Why are these people being so mean? I am someone who doesn’t blog but reads tumblr and follows people for inspiration and knowledge. I have always noticed that you never tell people what they should do and you always make sure that people do what is best for them and not necessarily do the same as you. Even if you needed patterns for eating wouldn’t that make sense if you’d struggled in the past? I struggled with disordered eating and because of that need boundaries and routine for eating so I don’t lose control by binging or restricting. You’re lovely and I respect you for doing things for your own reasons and not condemning people for not being vegan ALSO you’re just trying it! You can eat, wear, look and blog about anything you like and your blog is about YOU. I wish people were kinder and wernt mean to people just because they feel bad…

You know what’s currently making me sad about this fandom? The fact that Taylor can’t take time for herself without people questioning why she isn’t on tumblr all the time. I mean come on guys! She’s in the middle of a SOLD OUT WORLD TOUR! She’s also more than likely in the midst of writing new material not to mention she’s a human being with feelings and rights. If she doesn’t feel like going on tumblr she doesn’t have to just like you and I don’t have to if we don’t want to. Let her live without questioning every single thing she does, she gets enough of that from the paparazzi and the media and she doesn’t need it from us too. We love her for who she is so give her space to be that person. Just because she is connecting more with us in this era than ever before does not give us the right to dictate HER LIFE. Plus I don’t see the big deal there were tons of us here before Taylor joined tumblr just going about our daily lives blogging about her and making friends and generally losing our chill over everything and we were perfectly fine then so why can’t we be perfectly fine now? I’m probably gonna get hate for saying this but i’m guessing those that are going crazy over the fact that she isn’t here or those that just aren’t bothering with their blogs are the ones that joined tumblr just because Taylor joined 😕 just let her live by her own rules already

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i think its kinda cool/weird that you're down to grab a bite to eat/hang out with anyone who u find out lives near you. esp anons. why? haha where do u get that confidence

I mean. Only like 2 people ever came off anon to ask to actually hang out and they were cool. Idk meeting cool people is what I came on tumblr for and that’s what I’m doing. So if you hit me up and live close by then why wouldn’t I? But honestly no one goes past the anon message they send about being close by

tfw you have no clue how to make edits??? but i hit 3000 followers which is so amazing like oh gosh my blog is a mess of yelling about bangtan why are you still here. i did my last ff when i hit 1000 like last year and so i thought i’d do another!! stanning bangtan is a wild ride with you guys, seriously, my dash is pretty awesome ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

first mentions go to my squad of the best friends i could hav, u guys are cool sometimes i guess??

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“im just really tired of tumblr’s asexual community bc theyve been…”

i mean ace people arent oppressed but of course het ace people exist why would that make you cry

it really isnt the fact that they exist its more like they keep trying to throw themselves into lgbt community and keep claiming that theyre oppressed and they keep reclaiming the q slur too and imo i dont feel like het ace ppl should be doing that since they keep claiming that they are queer even tho being asexual doesnt automatically make you not. straight.


Can we take a second to remember why we love being on here?

We have a common interest between all of us, and that thing is Olicity. Hot damn, do we all love Olicity. (Like… it’s not healthy how much I love Olicity, and that I spend 98% of my time thinking about them, alright?) But that’s why I have Tumblr, and you fine people to commiserate with, to share that passion with.

This shared passion is what we’re on here for, and it’s something that brought us all here in the first place.

I mean look at them:

I don’t know why Tumblr thinks it’s cool to be mean and negative all the time, like no one likes unpleasant people and you saying how terrible of a human being you are isn’t witty or clever, it’s a desperate plea to be cool online. That bullshit angst is tiring.

Little Red Hearts

(A little Taylor/Karlie ficlet in honor of both of them being on tumblr now. Rated PG.)

“Hello? I’m home!” Taylor calls as she pushes through her front door, bags in hand. Olivia comes running to greet her, Meredith does not. Which means that Meredith is probably curled up with -

“Welcome home! I’m very mad at you!” comes a cheerful voice from her living room.

Taylor laughs as she hurries over. Yes, clearly Karlie is so mad that she came over so that she could meet Taylor as soon as she got back to the city.

“Why, babe?” Taylor asks, finding Karlie sprawled across her couch, phone in hand. (And yes, there is Meredith, curled up by Karlie’s long legs.)

She leans over Karlie, dipping her head down for a kiss, but Karlie turns her head and pouts exaggeratedly.

“What?” Taylor huffs. “What did I do?”

