To love her takes courage, compassion, and strength
Her nights are sleepless and actions confusing
Her words may be hurtful and mood may be sporadic
Emotional ups and downs, highs and lows
This is when she needs you the most
Sit, talk, listen, and learn

She is hiding away, scared to reveal herself
Afraid of the lashings that come with being herself
Feeling trapped in a cage, she wants to be free
Tear the chains from the wall and remove the shackles from her hands

In the end, she chose this, a bitter end
Now knowing, her heart was open and her love pure
She wanted freedom, to live and love with you, not without you
Seeking acceptance, love, courage, compassion, and trust

To love her, you must accept all of her
Overlook flaws, forgive mistakes, and let go of the past
You do this because you want to, because you love her, because you give her your heart

please don’t try and cheapen my love for you. it was always there and it was always more than enough. 
you were just selfish and didn’t know what to do with it 
on the night when your grandmother died, who was there to text you to see if you were alright? even after our darkest of fights, my love lit the sky for miles to come
and maybe it was your pure ignorance that didn’t want to admit I loved you better than anyone else
but either way don’t cheapen my love, we all know you were too busy collecting stones

Roya Marsh - “Gentry-Phi-Cation” (WoWPS 2015)

“You move me in, stigmatize me, raise rent, kick me out, then whitewash my hood with hipsters and coke bottle glasses and chewed up converse that will clutch their purse when I walk by tighter than a church mother holds her bible.”

Performing during prelims at the 2015 Women of the World Poetry Slam. Roya took 2nd overall in the tournament. Subscribe to Button on YouTube!

Like many others art for me is a way to express my creativity and emotions. I’ve made it a goal in my life to express myself through a variety of outlets and for now I’ve chosen photography as my channel. Hopefully my outlet will change in the future. Maybe I’ll someday venture into cinematography or even music production!

But for now I’m perfectly content with photography and I welcome you to check out some of my work!