That’s right, folks! It’s another Tumblebats/Tumblrbats contest, this time with help from the cool dudes at Toddland!

So let’s lay down the rules!

  1. Reblog and like to enter! Feel free to reblog as much as you want, but just know that only one reblog is going to show up on our notes.
  2. We’ll pick a randomly selected winner on 7/20!
  3. No reblogging for contests only blogs
  4. Following us isn’t necessary, but we sure would appreciate it!

The prizes offered are as follows, one winner takes all!

  1. Some amazing Aquabats stickers by Jex!
  2. Some awesome Aquabats wristguards by Jex!
  3. Some custom stickers that I’ll draw, and Jexis will make! 
  4. An amazing plush by Jett!
  5. A $25 credit for Toddland merch!

Good luck, everybody!

EDIT: And congrats to our winner! The contest is closed now, thank you everyone for entering!


Hiya Tumblrbats! Are you ready for THE FIRST TUMBLRBATS CONTEST??? 

Of course you are! So, as we all know, The Aquabats are doing a 20th Anniversary East Coast tour!! Yay!!! But here’s the thing—other people don’t know about it! So what we’re gonna do with this contest, and what the theme of the contest is- Promotion of the Tour!

We’re not asking for just posters—posters would be cool, but be creative! Promote the concert in your way! Make cool crafts! Convince friends to buy concert tickets! Make a video! Do an Non-Official Aquabats car wash! Wrestle a tiger while in uniform! (Do not do actually do this). Do amazing, unique, wicked cool stuff!!!

Our elite panel of judges (all two of us) will choose the three best, coolest, awesomest promotions! The top winner person gets a bunch of cool stuff, as seen above! A Toddland sticker sheet from SDCC 2013 (it won’t be doodled on, like in the pic)! A Tumblrbat patch! Some stickers we made (not pictured, we’re still working on that)! An awesome plush from Jett! And, if it’s possible, a FREE pizza!!!! Wow!!!!

The two runners up will also get a tumblrbats patch and tumblrbats stickers! 

So, guys! Get your brains a stormin’! Show us what you’re made of! And show other peeps what The Aquabats are made of, so they’ll buy tickets!! Contest ends when the first concert begins, on 5/1!

Good luck everyone!! 

—BB & Jex

Okay. I need to say this.

Because yknow? It’s been bugging me all morning and i really need to get it out.

New fans are coming out of the woodwork to literally say the title of Aquacadet is complicated, confusing and intimidating. The fact of the matter is, it really, really shouldn’t be.

Just as the band’s lineup, sound, and target audience have changed, so too has the meaning of the word Cadet. Are the Aquabats themselves wrong for calling the kids in Camp Radventures and Cookie Bat in Shark Fighter cadets? I doubt any of them are card-holding members.

(The fact that some of us are waiting for the packages just to end this debate is so sad it makes my heart ache, but that’s another story altogther)

The word is supposed to unite us. Why should we group fans up? This isn’t high school, and we’re not a bunch of cliques. We’re people who love a band that dresses up and throws tortillas at people.

“Official cadets” can keep that title, that’s fine, they earned it. But telling new fans they can’t call themselves cadets is, i’m sorry, the definition of exclusionary. We WANT new fans to come in, we WANT them to get bigger so the band can keep going strong. And we’re not gonna do that by putting them off and telling them they don't  fit in with the use of a five letter word.

We’re not tumblrbats, or utahbats, or new bats, or whatever. We’re all cadets. It’s not rocket science.

It’s their 20th anniversary, guys. Can we please get past this?