“I’ve been on tumblr for one whole week, you know.”

That’s a rhetorical statement, because of course Taylor knows. And Karlie knows Taylor knows. 

“Yes,” Taylor agrees. “Yes you have. And I’ve texted you many times over the week to tell you how awesome I think it is.” Texted, and called, and skyped; not all because of blogging, of course, but because it’s impossible for them to not communicate for very long.

Karlie meets her eyes and makes her lips even poutier. Taylor wants to kiss it away so badly, but she waits. Karlie clearly has something to say.

“You haven’t liked any of my posts,” Karlie finally whines. She’s a big faker, her sparkling eyes prove she’s not really upset, but Taylor instantly feels like a bad girlfriend.

“Karls, I do,” she says quickly. “I love all your posts so far, I think your blog and YouTube channel are going to totally kill it.”

Karlie narrows her eyes and Taylor knows she hasn’t got it quite right. “You’re not supposed to tell me you like it, duhhhh,” she teases. “You’re supposed to like it.”

“Oh,” Taylor says. “Sorry?”

“You should be,” Karlie says. “I want those little red hearts, Ms. Swift!”

Well, alright, that’s easy enough to fix.

Taylor smiles and pulls away from Karlie and goes to her purse. She has a great idea.

Karlie smiles too and Taylor knows she thinks Taylor’s grabbing her phone, and she sees the confusion when she returns with a tube of lipstick instead.

She straddles Karlie quickly, before she can roll off the couch, knees against her hips and uncaps the tube. Meredith jumps off the couch in annoyance.

“Okay, what-” Karlie protests, and then Taylor presses the lipstick to her face, drawing a tiny, bright red heart on her cheek.

“I like your blog,” Taylor proclaims happily, as Karlie rolls her eyes. Taylor presses a gentle kiss to the heart.

“Okay, dummy, that’s not what I-”

But Taylor isn’t finished. She moves her hand down and draws another heart on Karlie’s neck.

“I like you,” she coos, following it with another kiss.

Karlie starts to giggle, then tries to stop herself and completely fails.

Taylor tugs down the neck of Karlie’s t-shirt to leave another heart right above the lace of Karlie’s bra, and then squirms herself backwards down Karlie’s legs so she can tug Karlie’s shirt up from the bottom and draw another on Karlie’s rib cage.

Karlie watches with amusement as Taylor encircles her belly button in a larger heart, and says, “I like you,” again, softer this time, mumbling because her face is pressed into Karlie’s stomach.

“I like you too, you complete dork,” Karlie laughs, stroking her fingers through Taylor’s hair.

Taylor traces another heart onto Karlie’s hip, right above her shorts. “Okay, okay, you made your point,” Karlie laughs. “I suppose you’re forgiven.”

Taylor looks up and meets her eyes again. She runs her fingers across the button on Karlie’s shorts. “Are you sure you don’t want a girlfriend who’s more attentive on tumblr?” she asks playfully.

“Mm, I dunno,” Karlie flirts back. “I may see the appeal of doing things your way.” She touches the smudgy heart on her cheek and grins.

She pulls Taylor back up her body for a kiss, and once Taylor’s distracted by her lips, pulls the lipstick from her hand.

Taylor looks up as Karlie tosses it away, in the vague direction of the coffee table. “Hey!” she protests gently. “I had many more parts of you to like!”

Karlie laughs as she cups Taylor’s face and pulls her in for a deeper kiss. “Yeah well, I have a whole lifetime of posts to make.”

“Oh good,” Taylor mumbles against her lips. “I’ll stock up on lipstick.”

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why are you acting like non americans insulted you? nobody said anything about americans being the bad guys its talking about how tumblr as a whole is shitty

“Just because you don’t live in a country doesn’t mean it’s problems don’t deserve attention”
Ending a post talking about Ameri-centrism
But okay sis werk

not liking tumblr discourse means you hate marginalized people, because why else would you possibly dislike crucial activism like having a conniption fit over a one-sentence advertisement, america being literally the only country on earth, and whining about how female cancer patients who get henna tattoos on their bald heads are evil ugly cultural appropriators????

