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“I’ve heard that if you are lucky in this life, you get one or two great loves. I’m not sure if you get any more than that. I hope I haven’t burned through mine too quickly.”


Mi manca


tutte le notti

fino a quando

uno dei due

si addormentava.

I am lost in a world filled with ghosts, the ones you left behind, the ones you stopped loving. And this is why I write; just so I can find my way around and out.
—  Lukas W. // A world of ghosts
he wasn’t happy because of himself, and that’s not something to ever blame yourself for.
—  it’s him, not you.

And do you think of me at night?

— Tonight alive; The other side

E in fondo tutto quello che volevo, lo volevo con te.
E sembra stupido ma ci credevo e ci credevi anche te
—  Coez, la musica non c’è

Your mental illness doesn’t have to completely destroy the wonderful experience of your own being. There is help out there. Different medications and therapies that you can try to better manage your self not just in a way that you are acceptable to society but in a way that you are also acceptable to yourself.

Your hope is out there. And I promise that everything will be okay because everything eventually has to be.

—  Juansen Dizon // Mental Health Support
i. explode with who are you. don’t hold back. you are your own kind of incredible, and those who are right for you will never want you to suppress that.
ii. when your self-confidence is tumbling downhill, be kind. be kind to others, be kind to the world around you, and most importantly, be kind to yourself.
iii. forget beautiful. focus on strength and love. your appearance does not mandate your worth and taking away its power will set you free.
—  Miriam K, the three things I need in recovery today