tumblr; please stop being so picky!

-sigh- I’m sick of people on Tumblr moaning and being so picky about the ending to Life Is Strange. To be honest, I don’t think ill ever see a day where anyone on this site is satisfied with anything they get.
“That ending was lazy”
“Its queer-bating”
“They ruined the game”
No no no no. Just stop. Please. Please stop.
Your blinded by your pain of loosing chloe or arcadia bay. This game was never supposed to have a happy ending. And your all complaining its bad representation for LGBT. This is by far ONE OF THE BEST lgbt positive games I’ve been lucky enough to play. I study games development, there are very few games that are this open with the subject. Yes theres dragon age and mass effect too. But beyond that, i cant think of many others if any. You got a full blown kiss for one choice, countless “i love you"s and the game consisted of main female protagonists, which is still fairly rare!
This game has taken another step further in showing the world that its ok, its natural and to get over it.

I don’t know what you guys want, a happy ending. Is that it? Maybe that would have been nice, but that would have been a cheap way to please fans. This game isn’t necessarily here to please you, its here to tell a story. And a bloody good one at that. I thought the two endings made sense and were both equally heart breaking. Yes the ending where arcadia bay is sacrificed would have been a bit better with some more dialogue or closure, but it was still a good ending. It still confirmed them as a couple. How more obvious can you get from "ill always be with you” to hand holding, to travelling away together and small glances of love in the car. You guys baffle me.
Well done and thank you DONTNOD, i think you did a bloody good job with this game and its characters and story. It deserves way more than the feedback its been getting recently.