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Why were you so mean to that girl by saying she stole your gifs and that her whole blog is full of stolen gifs. you do realize that those interviews are all over the internet for everybody to watch. so she could've easily made those gifs herself. I'm not saying she did, but she could've. and you know tumblr isn't about how many notes you have or about whose post is whose. it's about being able to express yourself on your blog by posting things you like.


and dont go all deep on me this is just a damn website if i care about notes or followers its none of your business and she can post whatever she wants as long as she doesnt steal it good bye

I think one of the reasons why I got so emotional at my 1989 show was not only because I was seeing Taylor, but the fact that I was seeing someone who has seen little glimpses into my life. I mean, with every artist that you like, you feel that connection with their music. But with Taylor being so active on Tumblr and Instagram and getting to know us more, it’s a much more personal connection. Knowing that if she looks at you in the crowd and sees you, she can see you not only as a fan but as that fan who makes really funny posts or that fan who is always talking about mozzarella sticks. I don’t know about you, but knowing that information made me much more emotional at my show and made it mean so much more.


I’ve been thinking of creating this hashtag to share pics of the tattoos we have about Ed Sheeran (lyrics, quotes, drawings, portraits, whatever that has a meaning related to Ed) and to share our story, like what does it mean or why did we get it. Feel free to use the hashtag #MyEdSheeranTattoo on Tumblr and Twitter. I want to see all of them <3 

Please reblog!

When I met Ed, I asked him if he could write this for me, he told me “Yes, sure!” and then asked me if it was okay with that handwriting. This tattoo has different meanings; first one is that since I know about Ed’s existence I found myself being always more optimistic. I always have thought that being pessimistic was the best option because you are aware of what can happen. Now I see life with a different POV and I’ve learned how to enjoy it. The second one is because of Ed, of course. As you know, + is the title of his first debut album, and it’s the ‘era’, in which I know him. 

I wouldn’t say Ed has changed my life, but he has change the POV from which I see life now. 

omg i swear the ib tag

i think people are seriously freaking little ib-ers out! I take my final exams in November and not once have I ever pulled an all-nighter. I go to bed at 10:30/11pm every night. You can do well in the IB and get sleep. It is totally possible. Just because you do IB doesn’t mean you stay up till ungodly hours doing work. You just need to utilise your time wisely. I get home at 4pm - I take 30mins for tumblr/tea and then get down to it. I always take an hour for dinner a and finish up by about 9:30 so I have time to properly relax before bed (i.e netflix). If you do work during your spare periods and on the weekends and don’t procrastinate there is honestly no reason why you should be staying up till 3am every night. That’s not healthy. Being a good student doesn’t mean running on less than 7 hours of sleep every night. Yes the IB is hard, yes sometimes you have meltdowns because you aren’t sure you can get it all done in time but its not crazy. thousands of kids do it every year and survive. Be practical about study, don’t let it consume you! just put one foot in front of the other! 

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Burnett doesn't realize how he enabled those obnoxious fans even more. Why can't these people realize if you're going to have an alien race that's shown one gender you're going to have people curious about that race having a second gender. It's just infuriating how this fandom took an legitimate question and blatantly misinterpret. Not everyone is obsessed in being represented in everything like tumblr is. If this was reversed Burnett and the staff would probably be accused of sexism.

Fo real.

Speaking of the staff enabling obnoxious fans,

Ian I know you mean well, but for God’s sake you have no idea what you’ve done.

This is the same fandom that uses “MUH HEADCANONS” as an excuse to act like idiots and spout shit that’s blatantly not canon and then call everyone who doesn’t blindly agree with them a bigot. 

(Well I mean EVERY fandom on this godforsaken blue-dyed tumor does that, but SU’s is really bad about it).

Does this mean that when some chucklefuck says “GARNET’S CODED BLACK BECAUSE SHE LOOKS LIKE A 70′S BLAXPLOITATION STEREOTYPE”, does that make anyone who says “Garnet’s an alien, she’s not black, and that’s actually pretty racist” a “hater?”

Also, fucking NOBODY was making a serious effort to demand male gems before you idiots threw a tantrum.

Did it ever occur to you some people might’ve been asking legitimate questions out of curiosity and that they don’t know about Sugar’s word of God about the matter?

Oh wait of course not, because nobody on this fucking website has anything resembling critical thinking skills, they just blindly swallow whatever bullshit some manipulative pathological liar with an axe to grind tells them.

