First of all, I need a few minutes to cry about how wonderful doctor who is, and the doctor who tumblr team. I don’t know who you are, but you people are AMAZING and i can never thank you guys enough for giving the fans the opportunity to have a Who&A!!!

Matt: A lot of people (myself included) say that doctor who has changed their life, by opening their mind to new possibilities and expanding their beliefs in what is possible within our universe. How has being on the show affected your beliefs about the world and the importance of humanity in all of time and space?

Jenna: Welcome to Doctor Who!!! you were so incredible in Asylum of the Daleks, and I can’t wait to see you come back in the Christmas Special! I was wondering what  your history with Doctor Who is. Have you been a fan for a long time? If so who are your favourite companions from previous seasons and why? 

thanks again to the doctor who tumblr for creating this! You are amazing people, and you make me so proud to be a fan of this show

Dear Jenna and Matt:

Are you aware of the popular fan crossover of Doctor Who and the newer popular series My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic? If so, how do you feel about this new fanbase? And would either of you happen to be fans yourselves?

This particular crossover of fandoms has inspired me to create so many things, including a radio play and a comic series, so I would be so honored to hear your opinions on the Pony/Who phenomenon in general, and I’m sure there are thousands more fans just dying to hear the same.

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tumblr who & a :)

Hi, guys! You’re awesome! Thanks for all that you do.

My question is for Jenna. (But Matt can answer it too because obviously my goal is to get recipe tips from the stars.) I know that you found out that you were going to be in Doctor Who while holding an avocado. So my question is inspired by that avocado, as a college grad trying to learn how to cook. What is your favorite thing to cook (with or without avocados)?

(happy holidays!!! I hope you both get lots of wonderful time with the people you love!)