I understand this is out of the ordinary. This was originally ‘Benedict touching a computer’ but somebody commented saying somebody needs to make it into him looking at Tumblr.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the fruit of Photoshop at two in the morning and a perfect example of why I should not have photo editing software. Please enjoy responsibly.

anonymous asked:

I see a lot of Benedict fans who think The Tumblr Q&A is a bad idea, but it was a blast when he was on Reddit. What's the difference? Surely, the questions will be screened.

Oh it’ll be chill. I’m preeeeeeeetty sure they’re not gunna give Tumblrbatch King of the T free reign of Tumblr. I assume they’ll just delete the Q’s they don’t want and keep a back log of any possible ones that they can let him go through or have someone answer for him and close their box. That would make the most sense to me. The person getting on to like 700 messages better be prepared and have the patience of a saint haha.

It’ll be fine and we’ll soon find out… Tumblr better put the kettle on, or get the whiskey in or just lock the door or something.