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You know how a lot of otherkin are white? Like, pasty white? Well, imo, the reason why they're otherkin is because they want to be another minority. They want to feel even more unique. Tumblr romanticises minorities A LOT, which leads to thoughts like "I guess I'm not special. I'm not unique. I'm the default." and that can lead to a lot of mental problems. Even when minorities insist that being a minority is not good, after the thought is drilled into their head, they have to be special. part1

part2 People don’t realise how toxic tumblr really is. That’s why I don’t agree with you calling otherkin pathetic or idiots. It’s not their fault. And most of them already have mental issues (like depression & anxiety) which leaves them having a very weak mind. And also??? Why are you not nice. I want an actual explanation. There’s no point to being mean. It costs literally nothing to be nice. I honestly don’t understand the point of being an asshole.

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I dislike when people call those who dislike the United States as 'teenagers trying to be edgy'. It is demeaning and makes it seem like we don't genuinely believe that the US is not exactly the best country.

You can’t ignore the fact that it’s not an uncommon thing with Edgy Teens. It’s been that way for decades and tumblr has given said edgy teens a platform. Does that mean EVERYONE is? No, but it’s not so uncommon an occurrence that it’s no one’s first thought. Also, a country “not being the best country” isn’t a bad thing. Why? Because NO country is the best. EVERY country has it’s major issues. The grass is always greener, and most ~edgy~ teens don’t quite get this yet. 

-the Polish one

yo taylor swift apologized.
that doesn’t mean she wasn’t wrong in the first place, it means that she recognized her mistake and apologized for it
what happened to tumblr’s “everyone is learning!!” attitude
like why does it not apply to celebrities as well?? why do y’all just love to hate people
you complain about celebrities being held up to a higher pedestal and then you completely go against that yourselves (i’m guilty of this too tbh) and put them to such high standards!
like god damn everyone is learning and everyone will make mistakes. you don’t have to be such an ass about it 

So I got tagged by lovelygrump! LETS DO THIS

1) Spell your name in song titles.

A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More “Touch Me” by Fall Out Boy
Revolving Doors by Gorillaz
I Adore You by Adore Delano
Energy by Drake
Leader by Phantom Planet

2) Why did you choose your url?

i mean….

3) What’s your middle name?


4) If you could be a fictional/fairytale being, what would you be?

5) Favorite color?

mint and black

6) Favorite song?

why would you do this to me

here is my last.fm for those who are curious about my music taste

7) Top 4 fandoms?

game grumps, uhhhhhh….. south park?????? rap/hiphop???? nintendo??? fall out boy???????? wwe??? gorillaz?????????? who knows

8) Why do you enjoy tumblr?

9) Tag 9 people.

sasuke-uch1ha  jaihm  pavimonster  ohmygaybreadquanda  britty-bitt-xd  amaranthnymph sellingawesomeonebay laytonyoubastard thepatronsaintofparanoia

yeah sure those people

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How was I being aggressive? I went through your "lo" tag and saw nothing in opposition, except a scene that made you sad. When did I say I thought "half of the nymphet Tumblr community romanticizes Lolita"? nymphet: "an attractive and sexually mature young girl" why is there even a movement where people are claiming that title? I was abused as a child, it really hurts to see ppl think of Lolita and nymphets as an aesthetic. I want to understand bc I don't get the fascination. Sorry I was rude.

So you being abused as a child and you not knowing me, not knowing if I too were abused as a child, means that I cannot like the story of Lolita? Do you want to know why I love Lolita? Because of Dolores Haze, not because of Humbert, not because of this romantic bullshit, because it’s not romantic, it’s not a love story, it’s a story about possession, obsession and manipulation. I love this story because Dolores is the hero. Dolores is the one who goes through this pain, trauma and loss and still is able to continue going on with her life. By me taking screen shots / making gifs / creating artwork inspired by this film / inspired by Adrian Lyne / inspired by Lolita, does not mean in any shape / way / form that I agree or approve of Humbert’s sick and cruel treatment towards Lo. I love Dolore’s fashion, words, the way she acts, the way she deals with things and the way she escapes. So if you think that I romanticize this story, you are incredibly wrong. If you don’t think you were being aggressive, you really should read what you send before you send it because the way you put your words together, like how I am here (completely knowing I am coming off as slightly aggressive), was aggressive. You don’t have to understand this whole nymphet community if you don’t want to, but you also cannot slander the ones who you don’t know and who do not think in the way that you think they do. This story is about awareness to me. It’s about so much more than Humbert, even if he wrote it, because it’s about always wanting to know more about Dolores (Lolita) Haze. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to follow me. And you don’t have to apologize, mostly not for stating your opinion. Instead of just coming at me and assuming / saying that I feel a certain way and that I am basically a monster (endorsing / supporting pedophilia) you could ask.