Prompto's keen smell
Final Fantasy XV
Prompto's keen smell

Prompto: You smell that?  (๑•̀ㅂ•́)

Noctis: Smell what?  (・Д・)

Prompto: Treasure. The nose knows dude.  (‾◡◝ )

Noctis: Hm. Now that you mention it…  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Ignis: Let’s not forget our purpose here.  (;¬_¬)

cynicalsurgeon  asked:

aaAA i didnt know ;o; (i'm anon haha) bUT SAME xanoka is my?? favourite otp?? ever?? my friend and i like to talk abt it a lot and cry abt the lack of xanoka content haha

Hello “anon”! You are my new friend!

EDIT: What the heck?! Where did the rest of my reply go? Darn it tumblr. Well, anyway, yeah not a lot of Xanoka content here. Glad to know you love Xanoka! They need more love.

Tumblr unfollowed me from several people recently and I didn’t know. I’ve only unfollowed a few people on my own and those were people who literally haven’t posted anything in a year. I dunno what’s going on. Gotta figure out who else tumblr unfollowed me from so I can follow again. Sorry everybody!

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