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Moulin Rouge au:Loki had only meant to help distract his brother for a night when he first set foot in the underworld of the Moulin Rouge. He certainly had not expected to lose his heart to Belle, the woman they call the Midnight Rose.

To her surprise, Belle finds herself falling just as hard and just as fast for the earnest young man. And this is a problem, because she’s just signed an exclusive contract with Rumplestiltskin. Against all better judgement, she starts seeing Loki behind her employer’s back, one man for work and the other for love.

When Rumplestiltskin finds out, he threatens Loki’s life unless Belle ends the relationship. Reluctantly, she complies, breaking the heart of the man she loves.

Furious with her, Loki returns to the Moulin Rouge, screaming at Belle for deceiving him and leading him on. Still trying to protect him, Belle throws herself in between him and Rumplestiltskin, getting hit in the chest by a bullet. There’s barely enough time for her to say goodbye before dying in Loki’s arms.

It’s no secret…

They know how to 

and are seductive.

When someone starts hating on DBSK with no reason,

because that person doesn’t know what s/he’s missing out on.

It’s their loss. They’ll never know what true friendship is…

or true love.

Oh well. It’s their loss…

… and our gain… because they’ll never know DBSK’s

A cease in everything, a little annulment from life itself – these quiet years have been a pleasant interruption. Whilst we were nothing at all… pure figures with the ability to breathe, only sighing in love, not in fear. Those ochre dresses, and hand-painted walls, the children and their freedom in the fields. Those unmoving, heavenly spheres which you would hang from the ceiling of the library, floating in mid-air, as if we were at the end of time…
—  Celestial Dynasty.