals, except for Aquacadets in general, and not just tumblrbats!

So please, contact us, and let’s get to making SUPER RAD things for this 20th Anniversary!


Hiya Tumblrbats! Are you ready for THE FIRST TUMBLRBATS CONTEST??? 

Of course you are! So, as we all know, The Aquabats are doing a 20th Anniversary East Coast tour!! Yay!!! But here’s the thing—other people don’t know about it! So what we’re gonna do with this contest, and what the theme of the contest is- Promotion of the Tour!

We’re not asking for just posters—posters would be cool, but be creative! Promote the concert in your way! Make cool crafts! Convince friends to buy concert tickets! Make a video! Do an Non-Official Aquabats car wash! Wrestle a tiger while in uniform! (Do not do actually do this). Do amazing, unique, wicked cool stuff!!!

Our elite panel of judges (all two of us) will choose the three best, coolest, awesomest promotions! The top winner person gets a bunch of cool stuff, as seen above! A Toddland sticker sheet from SDCC 2013 (it won’t be doodled on, like in the pic)! A Tumblrbat patch! Some stickers we made (not pictured, we’re still working on that)! An awesome plush from Jett! And, if it’s possible, a FREE pizza!!!! Wow!!!!

The two runners up will also get a tumblrbats patch and tumblrbats stickers! 

So, guys! Get your brains a stormin’! Show us what you’re made of! And show other peeps what The Aquabats are made of, so they’ll buy tickets!! Contest ends when the first concert begins, on 5/1!

Good luck everyone!! 

—BB & Jex